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Astrology Software

Janus Astrology Software - Professional astrology software. Download free 60-day trial version. Charting services available.

ZET - Astrology Software - Powerful astrology program for the professional astrologers and beginners

Cathar Software - Professional Astrology Software: Astrocora, Megastar and Regulus

2Near the Edge - Free Numerology Calculator Software

Astrology Software - Hank Friedman's website has pubished reviews of over 50 major programs, the Optimal Use of Astrology Software essay, a comprehensive look at the major program in Understanding Astrology Software, guidance in choosing software and discounts when purchasing astrology programs.

Free Astrology Software - Astro123, AstroWin, Election Helper, AstroClk, MatchMkr, and much more.

Astrology Software (Solar Fire) and Books at Skylark Books - Skylark Books offers a range of astrology software (including the ever-popular Solar Fire) and books, as well as titles on other esoteric subjects.

Esoteric Technologies - Authors and publishers of the Solar suite of professional astrology software including Solar Maps, Solar Writers and Solar Fire.

Horostat 1.0 software - Offers the statistics to either prove or disprove Astrology. Freeware, Mac only, generic, several years old, a few non-fatal bugs, interesting.