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Frederick Woodruff- astrology, Gurdjieff, fourth way, tarot - astrologer based in Vashon, Washington

Markus Rose- financial astrologer - Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Gold (ranked #1 Gold market timer of 2008 by Timer Digest) markets forecasts, long (weekly) and short term (daily) - free articles about financial astrology - financial astrology software - Bradley Siderograph - free articles on planetary geometry

AstroRevolution - astrologer Claire Courts' astrology blog

Leslie Marlar - a website titled "An astrologer's little corner of the noosphere"

Marelna Du Plessis - astrologer, polarity practitioner, teacher

Suzanne White - astrologer and author on Western and Chinese Astrology

Merrie Garoutte - humanistic astrologer for 29 years, with a unique, personal and practical astrological approach to self-discovery

Annabel Burton Astrology - 21st Century Astrology with consulting Astrologer Annabel Burton from the Association of Professional Astrologers International. The site has agreat deal of Astrology information, free daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes, in depth reports via e-mail and you can organise audio tape and telephone consultations with Annabel.

Astroathena - Vocational astrology by Silvia Pannone, MA, Dip.Psych. Astrol. - Psychological and Transpersonal astrology

Astro Earth Relocation - Cait Benten relocates your natal chart (synthesizing various astrological systems, including Western, Local Space Mapping, Vedic and Declinational) and pinpoints your "personal best" places on earth for money flow, business establishment, relationships, partnerships, investments, and communing with nature.

Gill: Astrologer and Counsellor - Know yourself and open up your life! Astrology and/or Counselling can help you to become who you were really meant to be! Start living life to the full!

CHTA Astrology - Professional Astrology by Joyce Hoen, DF Astrol S, Center for Humanistic & Transpersonal Astrology

Paul Wade ~ Astrologer - Astrologer Paul Wade offers free astrology resources, horoscopes, sign analyses, zodiac screensavers, cool games and a directory of recommended links!

Astrologer: Natal Charts, Annual Forecasts - Natal Charts, Astrological consultations, Relationship Astrology, Annual Forecasts. MC/Visa/Amex/PayPal.

Astrology Readings, Free Horoscopes, and Astrology Jewelry - Astrowork offers a wide variety of astrology readings, free natal charts, and astrology jewelry that helps you feel better physically and spiritually.

Time for Success - Time for Success, founded by astrologer Pauline Edward, author of Astrological Crosses in Relationships, offers professional astrology services for businesses and individuals, and is the proud winner of a West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce Accolades 2003 award, recognizing excellence in the business community

Beth Strong - Beth Strong, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist ~ Astrologer ~ Life Coach ~

Clive Richard Weeks - Spiritual counselling, astrology and tarot readings and courses

Cosmic Guide - Intuitive astrology - Website of consulting astrologer Paul Fernandez in Florida

Astrology UK - website of Dana Panduru, Romanian astrologer living in UK.

CStars4U - Integrating Astrology and Life Coaching

Djuna Wojton - Astrology, Tarot, Reiki

Elbert Wade - A long-time professional astrologer/writer and an intersting website with 142 very good astrology articles.

Gill Gage - Counselling Astrologer in South of England - This is not the sort of astrology you read about in the sun-sign columns in the daily newspapers. If you seek more clarity as to your life's purpose, direction, your career or your relationships, a consultation will give you a new perspective on your situation and place in the wider scheme of things.

Soulscape Tarot & Astrology - Tarot readings, Astrology consultations & psychic counseling / coaching services by email. Spiritual focus, practical, empowering guidance by gifted intuitive Mary Hawkins.

Horoscopes by Vivian - Vivian Carol, NCGR IV, weekly horoscopes, updated Thursdays

Isha Lerner - Astrology, Tarot & Flower Essence Therapies

Jim Hays - Certified Astrologer, Level IV, NCGR, Transformational Teacher, offers various astrological chart services

The New Age School of Astrology - Wynn Fisher, principal and professional Astrologer, offers correspondence courses for the complete beginner up to Diploma level.

JPAstrology - Jeff Prince consulting astrologer

Karmic Relief - the cyber home of noted astrologer, entertainer, writer and broadcaster, Shelley Ackerman

Location Charts - Location Astrology Charts and Feng Shui with Virginia Kuhlmann

Weekly market comments - Weekly market comments by Raymond Merriman at

Paul Reeder - Metaphysician, Astrologer, Musician - offers astrology consultations, classes, a very interesting blog on astrology, spirituality, yoga

Lyn Shea - Metaphysical Astrologer

Rebeca Eigen - the Shadow Dance website - Rebeca is specialized in relationships, the 7th house (marriage, partnership and open enemies...i.e. the Shadow in us all) and aspects to Venus and Mars and the ruler of the 7th.

Shaya Weaver - Offering astrology, humor, erotic literature, movie and book reviews, informative articles on a variety of topics including sexuality, artwork, jewelry & more.

Learning Astrology - Hank Friedman's website offers over 60 tutorials in Western astrology, over 30 in Vedic astrology, and reading lists for both branches of astrology, plus planetary photos, a manifesto on astrology, and more.

Tarot and Astrology - Hajo Banzhaf's site with online readings in many languages.

Universal Astrology - Maggie Kerr - Personal Horoscope Consultation - Astrology Correspondence Course Buy the 5 Universal Astrology Workbooks

Uranian Astrologer - Books & Tools for Beginning and Advanced Astrologers.

Wilma Lutz - Psychological astrology, Aura Soma® & Reiki