Shall there come an 'anti-christ' and how will we know him?  ·  July 20, 2024, 8:51 GMT
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"Shall there come an 'anti-christ' and how will we know him?"

The question was asked on March 30, 2006, at 12:51 am BST, in St.Anne's, England.

Below is the horary chart:

Shall there come an 'anti-christ' and how will we know him?

Whichever way I'd consider the quesited house, the 7th of overt enemies or the 12th house of secret enemies, it gives the same answer. I prefer the 12th house as it's meaning is much more appropriated for the AntiChrist.

The 1st house ruler (Jupiter) is applying by trine to the 7th house ruler (Mercury) -> meaning that the antichrist will come 'easily' (=trine), no significative resistance.
The Moon, the co-ruler, is sextile the 12th house ruler (Mars) - located in the 7th house, with the same meaning.

No doubt about this chart... The Moon *combust* is merely chowing that we are already *burned* by this situation.

According to my system of using the Sabian Symbols in horary charts by antiscia, the Symbol for the 12th house cusp is "A BIG-BUSINESSMAN AT HIS DESK"... This is how the AntiChrist looks like !

We already see Jupiter and the Part of Fortune located in the 12th house - so the AntiChrist is a filthy rich businessman. Mars, the 12th house ruler, and therefore significator of the AntiChrist is located at 21Gem24 in EXACT conjunction with Mars from the natal chart of the USA (21Gem21) !
So, we could easily imagine the American corporate businessman or maybe it's more accurate to say international corporate businessman (Mars is peregrine, is not settled anywhere), aggresive, ruthless and greedy, as the image of the AntiChrist.

The Symbol for the Ascendant (the querent, us) reads "A LARGE AVIARY". It's funny that this word comes out, since we are in a middle of a aviar flue possible epidemic frenzy.

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