What is the gender of the of the Creator of Trinity?  ·  July 24, 2024, 18:54 GMT
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"What is the gender of the of the Creator of Trinity"

Well, this is unusual... The exact phrasing of this question is: "What is the gender of the Creator of Christian Trinity, who has been traditionally referred as 'Father'?"

This question arised when the person found out about Feminist theology, which challenges the patriachical paradigm from Christian traditional doctrine of Trinity to claim the First Person as "Father". Some theologians say the Lord is "Mother"...

The question was asked on April 6, 2006, at 22:51:10 (GMT +8 ), in Wang Tau Hom, Hong Kong (114E11 22N21)

Below is the horary chart:

What is the gender of the of the Creator of Trinity

Sagittarius rising = perfect for a religious question.

ASC ruler, Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio on the 12th house cusp = perfect for a rhetoric question (Rx) on the gender (Scorpio) of the Creator (12th house).

Moon at 29 Cancer = that's the feminist standpoint which generated the question - the Moon in domicile is most feminine, the 29th degree is critical because is the last degree, and therefore the planet located there accumulated a lot of energy by transiting that sign.

Jupiter, querent's significator, is in inconjunction with the Sun (traditionally represents the Father principle) is the challenge to the Christian church concept of the Father as the Creator (9th house=church, religion, ruled by the Sun).

The symbolism of the chart is very eloquent in describing this concept: the Sun exalted in Aries conjunct the 5th house cusp represents the emerging energy, the Creation.

Now, what could we tell about this "Father" concept - in finding out the roots of a situation, I usually look at the significator's dispositor. In this case, it's Mars, disposing the Sun. Mars is in Gemini (multiple items of the same kind), therefore representing the Trinity. But Gemini is an androginal sign, represented by two twins not differentiated sexually.
Mars in Gemini square Mercury suggests also that this is just an mental concept, which might not be accurate.

Mars is also in opposition with Pluto. And Pluto is transcendence.

Which planet could represent GOD, the Creator in this chart? Since the 12th house is the realm of the unknown, the spiritual world, the illumination, it is the correct house for God. Modern ruler of the 12th house, Pluto is to be chosen, as Mars doesn't encompass the entire range of symbolism to represent the Creator. Pluto is also conjunct the Galactic Center. And Pluto, the last planet of our solar system, is perfect for representing the ultimate concept of God, the Creator.

The Mars - Pluto opposition on the knowledge axis (Gemini-Sagittarius) is merely showing how inadequate the traditional religious concepts are, compared to the transcendance and infinity of God.

So, my point is that this chart is saying that there is no gender of God, the creator, as He is transcendant, is well beyond the male-female polarity. My personal belief is that the whole idea of a "Male" Creator was just a trick in order make religion available to the ignorant masses. In modern world, with instruction available at almost anyone's fingertips, with scientific concepts of relativity and quantum world, we should have a broader perspective on the Divinity as well.

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