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"Is the prediction true?"

This question struck me in June 2003 when I first read on the internet about the so-called Tecumseh curse, affecting every US President elected in a year divisible by 20, therefore menacing also the fate of President George W. Bush. I knew nothing at that time on this subject and was really amazed by this piece of information. As I was studying horary at that time and considered my amazement and my inquiring mind focused enough in order to ask the horary question: "Is this prediction true? Will GWB die? When?" (June 12, 2003, at 5:53:47 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania, 24e34, 46n33).

I posted then (two years ago) this horary chart in a Yahoo group on predictive astrology (I_predict) along with a chart interpretation, according to my knowledge at that time, but that delineation proved to be wrong.

This horary came back to my attention while reading John Frawley's latest book, "The Horary Textbook", a very good horary book, one of the best of its kind.

On page 164 of the book, John Frawley explains the rules for the question "is this prediction true" to be the following. Quote:

"To be true:

  • the angles of the chart should be in fixed signs
  • Lord 1, Lord 9, the Moon and the Moon's dispositor should be in fixed signs and angular houses or at least fixed signs and succedent houses."

Now take a look at the chart:

Is the prediction true?

The chart fulfills all the required rules for the prediction to be true, according to John Frawley: the angles of the chart are in fixed signs, the ruler of the 1st house (Mars) and of the 9th house (the Moon) are in fixed signs and angular houses (Mars disposits the Moon). So the prediction is true !!

More supporting information in accord with the other rules given by Frawley in the same chapter: the 9th house (prediction) is strenghtened by the presence of Jupiter (natural ruler of predictions) and Sirius (a Jupiter-like star that brings fame and honours).

So, unfortunately, that chart indicates clearly (by the book) that the Tecumseh's curse is true and there is a pending threat on George W. Bush's life.

George W. Bush is represented in the 7th house as he is specified by name and not by his office, in which case we would assign him the 10th house (president) or the turned 10th house from the 9th (president of a foreign country). Although not represented in the horary chart, it is worth noting Lilith (=curses) is sitting exactly on the Descendant at 13°30 Taurus. This is so descriptive... 7th house ruler is Venus.

His death is represented by both the radical and the turned 8th houses (see The Horary Textbook, p.185), rulers: Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury so very tightly conjunct the North Node indicates a fated event, being in both a nodal degree and a critical degree (29).

Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception by sign, which is said to be equal with an aspect. The Moon (ruler of the 9th, the prediction) is also applying to an opposition with Mercury (death) with mixed mutual reception.

The turned 8th house cusp at 8°49' Sagittarius is conjunct Antares: "The person's cusp or significator falling on Antares, with its sense of the ending of cycles, is a bad sign." (quote from The Horary Textbook, p.186) "

There is a version of the Arabic Part of Death (Saturn + 8th - Moon) at 14°26' Capricorn in exact conjunction with the 3rd house cusp (information) and opposition with the 9th cusp. John Frawley gives this one and also another version for the Part of Death: ASC + 8th cusp - Moon = 26°55' Taurus (conjunct Algol, the most malefic fixed star). In either case, there is a significative connection.

These are clear indications pointing towards a 'Yes' answer. As John Frawley tells in his book: "Death is an event of some significance: you will not find it shown by a minor testimony in some dark corner of the chart. If there is no clear testimony for death, the person will live."

A reminder on this subject:

Tecumseh's curse

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The term Tecumseh's curse or Zero Year Curse is sometimes used to describe a chain of events that began with the death of United States President William Henry Harrison from pneumonia. Commonly attributed to Indian chief Tecumseh (and sometimes to his brother Tenskwatawa, aka The Prophet, who was defeated in the Battle of Tippecanoe by Harrison), the "curse" is said to have proclaimed the death of all presidents elected every 20 years. Some versions of the story indicate that Tecumseh's mother pronounced the curse when Tecumseh died. However, there is no solid evidence, and no clear source for the stories attributing the coincidence to an Indian curse.

Victims of the "curse"

Indeed, all American presidents elected in a year divisible by 20 between 1840 and 1960 died in office:

* 1840 - William Henry Harrison, died of pneumonia in 1841
* 1860 - Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in 1865
* 1880 - James Garfield, assassinated in 1881
* 1900 - William McKinley, assassinated in 1901
* 1920 - Warren G. Harding, died of heart attack in 1923.
* 1940 - Franklin D. Roosevelt, died of cerebral hemorrhage in 1945
* 1960 - John F. Kennedy, assassinated in 1963.
It is worth noting that Franklin Roosevelt was in his fourth term of office when he died, and Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley were in their second.

The exception

The exception to this "curse" was the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was elected in 1980 and survived an assassination attempt during his presidential term and therefore did not die in office. Some believe the curse may have been broken by Reagan surviving the attempted assassination by a narrow margin. Others note that if Reagan had not been close to a hospital he may very well have died.

The coincidental twenty-year pattern was noted in a Ripley's Believe It or Not book published in 1934.

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