Astrology guided meditations - March 2008  ·  February 25, 2024, 1:57 GMT
Right now: Moon at 12°00' Virgo, Sun at 5°57' Pisces

Astrology guided meditations

March 2008

Get in tune with the Universe!

The beneficial astrological aspects are a great time for meditation!

You will easily get in tune with the specific beneficial energy of the planets involved at the exact time of aspect perfection.

The recommended meditation time is 45 minutes.

Astrological meditation program for March 2008

offered by Yoga Esoteric

Thursday, March 6, from 6.45 – 7.30 pm GMT
Sun sextile Jupiter. Effects: This aspect amplifies the state of inner expansion, generosity, dignity and good will. It manifests love for tru, beauty, optimism, and the joy of living. It awakens didactic sense and favours the expression of oratorical qualities and profound identification with the spiritual master. It offers the chance to awaken the state of conscious surrendering to the spiritual ideal in our being; it supports the awakening of the soul and the ability to take wise decisions.

Saturday, March 8, from 8.00 – 8.45 pm GMT
Sun conjunct Uranus. Effects: The moment is favourable for awakening the state of Christ Consciousness in our being. At the same time this facilitates the understanding of the mysterious aspects of life; it makes overcoming all kind of conditionings and prejudices possible. This aspect awakens and amplifies creative intelligence, it gives us the power to understand great divine truths, it facilitates telepathic communication, it brings artistic inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm and beneficial dynamism. It facilitates harmonious integration in spiritual groups and brings the state of brotherly, elevated communion. It helps to fructify divine inspirations and it makes it possible to firmly focus the will towards experiencing the mysterious, ineffable state of divine relay.

Sunday, March 9, from 8.35 – 9.20 am GMT
Mercury conjunct Neptune. Effects: This aspect offers the awakening and amplifying of creative intelligence, it facilitates the appearance of the state of detachment. It awakens the memory of previous spiritual states and brings a state of mystic communion. It awakens abilities of telepathic communion. It allows us to intuitively perceive the meaning of synchronicity phenomena. It facilitates the perception of angelic entities in our life.

Thursday, March 13, from 6.55 – 7.40 pm GMT
Venus sextile Pluto. Effects: It awakens sensitivity and artistic refinement. It brings about the activation of creative imagination. If elevates affective states. It facilitates the spiritualization and refinement of all beneficial feelings; it awakens and amplifies spiritual aspiration. It awakens and amplifies elevated mystical experiences, favours the successful involvement in projects that fulfil the great spiritual ideals of human kind. It awakens and increases creative force, amplifies erotic refinement, favours channelling and subliming subtle beneficial energies in the sphere of artistic creativity.

Friday, March 14, from 9.05 – 9.50 pm GMT
Mars sextile Saturn. Effects: this aspect favours the spontaneous appearance of a state of profound emotional balance; it facilitates a creative transformation of the rigid aspects of the being into qualities such as: tenacity, perseverance, increased self-confidence, humbleness, discernment. The latent mental and sensorial availabilities are awakened. Also, at this moment long term memory can be amplified. The ability to remember sequences from our past lives is also awakened. This aspect favours the spontaneous perception of the state of overwhelming mystery of God the Father.

Saturday, March 15, from 4.50 – 5.35 pm GMT
Mercury sextile Pluto. Effects: This aspect awakens and favours the appearance of a refined way of thinking and of the power of mental penetration. At the same time, it represents a chance to discover new ways for overcoming the mental sphere by developing a state of surrender to the Will of God the Father. It facilitates the appearance of a spontaneous state of transfiguration and gives a very good control over mental fluctuations. It amplifies and sustains aspiration towards transformation; it makes it possible to consciously enter the sphere of the collective subconscious; it helps us to overcome phobias. It is a favourable moment for overcoming all kind of obstacles; at the same time this aspect awakens speed of thought (mental ability to find beneficial creative solutions), associating it with the force of mental penetration. It awakens the energy of individual will, it awakens and dynamizes the spontaneous process of sublimating the energies to the mental sphere. It brings the manifestation of a great and beneficial mental force, it brings a state of unshakable firmness regarding spiritual beliefs and it awakens the ability to astral project at will.

Sunday, March 16, from 8.05 – 8.50 am GMT
Venus trine Mars. Effects: It awakens tenderness, erotic and artistic refinement, it increases the interest for elevated pleasures and it also awakens and triggers the creative imagination.

Tuesday, March 18, from 11.20 am – 12.05 pm GMT
Mercury trine Mars. Effects: It stimulates the easily application of beneficial ideas into action. It awakens perseverance and courage in fighting for one’s own beliefs, it allows us to overcome inertia and favours the awakening of the ability to find beneficial, ingenious, efficient solutions, it also brings clarity in expression. It helps the harmonious integration in the material level, it amplifies spontaneity and speed in taking decisions, and it gives us the courage to express our ideas freely.

