Astrology Lessons - Basic Chart Interpretation  ·  July 22, 2024, 15:12 GMT
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Astrology Lessons

Basic Chart Interpretation

by Tim Wilson
guest writer

Understanding how to do astrological interpretation offers everyone a chance to fully understand their own and other people's character. However, most methods of teaching astrology force people to memorize planetary placements, study the solar system, learn complex astrological and astronomical facts, etc. As a result, many people think learning astrology is "too complex" for them.

chart interpretation

Actually, the basics of astrology are simple and easily learned. This website will guide a person through six easy steps (taken from the ideas of Stephen Arroyo and several other astrologers) which give the basic information needed to begin interpreting astrological charts.

First, either get out an astrological chart to interpret or create an astrological chart. Use an astrological website such as Astrodienst or a chart-making program to create the chart. If using Astrodienst, on the "free horoscope" page scroll down to the section marked "Chart drawing, Ascendant" and click on it.

Follow the instructions on Astrodienst to enter the person's birth information. If possible, use the birth time on a birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not available, ask those who were present at the birth. However, this time will tend to be less accurate than a birth certificate.

After the instructions on Astrodienst are completed, a birth chart will appear on the page.

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About the author

Tim Wilson is a self-taught astrologer who believes that everyone has the ability to learn basic astrology regardless of their mathematical/astronomical ability.
While for those who have a serious interest in the astrological/astronomical details have the option of astrological certification in order to gain knowledge of astrolological interpretation, learning astrology for the person interested only in the basics of chart interpretation frequently have had to use a hit-or-miss, piece-by-piece approach. Following the simple approach described in this article, anyone can teach themselves the basics of astrological chart interpretation without the need for more formal training.

Tim Wilson has no immediate plans to write his own astrology books, preferring instead to continue to devise ways to simply and plainly translate the vast amount of astrology wisdom already available into simple words and descriptions people can understand.

Tim gives free astrological consultations on the web, asking only that people take the time to learn the six steps of basic astrological chart interpretation so they can actually understand and apply the information in the best way for their particular situation. The goal is to empower them, making them independent of external astrological advice, and fully in charge of their own life decisions.

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