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"Who was Jesus?"

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"Was Jesus the 'person' that Orthodox Christian religion claims to have been or not? What if he was human in the highest octave?"

The question was asked on January 31, 2007 at 11:42 pm EET in Athens, Greece, by a person raised in an Orthodox Christian environment, who tells that she always had a more 'universal' feeling for whose God is right.

Below is the horary chart:

Who was Jesus?

Let's take an ordered approach to this horary question.

Who was Jesus?

The focus of the question is Jesus, who can be described as a spiritual/religious person who lived long ago. It is therefore natural to assign to Jesus the 9th house in Gemini and its ruler Mercury. We see Mercury in Aquarius, which is a human sign, in the last decan, so we could say that Jesus was a human "in the highest octave".

What about Jesus' life? Mercury separates from an opposition with Saturn, natural ruler of death, ruler of the turned 8th house, therefore the opposition with Saturn is representing Jesus' death. Mercury applies by sextile to Pluto, the natural ruler of resurrection.

The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events in Christian Theology, as they form the point in scripture where Jesus gives his ultimate demonstration that he has power over life and death, thus he has the ability to give people eternal life.

The fact that the chart features these events, the death and resurrection of Jesus, is very telling for the truth of the Orthodox Christian religion inquired about.

Prior to the opposition with Saturn (death) Mercury's aspects were the sextile with Jupiter and conjunction with Neptune, rulers of the turned 9th house (the life of spiritual teachings and guidance he offered to people).

The Moon being in Cancer isn't totally void of course, as traditional horary sources say, it merely points out a spiritually oriented question, there're no further events related to the question.

The chart also shows that the querent is actually concerned with something else than Jesus, and challenges the religious authorities (Moon conjunct the MC from the 9th house in square with the Ascendant). The waning square of the Moon to the ASC says that these religious authorities have a point, but teh querent is having a hard time to accept this (the waning square of a cycle = crisis of consciousness).

The ASC on Spica, the most benefic fixed star in astrology, shows the querent divinely inspired when asking the question, as this chart is too perfect.

Venus, the ASC ruler and your main significator, is exalted in Pisces and conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut, a royal fixed stars of very fortunate influence, that gives a change from a material to a spiritual form of expression, stimulates the development of a spiritual viewpoint and gives treasures in the next world. [see these references for Fomalhaut: Nina Gryphon, Anne Wright]

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