Are extraterrestrial intelligences in visitation of our planet?  ·  July 18, 2024, 14:25 GMT
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"Are extraterrestrial intelligences in visitation of our planet?"

29th March, 2006, 2:58, St. Annes, England - 03W02 / 53N45

The question was asked on March 29, 2006, 2:58 am BST, St. Anne's, England

Below is the horary chart:

Are extraterrestrial intelligences in visitation of our planet?

The horary chart Ascendant is exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (26Sag57), which is perfect for a alien-related question.

The quesited house (for aliens, "extraterrestrial intelligences") is the 9th house, its cusp is at 04Lib20, so the house ruler is Venus, but almuten is Saturn (the cusp is in Saturn's term, triplicity and exaltation).

The obvious significator is Venus, the 9th house ruler, peregrine in Aquarius, describes a "peregrine" intelligent and supertechnologized (Venus in Aquarius) civilization coming to visit us (Venus in sextile with the Ascendant).

However, there're no aspects to Venus from Jupiter (ASC ruler) or the Moon, implying no direct contact.

Venus is disposed by Jupiter by term and by the Moon by face. That's a weak reception, but at least there is one. In turn, Venus receives Jupiter in her term, so we have a mutual reception Venus-Jupiter by term - which lays the basis for further communication.

This Venus thing is not all that it is: Saturn is a BETTER significator than Venus for the aliens inquired about, as Saturn is by far the 9th house almuten (2+3+4=9 Lilly points of essential dignity, while Venus has only 5).
So, Venus as a ruler of the aliens is just a cover-up story, they're better represented by Saturn.

The quick answer is given by the Moon in mutually applying trine with Saturn - a great example of BOTH civilizations looking forward for this contact.

However, the Moon is in Saturn's fall, in Aries (=a place that Saturn hates), so it means that they (the aliens) are not particulary fond of us, or of having a direct contact (there're good reasons to believe that if they would have wanted a direct contact with us, they would have gone for it; instead, they sneak around).

Let's have a closer look at Saturn. Specifically, I am struck by Saturn being retrograde - it's a good indication of they having been here before or of them coming back.
Notice that Capricorn is intercepted inside the 1st house, which makes Saturn a kind of secondary ruler of the 1st house. How is that possible? WHAT IF they are also from Earth, but just from a different time (Saturn rules time). For instance, from the future.

Saturn is disposed by the Sun, exalted in Aries. Their source of power is strong, the civilization they come from is advanced.

However, let's notice that Saturn is in Leo - which is a feral sign (=wild) - and on the same degree as the Moon's nodes - a critical degree - something's wrong with them, they seem to be in a crisis situation. This idea is further enforced by Saturn being in its exile sign (although in its own term and face as well), so they're kind of weak - possibly only when coming here - and the 9th house cusp is partile conjunct the South Node - a sign of bad omen. Notice that in this chart Jupiter is stronger than Saturn, besides Jupiter disposes both Saturn and the Sun (Saturn's dispositor) by triplicity - so it's like we have some power over these aliens. Jupiter's dispositor, Mars, receives in his domicile Saturn's dispositor, the Sun. This situation sounds like "My daddy is stronger than your daddy".

I cannot help myself to think of the total solar eclipse that occurred within hours after this question was asked. What is an eclipse? It is Sun's ocultation by the Moon. In this chart, the Sun is Saturn's dispositor, so the he is the aliens' source of power or their hidden drive, and he was covered by the Moon - indicating a possible future tragic event that is bound to happen to them. Science-fiction, isn't it? Cool.

The Part of Fortune is in the 1st house - so there's some treasure on Earth (the 1st house = the Earth, inhabitants of the Earth). Notice the Part of Fortune being disposed by Saturn - could it be that this treasure belongs to them? Possibly. Ok, so the story unfolds as follows: They are coming back (Saturn retrograde) in order to get something that belongs to them (=Part of Fortune) in order to save their civilization from a future disaster (solar eclipse). How cool is that?! (ok, just trying to figure out some things here)

The Galactic Center conjunct the Ascendant (=us, the Earth itself), suggest that we are 'de facto' members of the galaxy as well. Pluto on the Ascendant suggests that there is much more about us, than we currently are aware of. Finding out more about ourselves will help clarify the aliens' situation as well.

Ok, done with Saturn, the aliens, let's move to us. The second half of Sagittarius is feral as well (the rear half of a centaur is animal) - so we (the ASC) may be wild as well. Jupiter, our significator is peregrine and retrograde, a weak situation! Are we humans peregrines as well? In fact we only keep records of our history for several thousand years. What was before? Why is Jupiter retrograde? Isn't this showing that we turn either to ourselves either to our own history to get answers? It could be.

Let's repeat: we are members of the Galaxy and we are peregrine. So, we are extraterrestrials as well, who settled down on Earth some time ago.

A word of advise: take whatever is said with a grain of salt, including this interpretation. Until irrefutable evidence will be brought to support this theory, we should be wary to conclude anything. Keep your mind open, though...

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