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Astrology articles archives:

August 15 - The Minima of Algol for 2009-2012
August 14 - Fixed stars'positions in 2011
April 28 - How does astrology work? - answers by horary astrology
Sep 15 - Natal chart of Patrick Swayze
Sep 14 - Electional astrology - considerations & advices
Aug 24 - The law of seven and the spiritual astrology
July 26 - What is the place of free will in horary astrology
June 27 - Horary question: What will happen in 2012?
May 27 - A message from God on free will and destiny
March 20, 2009 - Updated article on the "world history timeline"
October 13 - John McCain's official birth time revealed as well
July 6 - The astrological chart of Jesus Christ
June 13 - Barack Obama's official birth time finally revealed
May 19 - Greece's natal chart
April 16 - Horary on Who will be the next US President?
February 21 - Horary astrology on the 2008 US Presidential Elections
February 20 - Natal charts of the US presidential candidates 2008
February 17 - Kosovo proclaims independence from Serbia
February 7 - Astrology guided meditations for February 2008
January 29 - Video interviews with astrologers
December 31 - An astrological guide to Romania: History of Romania, Spirituality in Romania
December 29 - Mars, Pluto and the assassination of Benazir Bhutto
December 28 - Astrology software: Janus 4 is here
November 12 - Astrology widgets: music, images, videos
November 11 - Deep meditation music: Love by Zodiacal signs
November 11 - Astrology books published in November and December
November 5 - A look back at medieval times
November 4 - New tool: World Atlas: find out the geographical coordinates for any city/village in the world and look up its location on the map
October 29 - Considerations on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
October 28 - Horary chart on the Montecito Fire of 1964
October 22 - Chiron, the Mature Spiritual Warrior
October 22 - A genuine investigation on astrology: watch this video
October 21 - Mercury retrograde insights
July 10 - The Sun - Vedic astrology perspective
June 20 - Crystals in Astrology - How to use them?
June 18 - The Moon: the Psyche - Vedic astrology perspective
May 7 - Nicolas Sarkozy, new president of France: astrological profile
May 5 - The BBC and the 9/11 conspiracy - Mercury-Lilith connections
May 5 - Spiritual horary astrology and chakra opening
April 27 - Horary astrology chart interpretation confirms reincarnation
April 20 - Financial Astrology - Payment habits by sign
March 15 - 9/11 mastermind "confesses" in Guantanamo - lie exposed
February 21 - Happy New Chinese Year! 2007, year of the Fire Pig
February 9 - Significant earthquake soon? - horary question
February 1 - Crystal Astrology - Find out the crystals for your natal chart!
January 31 - Who was Jesus? - answered by horary astrology
January 22 - Space arming race - new beginnings - astrological comments
January 21 - New Moon in Capricorn - Sabian Symbols insight
January 20 - How do you choose an astrologer? - Hints from an astrologer
December 16 - Esoteric Aspects of the Zodiac - Vedic perspective
December 12 - The Progressed Stations and the Mythic Quest
December 12 - First meeting charts in electional or event astrology
December 11 - Astrological Vacations - tips by zodiac sign
December 10 - Figure What to Wear - by knowing your sun sign
December 1 - Article on Hellenistic Astrology
November 30 - New issue of the Newsletter sent to subscribers
November 18 - The importance of background information in horary
November 7 - Relocation astrology - definition, examples, readings
November 1 - Series of articles on Medical Astrology
October 22 - New issue of the Newsletter sent to subscribers
October 12 - Astrology and spirituality - October 14 - 21, 2006
September 3 - Am I an Indigo child? - answered by horary astrology
August 29 - New issue of the Newsletter sent to subscribers
August 28 - The fate of Pluto - Astrology and religion
August 24 - Farewell, Pluto?!
August 17 - Charon, Ceres and Xena
August 14 - Astrology Weekly RSS Feed
August 12 - Taking Horary Questions - Querent vs. Astrologer
August 11 - Being a Virgo - Astrology of Perfectness
August 9 - Current Astrological Chart for now and your location
August 6 - Declinations calculator
August 5 - The extraordinary discovery of August 2003 in the Bucegi mountains (Romania)
August 4 - Two new interesting horary questions interpreted: Was September 11 staged by the US Government? and Is Fidel Castro dead?
August 2 - New online program - Declinations convertor
July 29 - Live Chat available ! Only forum members can participate, so register now, it's free.
