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Astrology in other languages

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Astrology in other languages

Sternwelten - Online Magazin, Zeitschrift zu Astrologie + Horoskopen!

AstroCafe - Astrology in Polish language

Zona Astral - One of the best accepted Hispanic astrology websites

Astrologie Adaptée en Braille - Site français sur l'astrologie s’adressant aux déficients visuels, trés visité aussi par des " bien voyants"

ARIES Astro-Services - ARIES Astro-Services delivers astrological calculations, charts etc., and Dutch astrological Astro-Intelligence reports from Astrodienst Zürich, written by Liz Greene and Robert Hand.

AstroReiki - Astrologie and Reiki in Wien, Austria

Astrotank - Professional Astrology in German language

AstroBoot Horoscopen - Dr Martin Boot free scientist, psycho-therapist and poet: free horoscopes, online books and articles about astrology and horoscopes - website in German language

Astradamus - What do you really know about astrology? - Astrology in Slovenian language

Horoskop / Jahreshoroskop / Partnerhoroskop - und was sagen die Sterne über Ihr Leben, Sternzeichen: ein persönliches Horoskop, Jahreshoroskop oder Partnerhoroskop gibt die Antwort

Grant Moore, Astrologer - Western astrologer, AFA certified professional, USA born-and-raised residing in Taiwan, available for interpretations and questions in English, Chinese, and Spanish languages.

Esperienze di Luce - Astrology, channeling and tarot card readings. Some horoscopes by email. In English and Italian.

Astrax .de - Special astrology - Uranian Astrology, over 50 downloads, written only in German but may be translated.

Croatian Astrologer - Astrology in Croatian language

Centre for Research of the German Astrologer's Association -

AsztroMókus - Full astrology portal in Hungarian language. Articles, horoscopes, forum, softvares, ecards, toplis and more...

Aries Astro - Astrology in Dutch language.

Die Astrofundgrube - Hier erfahren Sie alles zu astrologischen Themen, umfassende Horoskoperstellung und Astroanalysen.

Astrologie horaire - Astrologia horaria