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Montecito Fire

In 1964, there was a huge wildfire which started close to Santa Barbara, California and affected an area of 67,000 acres including nearby residential homes in Montecito.

This event was documented in a horary chart.

The woman asking the horary question, living in Montecito, CA, was invited by some friends living in Hawaii to spend a few days with them, all expenses paid. Having little initiative to go places and worried about money losses, she asked an astrologer, Elsie Margaret Knapp, if the trip would be a safe and happy one. She was advised not to travel at this time and returned home, only to find out a few hours later, at 6:00 pm, that her home was in direct line of the raging fire and she had to evacuate the area at once. By the next morning, nothing remained visible but the large chimney of her very costly home in the expensive and exclusive section of Montecito. Fortunately, some weeks later, she was able to start planning rebuilding her house in another location due to a quick settlement with the insurance company.

The astrologer lately published the horary chart and her delineation of it in a book titled "Horary art and its synthesis".

I'm presenting this horary chart below, together with my delineation, based on modern principles of horary astrology.

Chart data: Sep 22, 1964, 3:36 pm LMT, Santa Barbara, CA, 119w42, 34n25

(chart generated by www.astro.com)

First off, for a travel horary chart, this one is very different, as all angles are in fixed signs. Even more, the 9th house (long distance travel) cusp is also in a fixed sign. Even more, the main significators, the ASC ruler (Saturn) and the 9th house ruler (Mars) are in fixed signs.

This huge emphasis on fixity in the chart, already suggests that traveling would better not take place at that time.

The Ascendant ruler, Saturn, representing the questioner, is retrograde, entering its own sign, Aquarius from Pisces. It suggests a picture of her returning home, rather than venturing away in a trip.

An attention mark is the Sun at 29Vir58, just about to change signs into its fall sign, Libra, definitely indicating an important change about to take place, for the worst. The Sun is partile inconjunct Saturn, pointing towards an urgent situation requiring questioner's attention at once, since it influences the entire trip: Mars (the trip) located in Leo is disposed by the Sun.

Fixed stars connections strengthen the chart symbolism: the 4th house cusp conjunct the Pleiades ("something to weep about") and Mars' antiscion partile conjunct Algol.

More details on the Coyote Forest Fire here.

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