Is the Koran indeed the word of God who sent Gabriel to reveal the scriptures to Prophet Mohammad?  ·  October 2, 2023, 23:54 GMT
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"Is the Koran indeed the word of God who sent Gabriel to reveal the scriptures to Prophet Mohammad?"

This is a very important question, because good horary questions on such matters are quite rare, as they require a genuine interest and focus, as well as a special need to know the answer.

The question was asked on April 6, 2006, at 11:25 pm PDT, in Burnaby, B.C., Canada, 122w57, 49n15.

Below is the horary chart:

Is the Koran indeed the word of God who sent Gabriel to reveal the scriptures to Prophet Mohammad?

This question, as phrased is a bit complicated, but the bottom line is whether the Prophet Mohammad received a revelation from the Angel Gabriel.

First thing I noticed is the Midheaven at 17Vir41, a degree which in my experience (and not only mine) is tightly correlated with the Islamic world in general, as it pops up in different ways in many horary questions that involve this geographic area.

The Prophet Mohammad, as a religious person, is represented by the 9th house (=the quesited) in Leo, ruled by the Sun.

Mohammad is also named "the Praised One" and "the Prophet of God". This is not surprising, as we see in the chart, the Sun (his significator) exalted ("praised") in Aries and in the turned 9th house (the house of prophecy, religious and spiritual matters), which is the chart's 5th house.

The Moon is located in the 9th house of the chart, the place that represents Mohammed. As the Moon is the natural significator of angels, it represents a confirmation that the Angel Gabriel visited Prophet Mohammed.

The Koran is represented by the 3rd house of the chart, ruled by Saturn. We see the Moon (Gabriel) separating from a conjunction with Saturn (the Koran) in the 9th house (representing Mohammed). A perfectly clear picture of Angel Gabriel revelating the Koran to Mohammed.

Another way to delineate this chart is to consider the question as a version of "Is this information true?", with reference to the allegation that the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed by Angel Gabriel, sent by God.

John Frawley states clearly the rules to follow in such cases, in his book on horary. The current chart has the ASC-DSC in fixed signs, the ASC ruler, the 3rd house ruler and the Moon in fixed signs. The Moon's dispositor is not in a fixed sign. Frawley says that fixity carries a sense of solidity, of reliability, of truth. He also refers to the presence of these planets in angular or succedent houses, as having a similar meaning. The overall conclusion is given by the majority of chart testimonies, and here we do have a such majority, which leads to a Yes answer to the question.

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