Earthquakes & Astrology - Pacific Northwest prediction  ·  February 24, 2024, 20:07 GMT
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"Significant earthquake soon?"

"Will there be a significant quake soon in the Pacific Northwest, especially near the area of Victoria, B.C?"

The question was asked on Feb 8, 2007, 1:51 pm PST, Mission BC, Canada, in the Politics and mundane events section of the horary discussion boards.

Below is the horary chart for this question:

Significant earthquake soon? We know that seismic tensions are constantly building up underground in seismic areas, the only question is when they will be released. This has been the situation for thousands of years, earthquakes are just common in history.

So this chart is supposed to tell us not whether an earthquake will happen in the Pacific Northwest area, but when it will happen. So it is all about timing.

The quesited house is the 4th house - the earth. The South Node in the 4th house and 4th house ruler, Mercury in detriment, indicate poor conditions that could yield soon to an earthquake. Mercury in a water sign indicates the earthquake epicenter located away from the shore, under the ocean.

We see Uranus culminating in the horary chart indicating the overall theme of the chart - sudden unexpected changes - just what an earthquake is.

Mercury is moving forward and applies to conjunct Uranus, but before the actual conjunction takes place Mercury slows down, stops and goes backwards, which is called refranation. This indicates clearly that the expected significant earthquake isn't about to take place.

Why would the expected significant earthquake not happen? With Uranus culminating, it is bound to happen eventually.

We see the Moon in a fixed sign and a succedent house applying to Mercury by trine. This aspect indicates a future event related to the question which cannot be but an earthquake. However as the Moon is in a fixed sign and the Moon-Mercury aspect is the most harmonious aspect, a trine, I would interpret this actually as a series of lower intensity earthquakes, with little overall damage. The most important of these would happen as timed by using the Moon Mercury aspect [orb 3 degrees 34 minutes], the fastest planet being in a fixed sign and a succedent house, that is in 3 months and a half to 4 months.

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