July 26 - Astrological insight on Israel-Lebanon conflict
July 5 - 2006 mid-year predictions
May 20 - Our forum has been upgraded to vBulletin; lots of new cool features for a better forum experience. Please, come in!
May 6 - Astrological information: ephemeris data for 2006-2010
May 5 - Astrology in Greece
May 4 - Easiest way to search on this site: integrated Firefox search box
May 3 - Easy RSS feed: latest 50 posts on the forum are one click away
April 11 - New issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
March 26 - New issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
March 21 - New book on the Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006
March 20 - First Vedic astrology article: Planets and Dasas by guest writer
March 20 - Astrology and history: America's pretexts for war
March 19 - New issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
March 13 - New online program: Fertile Days Calculator
March 10 - Find out Void of course Moon periods for any timezone
March 6 - Ninth issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
March 5 - New online tool on Sabian Symbols
March 3 - Understanding planets - collection of essays by Alexander M Zoltai
February 27 - Eight issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
February 24 - New online astrology tool: Cycles of the Heaven - Planetary cycles for mundane astrology studies
February 19 - Seventh issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
February 15 - Introductory article on Jyotisha, Hindu Astrology
February 12 - Sixth issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
February 6 - New online astrological tool: Astrology charts and reports
February 6 - Fifth issue of Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
January 29 - Fourth issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
January 29 - Huge Celebrity birthdates archive: search or browse it!
January 22 - Third issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
January 22 - New articles by guest writers: Natal charts and past lives, Earth nexus and Mayan calendar, Portable astrology
January 17 - Welcome to the world of 360 Zodiac Symbols! Get involved! We're creating a new set of zodiac symbols.
January 15 - Second issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
January 8 - Thoughts for astrology forums, by Elianah: Take what fits and ditch the rest
January 8 - First issue of the Weekly Newsletter sent to subscribers
January 7 - Presidential astrological cycles - Progressed Moon in declination cycles
January 6 - Article: Constellation of space charts
January 3 - Subscribe to: Astrology Weekly Newsletter !
December 24 - Voyager Spacecrafts and outer planets influence
December 21 - Venus retrograde again: from December 24, 2005 to February 3, 2006
December 21 - Event astrology - on event charts
December 20 - Astrology progressions - Reading notes on Progressions
December 18 - Astrology and quantum mechanics - What the *bleep* do we know?
December 8 - An introductory article on Secondary progressions
December 7 - Online astrology books - A very useful online resource for the astrology student
September 13 - Zodiac Symbols - Symbols for each degree of the zodiac
August 21 - Some more thoughts and considerations on the VoC Moon
August 19 - Byzantine Astrology - a look back to the history of astrology
Articles published during 2004 and the first half of 2005:

July 31 - Ephemeris for the 10th planet, 2003 UB313
July 27 - Article on Free will and Destiny in Electional Astrology
July 21 - Article on Mars retrograde
July 19 - New feature: Biorhythm calculator
July 18 - Mercury retrograde
July 17 - Article on nowadays astrology and the horoscope readings
July 16 - Many more countries added to the mundane astrology database
July 8 - New astrology readings offered: natal, karmic, predictive, relationship astrology
July 2 - Astrology article on the Birth Time Rectification
June 26 - Free astrology charts in Flash: Astrology Chart Generator
June 26 - Astrology article: Astrology & Chess - correlations
June 23 - Is AIDS a manmade disease? - comments on a horary chart by Olivia Barclay
June 15 - Astrology of the "First Man on the Moon" - the astrology questions the history
June 14 - Resources on Horary Astrology: Books, Email Lists, Lectures and Conferences
June 13 - Astrology course in 6 lessons on Basic chart interpretation by Tim Wilson, guest writer
June 10 - New article: The transition to the New Energy of 2012
May 21 - Countries' charts - collection of mundane astrology data; articles on Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia
May 20 - Fertility & Astrology - identify the astrologically fertile days
May 13 - Another section dedicated to horary astrology, named More horary, will contain Famous horary queries as well as some theoretical articles
May 7 - Electional astrology - detailed explanations; a practical approach
Apr.28 - New sections on this site dedicated to the horary astrology: William Lilly - Christian Astrology and Special horary cases
Apr.25 - Astrology book review - 360 degrees of wisdom by Lynda Hill

Apr.19 - New Pope elected - Joseph Ratzinger - natal chart
Apr.18 - Astrology articles: New Pope election at Vatican and A.T. Mann's theory on Time - Zodiac correlations
Apr.14 - A good read - review of astrologer April Elliott Kent's website
Apr.12 - Several new horary charts on Terri Schiavo and the Pope's death, as well as others
Apr.1 - Two new articles: Uranus and the History of Science - Uranus in signs and the scientific discoveries, Colors & Zodiac - experimental theory
Mar.31 - Zodiacal music and Zodiac faces
Mar.31 - New article: The Internet's natal charts
Mar.29 - New section on the site: Astrology Humour
Mar.26 - Added a new feature in the menu on the right: the current Sabian Symbols of the transiting Sun and Moon
Mar.18 - Two new horaries: 'Does he love me?' and 'Will I be lucky?'
