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"Do UFOs exist?"

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The question was received on July 2, 2005, at 9:57:43 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

Do UFOs exist?

Question background

I was studying the Galactic Center along the history and was sharing with my girlfriend what I found - on July 1947 when the UFO Roswell incident took place, Uranus was in opposition with the Galactic Center and that would explain our meeting with technology from the outer space. She was kind of reluctant to this story and told me she didn't believe in UFOs. Then she said: "I have a horary for you - do UFOs exist?".

I thought her interest in this was genuine and erected the horary chart for that moment.

Do UFOs exist?

Chart delineation

The house assignment was an issue until I remembered that since the UFOs are unidentified flying objects, we could assign them the 2nd house for objects, so the question may be rephrased "Does this object exist?".

The 2nd house cusp is in Pisces - which is great, since the objects are unidentified - with its ruler Jupiter (or even Neptune) in an air sign (flying object). Uranus on the 2nd cusp stands for the sophisticated technology. So the chart describes the question.

Mars (injury) in the second house and Jupiter (2nd house ruler, the UFOs) in the 8th house may relate to what happened at Roswell (the crash).

And describes her reluctance to accept aliens (the Galactic Center partile conjunct the 12th house cusp). Jupiter is also ruler of the 12th house (unknown things) and 11th house (technology).

So it seems that these UFOs exist but how to determine their nature?
Who is behind this technoology? Who owns it?

One way would be to look at Jupiter's dispositor. It is Venus in Leo. Does this describe an alien? Leo is not a human sign, on the contrary it is feral, a wild sign. Venus is ruler of the 9th house (the foreigners, in this case, the foreigners to Earth, the aliens). The 9th house cusp is in Via Combusta, the wildest region of the zodiac.
This is interesting, the aliens being represented by Venus, because Venus is commonly referred to as Earth's sister planet, so these aliens might be a "sister civilization", a civilization similar to ours.

We may also note that Jupiter (UFOs) is peregrine which relates well with their status as visitors.

So, based on this horary chart, I'd say that they exist and they are of extraterrestrial nature.

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