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Who will be the next US President?

Who will be the next US President?

Horary Astrology

Here are two horary questions directed to the winning of the US Presidency in 2008.

Who will win the US President election?

Feb 22, 2008, 7:39 pm, Leeds, England

[question asked by a British citizen]

Who will win the US President election

Who will be the next US President

Feb 25, 2008, 12:05:31 pm EET, Tirgu Mures, Romania

[question asked by a US resident, chart data set for the moment the question was received by the editor of this website]

who will be the next US President

What do these charts have in common? It's basically the same question, the answer must be the same; the planetary symbolism has to help us, identify either Barack Obama, either John McCain as the next President.

The first horary chart: as the question was asked by a foreigner, the chart needs to be turned: the 9th house represents the United States, and the turned 10th house (that is, the chart's 6th house) stands for the US President. Notice the quesited house cusp in Pisces, ruler Jupiter (in sextile with Uranus), the presence of Uranus in this house and the Sun about to enter this house. The Moon is applying by trine to Mars, which is culminating in this chart (angular planets in a horary chart are always helpful).

The second horary chart: the question was asked by a person residing in the US, no need for chart turning this time; let's go straight to the 10th house for the President. We notice that the quesited house is in Aquarius, the presence of Uranus and the Sun in this house. Mars is rising and the Moon is applying to it by trine.

See the pattern in both cases? There is Uranus and the Sun as planets describing the next President. And there is a Moon aspect to Mars, which I take as indicating the younger person (who is Obama).

Now for the public profile of candidates we go to natal astrology (check this page for the candidates' natal charts). Barack Obama's chart has the Sun in Leo and Uranus as the Ascendant ruler, so his personality really is a characterized by a Sun/Uranus mix. John McCain has the Sun in Virgo and the Venus as the Ascendant ruler, although he does have a natal Sun-Uranus trine. As the Sun/Uranus combination in the horary charts seems to relate much better with Obama's natal chart than with McCain's, I take it as a strong indication for Barack Obama.

I'm not sure whether this way of finding relevant connections should be the right way to go, as a matter of fact I always prefer not to mix horary with natal astrology, but in this case, I needed an extra confirmation. The Moon's aspect with Mars (as the only Moon aspect before leaving the sign) in BOTH chart is already a strong testimony for the younger or the more dynamic, more Martian candidate [Obama has Scorpio rising (ruler Mars) as compared to McCain - Libra rising].

So, my interpretation of these horary charts is that
Barack Obama will be the next US President.

April 16, 2008

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