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"What is the place of Free will in Horary astrology?"

The question was asked by myself on July 18, 2009, at 2:22 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania. As a practicing horary astrologer, I knew that there is a fine line between determinism and free will and by this question I was seeking to have the horary astrology itself explain it to me.

Below is the horary chart:

What is the place of Free will in Horary astrology?

So, what is the place of free will in horary astrology?

This is an interesting question that comes up quite frequently in astrology the place

First off, I notice the early Ascendant basically clearly saying that all situation is NOT YET predetermined, that any event that has not yet taken place is not bound to happen and that THERE is certainly free will in horary astrology.

As I am not a Taurus as John Frawley who delineates charts with a single astrological element, but a detail loving Virgo, I shall go explore what else this horary chart is saying.

The 1st house represent the person asking a horary question.

The 9th house (of higher knowledge) represents horary astrology, inquired about. Remark: Gemini on the 9th house cusp is perfect to describe horary!

The 5th house represents the choices one can make.

The rising sign is Scorpio, which is a fixed sign, remind us that situations in life and people's attitudes usually continue their course by their inerty.

The 1st house ruler is Mars, the planet of will and action, located in a mutable sign (so people do have the option to change their mind at any time) and in the 8th house (of transformation). So, people can decide otherwise by transforming themselves.

However, Mars is applied by sextile by Mercury, 9th house ruler and therefore significator in this chart of horary astrology, with Mercury disposing Mars, so horary astrology does work in accurately informing one about the future (or the past) under the circumstances described below.

Notice that Mercury is fixed and cadent, pointing out that the conclusions of horary astrology are quite deterministic and passive by their nature. And there is the South Node of the Moon, spelling out that the result of the past actions or the karma are those that are taken into consideration in horary astrology when trying to determine future actions. People's lives and personalities are the result of what they already experienced/chosed in this and other lives.

This is why the fixed star Polaris (the North Star) is conjunct the 9th house cusp, further pointing out the role of mere guiding of horary astrology in one's life.

So, the free will where does it come in?

The 5th house informs about open possibilities and choices. There is Uranus, the planet of the higher intellect and also the planet of the sudden changes, in mutual reception with Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house.

Although angular, Jupiter is fixed, peregrine and retrograde so even if in theory free will can get one totally out of any given situation, in practice it is not possible in common circumstances.

Mars receives Jupiter by term, so people like the idea of free will, but Jupiter receives Mars only in its face and anti-receives Mars in its detriment sign, so free will understood as the option of doing anything one wants is not applicable in practice.

What is it then that people can do? There is one solution: an applying trine to Uranus from the Sun (located in the 9th house of astrology), so my take on this is that horary astrology can INCLUDE free will in an ideal reading, as an creative and essential part of the reading. The astrologer should point out the possibilities open to the questioner and explain the consequences if you go this path, that will happen, if you go that path, another thing will happen .

Active participation from the questioner is expected, and astrology readings should not in any way be considered as a substitute to one's full responsability in taking life decisions. We see the Moon separating from Mars in the 8th house, so the astrological co-significator of future events depends on the past decision the person.

So, readings should EMPHASIZE the choices one can make (the Moon is secondary ruler of the 9th house of astrology, by ruling a sign intercepted in that house). Notice the mutable nature of these chosen events (Moon in a mutable sign).

So, my conclusion from reading this chart and my newly learned axiom is that astrology should be a tool to expand free will by facilitating the understanding of the available choices, rather than a technique to predict to future.

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