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"Will Ben Laden be caught and if so when?"

This question, "Will Ben Laden be caught and if so when?", was received by the Mexican astrologer Gonzalo Peña Tamez on December 30, 2003, at 5:41:44 am CST, Monterrey, Mexico.

The analysis that follows was published by Gonzalo Peña Tamez (aka Gonzo) on his email discussion list on predictive astrology I_predict.

Will Ben Laden be caught and if so when?

Here's the text of this great horary chart delineation:

I have cast the horary chart for the time when I first understood your query regarding Osama bin Laden's whereabouts...
Cast for my locality, the Ascendant is at 13°Sagittarius34', and it's signifying you, as the one who poses the query. The chart does appear to be radix... This Ascending degree happens to be the South Node of Uranus and it seems fitting because the querent (you) is in a foreign country (Sagittarius rising with Jupiter ruler and almuten of the Ascendant in House 9 of the horary chart) and the query is posed to the astrologer (me) through an electronic means (Uranus Node ruling computers and the net).
I am sure we will have various different ideas regarding what planet is signifying Osama bin Laden, given what he is and represents, etc. But before anything else is considered, because your query pertains someone who has no designated or specific relation to you (he's neither your relative nor friend nor employee, etc.) horary canon tells us that Osama bin Laden should be signified in the Descendant and its ruler and almuten, Mercury.
In the horary chart we see Mercury retrograde at 00°Capricorn23'... It's also fitting that the planet signifying him should be at a zodiacal angle, given the collective importance that this character currently has, in various ways. This Mercury is separating from a combustion with the Sun and its only other aspect is a SEXTILE to Uranus with an applicative orb of only 23 arcminutes!. This in itself tells us quite clearly that Osama WILL NOT BE CAUGHT any time soon or even ever. Uranus is a most powerful significator of freedom, as is also the sextile aspect. A sextile between these to planets, Mercury and Uranus, is worth a great deal more than a trine, because zero Gemini (Mercury's sign) stands in sextile aspect to the fiducial at the Spring Equinox, like zero Aquarius (Uranus'sign) also stands in sextile to the fiducial at the Spring Equinox.
So this sextile, and with applicative orb which does not refer to his past or current status as a free man at large but as his future status as such, is quite an eloquent reply we're getting from your query's chart!. There is no doubt that Osama will continue to be free and at large. This even though this Mercury at zero Capricorn, retrograding, is about to enter Sagittarius, the degree of its Detriment essential debility... This ingress is meaning, no doubt, that Osama is about to change countries, by airplane. It could also be saying that he is soon going to undergo successful plastic surgery.
He is moving from a smaller country to a larger one. The country he is about to leave behind is currently ravaged by war: see Mercury's dispositor, Saturn, in a peri-partile "T"square with Mars and the Moon conjoined in Aries square the Sun in Capricorn. The country he's about to move onto is much more affluent, and it's an Arab country, no doubt, as Jupiter will be Mercury's new dispositor and we see Jupiter stationing on the Islamic Mars and the PanArab Mars under a Pluto square that will not partile for the time being. He is concerned about a big lump of money that was supposed to be transferred to him but was not (Moon ruler of 2 from 7 separates from square Sun and conjunction Mars as it applies very tight square to Saturn ruler of 8 from 7). This big money will indeed soon come to him (Moon ruler of 2 from 7 applies sextiles to a tightly applicative conjunction of Venus to Neptune in 2 equal to 8 from 7). Other indicators show that very recently some old friends of him have stolen a great deal of money from him.
Uranus at 00°Pisces00' in the query chart, ruler of 9 from 7 and domified in 9 from 7, definitively confirms that he is just about to take a long journey into another country. This country he is going to now does appear to be Saudi Arabia given its sextile to Mercury ruler of 7 and of 4 from 7, among other indicators that have to do with the main Saudi charts.
The South Node of the Moon tight on cusp 12 of the horary chart (6 from 7), besides confirming that he will not get caught, also says that his health is weak now but that soon it will improve considerably (Nodes on the health axis applying sextile and trine to Jupiter in Virgo). He will soon be meeting with a daughter of him, also.
The conclusion is firm: Osama will not be caught!

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