Did the Americans really land on the Moon on 20th July, 1969?  ·  June 22, 2024, 19:56 GMT
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"Did the Americans really land on the Moon on 20th July, 1969?"

(or was it an elaborate photographic hoax)

The question was asked on April 12, 2006, at 9:05 am AEST, in Brisbane, Australia (lat.27.28S / long.153.2 E).

Below is the horary chart:

Did the Americans really land on the moon 20th July, 1969?

The interpretation is pretty straight forward: Americans are represented by the 9th house (as the question was asked by a foreigner, an Australian), therefore they are signified by the Saturn. Neptune's presence in this house is merely a reflection of the second part of the question, as phrased by the querent: "was it an elaborate photographic hoax" (Neptune rules photography, also illusions).

Their landing on the Moon, considered as a long distance voyage which reached its target, is shown in the 9th house counted from theirs, which is the chart's 5th house. The landing on the Moon is represented by Venus, ruler of Libra, the sign on the 5th house cusp.

We see Venus exalted and on the Midheaven, a very strong public position, offering huge prestige and visibility. Exaltation in astrology means that the planet receives more credit than it deserves. This is how this event was received by the public: it was a great success for America, a great advancement in space exploration.


Let's take a closer look, to see if the Americans really got there:

  • Saturn isn't in the turned 9th house (radical 5th) which would picture them arrived at their destination;
  • Venus isn't in the radical 9th (Americans) that would express approx. the same thing;
  • Saturn and Venus don't separate from a major aspect, which would be a marker of this past event; nor does the Moon, the co-significator, has any separating aspects;
  • Saturn and Venus are not in good reception with each other, other than the weakest of all, Venus received in Saturn's face;

What is in this chart, then?

  • Saturn and Venus separate from a minor aspect of inconjunction (quincunx), whose keyword is "adjustment"; Americans might have "adjusted" their Moon landing;
  • The Moon in this chart is obviously the natural significator of Earth's satellite, allegedly landed by the Americans in 1969; the Moon is not in the turned 9th (the voyage), but on the so-called "dark side" of the turned 9th house cusp (named this way by astrologer Lee Miller, in correlation with the 12th house); so, the Moon was not part of this voyage;
  • Saturn (the Americans) is quite weak (in its detriment, but in its own term and face) and is located in the charts' 3rd house, known as the "short voyages house"; also Saturn is at a critical nodal degree and its antiscia is on Algol; therefore, Saturn's condition didn't allow a such performance;
  • Venus is in applicating opposition with Lilith, a clear picture of an ongoing lie;
  • The Sun in this chart is in conjunction by antiscia with Lilith;

So, my take on this chart is that the so-called 1969 Moon landing was a hoax.

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