Thursday, March 20, from 5.30 – 07.00 am GMT
The Sun enters Aries. This beneficial subtle influence can be felt within a special meditation of communion with the SPRING EQUINOX. The significance of the SPRING EQUINOX: In the moment of the Equinox, there is a decrease of the night time and an increase of the day time (the day becomes almost equal to the night). This moment of balance symbolizes an ineffable state of harmony which brings a state of profound, deep transformation of the outside nature, as well as a beneficial transformation of our human nature. In that moment everything comes to life and tends to come to the surface in order to enjoy the intense and profound subtle beneficial energies of spring. After a period of “preservation, within which the winter restrictions have been felt”, during which most of the yogic food contained seeds, cereals and diary products, comes the Easter fasting period, following the Orthodox Christian tradition, which includes this moment of equinox. Especially during this time there is a spontaneous process of special purification, both at the level of the body as well as at the level of some of our subtle bodies. As a consequence of this phenomenon, a state of mental peace, psychic balance and emotional dynamization gradually settles in. Seeing things from the esoteric perspective, this moment puts us in ineffable resonance with the glorious androgenic condition, with the mysterious state of harmony which, in certain conditions, settles within our inner universe, between the feminine and the masculine nature, between the inner man and the inner woman (between anima and animus). It is not by chance that, especially during this time of secret rebirth and regeneration of the nature, most animals mate, the plants begin to bud and, gradually, the germs of life come back to life everywhere around us.

Seeing this moment from the astrological point of view, one notices that then the Sun passes from the zodiacal sign of the Pisces to the zodiacal sign of Aries. Thus, we witness the end and the beginning of a mysterious zodiacal sign. During this time, analogically speaking, man becomes like a volcano that is about to erupt. That is why he becomes able, especially now, to do new things. The meditative and contemplative state of the Pisces is now replaced by the spontaneity and the desire of affirmation specific to the Aries. It is especially now that one gives up useless sacrifices and excessive idealism in favour of the exaltation of concrete experiences, of direct actions, performed with the purpose of manifesting our inner aspirations as well as possible. Now is the time when man must adapt fully to these requirements of rebir, refreshment, waking up to reality, coming out of the state of sleep, stopping the hibernation process (this stage has both a material and a social significance, as well as a spiritual one). Thus, man must adapt as well as possible to the mysterious cycles of nature because especially now his opposition is, analogically speaking, like swimming against the stream. In some cases, this phenomenon of non-adaptation will often bring tiredness and irritation, often without reason – this aspect is generally defined in medicine as “spring asthenia”.

This mysterious moment of hiatus spontaneously connects us to the huge subtle energies of the beginning, full of the optimistic enthusiasm that appears with each new beginning of life. At the same time, this moment of effervescence brings a fascinating blossoming of vitality. It harmoniously awakens virility and femininity in the being, giving an impulse to the ecstatic experience of the mysterious tumult of spring, which makes us spontaneous, courageous, dynamic and active.

Monday, March 24, from 1.10 – 1.55 pm GMT
Mercury conjunct Venus. Effects: It favours affectionate, empathic, intense and profound communication with loved beings, it brings an ineffable state of harmony between mental and emotional spheres of the being, it amplifies the impulse of conscious surrendering to God, it awakens artistic creativity, romanticism, spontaneity and playfulness in couple relationships. It is a moment favourable for honestly and openly expressing affective states. It brings ineffable charm in communication and it gives eloquence. It awakens and amplifies the power of conscious surrendering towards noble ideals.

Thursday, March 27, from 6.40 – 7.25 pm GMT
Mercury sextile Jupiter. Effects: It facilitates the clear and spontaneous expression of beneficial experiences and affective emotions. It awakens and amplifies patience and perseverance. It gives continuity in expressing pure and elevated feelings. It awakens the power of knowledge. It awakens and amplifies respect for others. It awakens a state of empathy in relationships between people. It awakens aspiration towards spiritual knowledge; it gives spiritual discernment and superior mental abilities. It is a moment favourable for discovering new spiritual truth and for removing, due to a state of lucid detachment, both theatrical tendencies as well as false personalities. It brings a state of mental expansion. It allows us to enter communion with evolved entities from the astral universes.

Thursday, March 27, from 7.50 – 8.35 pm GMT
Mercury conjunct Uranus. Effects: This aspect awakens and triggers creative imagination, artistic and spiritual inspiration and beneficial intelligence. At the same time, it awakens telepathic abilities, facilitates communion with superior parallel worlds, awakens the power of introspection, increases the state of aspiration, allows spontaneous transcendence of the mental sphere, it brings an increased force of mental penetration in the being. It helps us to overcome prejudices, and rigid, sterile conceptions. It awakens originality, intensifies the power of mental concentration, it facilitates the appearance of profoundly beneficial states of identification, it favours the appearance and manifestation of beneficial states of trance. It facilitates mental refinement and it makes a state of inner harmony possible.

Saturday, March 29, from 10.35 – 11.20 pm GMT
Venus sextile Jupiter. Effects: it allows the profound experience of an exceptional spiritual state that appears when we do yogi meditation. It brings an intense state of expansion of the consciousness in the spiritual sphere. It intensifies beneficial emotions. It awakens the states of devotion. It increases the power of transfiguration. It facilitates ineffable telepathic communion with spiritual, elevated entities in the astral universe. It awakens pure love, love for truth and justice. It awakens generosity, tolerance, kindness, optimism in the being and brings the profound experience of states of happiness without object. It favours paranormal healing and improves the state of health.