Astrology glyphs: Astrological symbols - Planetary symbols  ·  June 23, 2024, 8:50 GMT
Right now: Moon at 19°16' Capricorn, Sun at 2°23' Cancer

Astrology Glyphs

Astrological symbols graphics

Planetary symbols

sun glyph Sun
moon glyph Moon
mercury glyph Mercury
venus glyph Venus
mars glyph Mars
jupiter glyph Jupiter
saturn glyph Saturn
uranus glyph Uranus
neptune glyph Neptune
pluto glyph Pluto
earth glyph Earth

Glyphs of zodiacal signs

aries glyph Aries
taurus glyph Taurus
gemini glyph Gemini
cancer glyph Cancer
leo glyph Leo
virgo glyph Virgo
libra glyph Libra
scorpio glyph Scorpio
sagittarius glyph Sagittarius
capricorn glyph Capricorn
aquarius glyph Aquarius
pisces glyph Pisces

Glyphs of aspects

conjunction glyph Conjunction
sextile glyph Sextile
square glyph Square
trine glyph Trine
opposition glyph Opposition
semisextile glyph Semisextile
semisquare glyph Semisquare
quincunx glyph Quincunx
septile glyph Septile
novile glyph Novile
biseptile glyph Biseptile
triseptile glyph Triseptile
binovile glyph Binovile
3x quartosquare glyph 3x QuartoSquare
5x quartosquare glyph 5x QuartoSquare
7x quartosquare glyph 7x QuartoSquare
quadnovile glyph Quadnovile
parallel glyph Parallel
contraparallel glyph Contraparallel

Glyphs of asteroids

chiron glyph Chiron
ceres glyph Ceres
vesta glyph Vesta
pallas glyph Pallas
juno glyph Juno

Glyphs of virtual points

ascendant glyph Ascendant
midheaven glyph Midheaven
moon north node glyph Moon's North Node
moon south node glyph Moon's South Node
pars fortunae glyph Pars Fortunae
bary center glyph Bary Center
polar ascendant glyph Polar Ascendant
galactic center glyph Galactic Center
east point glyph East Point
vertex glyph Vertex
vernal point glyph Vernal Point
black moon glyph Black Moon
black sun glyph Black Sun
priapus glyph Priapus

Glyphs of hypotetical planets

vulcan glyph Vulcan
cupido glyph Cupido
hades glyph Hades
zeus glyph Zeus
apollon glyph Apollon
hades glyph Hades
admetos glyph Admetos
vulkanus glyph Vulkanus
poseidon glyph Poseidon
transpluto glyph Transpluto