Pope John Paul II biography, picture, astrology natal chart  ·  October 3, 2023, 10:45 GMT
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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II astrology chart He was born on May 18, 1920, at 5:30 PM EET, in Wadowice, Poland.

Pope John Paul II natal chart

Pope John Paul II biography Karol Wojtyla was elected pope on 16 October 1978, becoming the Catholic Church's first non-Italian pontiff in over 450 years and history's first Slavic pope. He took the name John Paul II, a nod to his predecessor, John Paul I, whose term lasted only one month. John Paul II became known particularly for his globetrotting ways and for increasing the international presence of the papacy; by the year 2000 he had visited more than 100 countries worldwide. He is also known as a champion of human rights and for his conservative positions on social issues like abortion, homosexuality and contraception. In 1998 he marked his 20th year as pope, making him the longest-serving pontiff of the 20th century. Though the Vatican does not comment directly on papal health, the pope's slurred speech and trembling hands are widely assumed to be a sign that he has Parkinson's Disease.

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