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Fidel Castro

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"Is Fidel Castro dead?"

This question, "Is Fidel Castro dead?", was asked August 2, 2006, at 7:36 pm, in Everton, AR, USA.

Is Fidel Castro dead?

As the leader of a foreign country, Castro is represented by the 10th house counted from the 9th house, that is the 6th house - in Cancer. The Moon is in its exile, in Scorpio, on Serpentis, indicating a most critical situation, meaning that he's still alive.

Other house assignments: if Castro is shown in the 6th house (turned 10th from the 9th), then his turned 6th (acute diseases) is the 11th in Sagittarius, his turned 8th (death) is in the 1st in Capricorn and his turned 12th (chronic diseases) is in the 5th in Gemini.

At the time of writing this article, some media sources indicate that he have severe abdominal infection. Indeed, the Moon square Neptune is a perfect indicator of infection, because Neptune is considered the natural ruler of infections (they inflitrate unnoticed, give some undefined symptoms, and so on). And the Moon is Fidel Castro's significator in this chart (the Moon rules the 10th house - leader - from the 9th house - foreign country Cuba -).

His chronic disease: Mercury is in Cancer in the 6th = his first house. Cancer rules the stomach, which is a PERFECT description for his illness - a chronic stomach disease (could be gastric cancer or ulcer).

Mercury is in applying semisquare with Mars (Mars is quicker than Mercury at this moment) - there're ongoing complications, such as inflamation or others such as a perforation of the stomach which would give infection.

Another indicator of infection: 6th house Venus (a secondary significator of Castro, since Venus is in the quesited's house) in inconjunction with Neptune.

Moon's aspects: square with Neptune, trine with Mercury - indicate infection and then possibly a restoration of the chronic disease as it was.

There're several indications that lead me to think to cancer as his main disease (although he could have easily more than one major disease): his significator, the Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter (turned 6th house ruler) in Scorpio and Pluto in the turned 6th house.

As for the acute part - Jupiter - it separates from a square with the Sun, indicating the stressful surgical procedure he tries to recover from, and now applies to a sextile with Mars. But Mars is also the turned 10th house ruler, which represents the (surgical) cure, so presumably the surgical procedure has reached its goal.

[About Mars, representing the surgical operation he's been through: it is on the "dark side" of the chart's 8th house cusp, which is probably the main reason people considered him dead, as a result/because of this operation.]

Further information on Mars: it is in Virgo therefore disposed by Mercury, the 12th house ruler (chronic diseases). So this may mean that the surgical procedure was performed according to the general health condition and the chronic diseases Castro is suffering from. This is logical. If the diagnostic really was cancer, as there are indicators pointing out, then at his age (79) and his altered state, then this might have been just a palliative surgical technique, not a radical one, meaning that the surgical operation was pointed at relieving the symptoms not curing the disease. Most likely the cancer was overspread or the age and the condition didn't allow a radical cure, so it is likely that the cancer was not completely eliminated, but only put out for a while, so that Castro could live. This is something also suggested by the very nature of Virgo, which is not a "radical cure" sign, but rather a "palliative cure/symptoms relieving" sign.

As for my previous interpretation of the 8th house cusp being at 29 Capricorn, I'd say now that it means that death was very close, he was almost dead but he managed to survive. We see Saturn, turned 8th house ruler, representing death being disposed by the Sun, in a strong condition, in domicile, so it is likely that the death has no power at this moment, since his life energy (the Sun) is so strong. As a news headline said, Castro is a survivor, he already survived several assassination attempts by CIA.

But Neptune in the 8th house cusp is a threat. The abdominal infection (Neptune) in his condition is life-threatening.

Will he survive? For a while, yes. For how long? His significator is the Moon, one of the luminaries (lights). Both luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are in fixed signs - indicating good stamina, but applying by a conflictual aspect to Neptune - the infection is draining him out of energy. Besides, the Sun is also conjunct Saturn - so the end of the rope is not far. I'm not good at timing but this looks like he still has several months to go.

Article written by Radu, on August 4, 2006

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