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Maia Morgenstern

Maia Morgenstern astrology chart She was born on May 1, 1962, at 5:02 AM EET, in Bucharest, Romania.

Maia Morgenstern natal chart

Maia Morgenstern biography Maia Morgenstern is a major Romanian theater actress who studied at the world famous Film and Theatre Academy in Bucharest. She has been a member of the reparatory companies of three prominent Romanian theater organizations, the Piatra Neamt National Theatre (1985-1988), the State Jewish Theatre (1988-1990) and the National Theatre (1990-present). She received two major awards for her work on the stage, Stars of Tomorrow Award 1992 and the Felix Prize as Best Actress in 1993. Since making her film debut in 1983 in Maria Callas Dinescu’s Prea cald pentru luna mai she has appeared in dozens of Romanian feature films and in several international productions, including Roger Christian’s Nostradamus (1994) The Seventh Room of Márta Mészáros (1995) and Theo Angelopoulos’s Ulysses’s Gaze (1995), in which she co-starred with Harvey Keitel. Morgenstern appeared in the television special Joe Chapelle’s "Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula" (2000). Morgenstern herself believes that she did her best film work prior to The Passion of The Christ in Lucian Pintelle’s Balanta (The Oak Tree, 1992) and János Szász’s Witman fiúk (The Witman Boys, 1997).

Maia Morgenstern picture Maia Morgenstern picture

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