Is the Anti Christ prophecy coming true?  ·  April 24, 2024, 9:44 GMT
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"Is the Anti Christ prophecy coming true?"

The question was asked on April 6, 2006, at 8:54 pm EST, in Tampa, FL (US).

Below is the horary chart:

Is the Anti Christ prophecy coming true?

The questioner was watching History Channel about the history of the notion of "anti christ"... Not believing any biblical prophecy, not even religious, the questioner felt particulary moved to inquire if this prophecy will come true.

A prophecy is a 9th house matter. The 9th house cusp is at 29 Gemini, therefore Mercury will represent the prophecy referred to.

Mercury is in square with both Mars and Pluto, both rulers of the ASC, with good reception (mutual reception by term, Mars in Mercury's sign), so it's quite clear that the prophecy will come true !~

I would also add that the VERY late degree of the 9th house cusp (29Gem37) is a clear message that the prophecy is already ready to be fulfilled, the time is up.

The same is shown by the Moon's applying partile (exact) conjunction with the Greater Malefic, Saturn, on the Midheaven, the most visible spot of the chart, in a fixed sign.

An interesting observation is 9th house cusp's is also conjunct with Betelguese, of which Anne Wright says: "The ancient Arabic title Mirzam, from Al Murzim, the "Roarer", or perhaps the "Announcer".[...]the Euphratean name Kakkab Sar means the "Constellation of the King"[...]Influence of the constellation: It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, and prosperity in trade and particularly in voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison. It was thought by the Romans to be very harmful to cattle and productive of storms. (Robson)." So, there is both rise and malefic influence in this star, which coincides with the symbolism of the AntiChrist.

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