Mar.17 - Remarkable ideas on Predictive Astrology and the 4 levels of it
Mar.15 - Uranus in Pisces - The dawn of the New Age
Mar.7 - More weekly horary questions: 'Will I go to Moscow?' and another one 'Will I have a third baby?', the last one introducing modern asteroids into horary astrology
Feb.27 - Famous astrologers - birth data of 183 world astrologers
Feb.25 - Las Vegas - different astrology data for astrologers
Feb.24 - Astrology readings offering: horary and electional astrology, birth time rectification
Feb.22 - Moon aspects 2005 - timezone EST/EDT
Feb.17 - Astrology Forum - Discuss online everything about astrology with other people around the world!
Feb.13 - Astrological techniques: Solar Arcs
Feb.12 - Astrological reading offer: Wedding Astrology
Feb.5 - Christopher Columbus' 1st voyage - Did Columbus use the Electional Astrology ?
Feb.4 - New section: Free astrology books - an online astrological library
Feb.2 - Koran astrology quotes - Koran excerpts related to astrology
Jan.30 - New section: Astrology in 2005, astrological information
Jan.28 - New section: Searchable online ephemeris for Sedna, Quaoar, Varuna, Ixion and Hermes
Jan.26 - Gianna Beretta Molla - From pregnancy to sainthood
Jan.23 - Viktor Yushchenko inaugurated as the President of Ukraine; Yulia Tymoshenko designated Prime Minister of Ukraine
Jan.22 - Data for astrologers: George W Bush inauguration chart, US presidential inauguration dates, dates when the states joined the Union
Jan.20 - New weekly horary chart: 'Does my partner love me?'
Jan.18 - Astrology news: the astrological chart of the unveiling ceremony of the Airbus A380, the Zodiac Gardens and the astrological chart of the moment when Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in as Palestinian President
Jan.11 - Weekly horary astrology section resumed with two new horary questions: 'Will I and a former lover come back together in the future ?' and 'Will my income increase in the near future?'
Jan.3 - New section on the site: Zodiac pictures
Jan.1 - 911 prophecy - astrological predictions on 911 by famous astrologers: Lynne Palmer, Robert Zoller, Jim Shawvan, Robert Hand
Articles published during 2004

Dec.21 - Pluto square natal Mars in Mundane Astrology - a historical and predictive astrological study
Dec.21 - Astrological chart of the first Japanese kamikaze plane attack
Dec.20 - Two new sections: Astrology news and Data archive
Dec.19 - Fr. Gabriele Amorth - the most famous Catholic exorcist
Dec.18 - Scientific studies on astrology - scientific evidences to astrology
Dec.17 - Millau Bridge - astrological chart of the inauguration moment
Dec.13 - Sabian Symbols' Oracle - a wonderful divinatory technique using the Sabian Symbols
Dec.9 - Sun signs explained : origins, representations, positive qualities, trouble areas, preferences, physical qualities and activities, occupations, financial profile, love and relationships.
Dec.7 - Astrology dictionary - Nicholas de Vore - Encyclopedia of Astrology
Dec.6 - Best astrology text books recommended for lecture
Dec.5 - Free online astrology program calculating your natal chakra system diagram, based on the original theoretical article on astrological assesment of the natal chakra system activation.
Dec.5 - Weekly horary astrology section is opened with the answer to the question 'Is my relationship really over?'
Dec.4 - Ukraine's astrology chart and the chart of Viktor Yushchenko
Dec.2 - Statue of Liberty - astrological chart and Pallas influence
Dec.2 - Sabian Symbols on the map - astrology and geography Pope Benedict XVI natal chart