Astrology guided meditations - February 2008  ·  April 24, 2024, 9:43 GMT
Right now: Moon at 9°19' Scorpio, Sun at 4°42' Taurus

Astrology guided meditations

February 2008

Get in tune with the Universe!

The beneficial astrological aspects are a great time for meditation!

You will easily get in tune with the specific beneficial energy of the planets involved at the exact time of aspect perfection.

The recommended meditation time is 45 minutes.

Astrological meditation program for February 2008

offered by Yoga Esoteric

Friday, February, 1, between 11.15 am - 12.00 pm GMT
Venus conjunct Jupiter. Effects: Arouses and expands affectivity, optimism and compassion. It enables maintains balance between material and spiritual levels, between pleasant and practical; it instills mystic, ineffable respect towards the entire creation of God. It urges the harmonious human relationships, the power of empathy and learning by the power of the exceptional examples set by the high spiritual beings, this aspect can help quick sublimation of the sexual potential and alchemy of lower pleasures into deepest compassionate love.

Sunday, February, 3, between 12.15 am - 01.00 am GMT
Mercury conjunct Neptune. Effects: This aspect provides awaking and enhancement of creative intelligence, enables the state of detachment. It awakes the past spiritual experiences memory and engenders a state of mystic communion. It awakes and enhances the telepathic skills. It provides intuition for the meaning of the phenomena of synchronicity. It helps perception of the angels in our lives.

Wednesday, February, 6 between 06.00 pm - 06.45 pm GMT
Sun conjunct Mercury. Effects: It awakes and stirs a consonant solar state; it awakes and enhances the initiative, the detached state of competitiveness, plain thinking, practical sense, efficiency in beneficial practical actions, inventiveness. Also, this aspect may increase memory and spirit power, helps oratorical skills. It urges great courage and helps achievement of beneficial actions; purifying processes at the solar plexus and consonant strive for self-competition for accurate and detached assertiveness are also helped. Harmony between mental and vital levels of the being is supported and creativity is aroused. This aspect increases firmness in asserting beneficial ideas. It improves attention and the power of awareness. It is a favorable aspect for responsibly sharing the spiritual knowledge and for efficiently studying the spiritual works. It brings about significant solar energy at the mental level of the being. It's a favorable moment to detach from the obsessive ideas.

Thursday, February, 7, between 12.05 am - 12.50 am GMT
Venus sextile Uranus. Effects: This aspect enhances the perception of the mysterious beauty of the beings we get in contact with, it enables an ineffable state of fascination, refines sensuality, awakes romanticism and originality. It endows with genius inspiration that may be effected into timeless masterpieces. Especially in this conjuncture, if love is utterly expressed it may be imbued with breathtaking mystery. This moment enables resonance to the universal sphere of affection; it awakes and enhances the force of transfiguration. This aspect provides great creativeness, enables freedom o speech, it awakes and increases refined erotic imagination, it helps boundless expression of love, it enhances enthusiasm, innovation; it awakes the ability to recognize the collective ideals of humanity and it enables intuition of innovating trends for the modern times. It helps new brilliant solutions and helps resolution of couple issues; it helps spontaneous empathy and awakes superior sensitivity.

Monday, February 11, between 01.50 am - 02.25 am GMT
Sun conjunct Neptune. Effects: This aspect helps spiritual awakening, enhancement of the superior consciousness, it spiritually uplifts the human microcosm at a universal level, it awakes and increases the power of mental and affectionate understanding. It helps overcoming all limitations, it enhances beneficial power of fascinating, creative imagination, it helps spontaneous transcending of all attachments. It improves aspiration and provides guidance for achievement of the spiritual ideals, it helps defeating vanity; it awakes humbleness and generosity. It helps perception of the spiritual inspirations and helps materialization. It increases confidence in the subtle divinely perceptions and it also enables understanding of the importance of self-sacrifice in the spiritual practice.

Thursday, February, 14, between 04.25 pm - 05.10 pm GMT
Sun trine Mars. Effects: It increases the ability of achieving actions and also the power of awareness, dynamism and enthusiasm in relationships. It's a favorable moment for enhancing the state of firmness, the solar force, for increasing courage and high aspirations. It improves immunity, vitality; it generates transcendence of self-satisfaction and laziness

Wednesday, February, 19, between 10.30 pm - 11.15 pm GMT
Sun sextile Pluto. Effects: This aspect awakes the mysterious energy of will, it engenders utmost spiritual states, it helps superior understanding of esoteric knowledge; it may increase self-confidence, and helps intuition and revelation of our spiritual mission in this life. This aspect also brings power to surrender to GOD's will. It helps taking the chances to make a spiritual leap; it increases self-transfiguration and the inspired and deep connection to their own self.

Tuesday, February, 26 between 05.55 pm - 06.40 pm GMT
Mercury conjunct Venus. Effects: it helps affectionate, empathic, deep and intense communication especially with the beloved ones, it brings about an ineffable state of consonance between mind and affective levels of the being; it increases the enthusiasm of conscious devotion to GOD. It awakes artistic creativity, romanticism, spontaneity and playfulness in love relationships. This is a happy moment for open sincere expression of emotions. It provides ineffable charm in communication and endows with eloquence. It awakes and increases the power of conscious devotion to noble ideals.