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Planetary returns Specific for Venus, Mercury, Mars return charts, just as in the Solar/Lunar charts techniques, not as transits to the natal chart. Also includes Lilith returns.

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Unread 06-06-2011, 07:50 PM
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Love/ Serious relationship in 2011/2012 *Venus Return*

Well, I examined my upcoming Solar Return chart for love developments in the near future and now I decided to see what my Venus Return chart has to say
This is actually my very first time of even creating a VR chart and I am not very sure what is the right approach to interpret it (maybe similarly to a SR chart?)


* First thing that really stands out is that my VR Asc is sitting right on my natal DC;

* The VR Asc being in Pisces tells me of a year filled with deep emotions and a significant bond... Actually I already feel them for someone in particular (who has a Pisces Rising btw).

* Angular houses are in mutable signs so I read it as an indication a year of transitions, adjustment to a new life approach and a next state of consciousness

* Venus is in 3H, in Gemini; It is in opposition with Moon and is trine Saturn and sextile Uranus; The opposition with Moon would suggest for very strong emotions, passion and the desire to create a family may be strong... Pregnancy??

* Juno is conjunct the DC, while Vertex, POF and Saturn (thank God out of its RX and exalted in Libra at least) are in my 7H of partnerships;

* Vertex also applies a square to the MC, square Sun and square Mercury and trine Mars;

* POF is fortunately strong here, being in 7H, in Libra;

* Moon is in 9H, in Sag, conjunct Antares; It is in opposition with Venus, sextile Saturn (emotional stability) and trine Uranus; Sag suggests expansion and in this case with Moon being here maybe perceiving the world in a broader sense, filled with creative energy and hopefully chanelling all that into my relationship...

* Sun, Mercury (ruler of Desc) are conjunct the IC in Gemini which is a strong indicator for a substantial change I think; Sun applies a trine to Neptune - Asc ruler;

* True Node is conjunct MC

* Mercury, being the 7H lord, trines Neptune, the Asc Ruler and applies a square to Asc;

* Interesting enough, Mars is conjunct Algol and in detriment in Taurus...??

I will be very grateful to anyone who cares to shed some light
/I have also attached a Synastry of my VR and my Natal chart where the INSIDE is my NATAL and the OUTSIDE - the VR/

This is the link to my thread about the new SR chart:
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Unread 06-11-2011, 04:25 PM
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Re: Love/ Serious relationship in 2011/2012 *Venus Return*

Moonwhisper, you have done an excellent job on this.

In A venus return the vertex and nodes are very important. I look for hard aspects between the two. This is an indication of a meeting someone your fated to meet. Often times this implies a fated relationship. I have verified this with my own VR charts over time and others.

As you noted you have a lot of other hits. DC rising, mutable signs on all angles, etc.

Of equal note is what is most visible or highest in the chart both natal and VR. Too look for duplicate aspects and aspects that mimic natal aspects.

This is particularly noteworthy in this VR study as a repeating theme is Neptune and pluto which are also most visible. And there are natal relationships and venus has connections. So in a way we meet the rule of three.

-Vr Neptune trine natal Pluto
-Vr pluto and natal neptune conjunction
-there is a wide aspect of pluto and looks a little to wide to call it good but too look to what they both aspect..Jupiter which is a repeat aspect in the VR chart. Hmm...the plot thickens.
-Jupiter rules the MC and 9th house both very active.
-Venus, what the chart is all about...has an inconjunct to VRPluto and Neptune implying an adjustment and sometimes an illness. I always look for these.

What does this all mean. Since neptune and pluto are generational planets it may have something to do with the world, jobs, you name it.

Pluto in the 19th can mean a status change.

The ruler of the VR first in the 12th does imply too you are more confined, or do something that creates your undoing, something you are not conscious.

Hard transits of neptune to venus point to a 'rose colored glasses' phase where you can't see someone in theire true light and are open to deception. The fact that neptune trines sun and mercury (ruler of the 7th VR house )again creates a 'halo' effect around a male figure and their communication.

So yes, you will meet someone but buyer beware...listen to your friends..if you can.
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Unread 06-12-2011, 02:33 PM
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Re: Love/ Serious relationship in 2011/2012 *Venus Return*

Wow, thank you so much for your great insights, Cassandra!

I totally agree about the "rose colored glasses" since right now (idk if the chart is already active) I am very driven to a particular person, who I really feel portrays that fated connection... I met him about two months ago, things were very strong but after some unfortunate misunderstandings that happened, he backed off and now I am left waiting for him to make a move and for us to come back together... He is an Aries, much older than me (like my ex of 6 years - age difference was 13 years). I don't know what is happening to me since I haven't felt this strong a connection with someone ever since I met my ex, 8 years ago - then I felt that it was fated and that is how I feel for this person now... the scary thing is he isn't even coming forward and I am just left hanging, not knowing what went wrong...

Just for the astro record , since Mercury is ruler of my natal Asc, it's retrograde really affects me every time. After a long pursuing from his side, the first time I looked at him in a totally different light and realized this is the one for me was exactly on April 23rd, when Mercury turned Stationary Direct. I had seen the way he looked at me before that and his attempts to get my attention but this was the turning point when everything just became clear in my mind and heart all of a sudden.

My friends just cannot see what it is about that person that draws me to him so much and why he is the only one I perceive as the guy for me... This must have a lot to do with what you are saying I will listen more closely to what they advice me because I really do feel to engulfed in all this to see things from a more sober perspective
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain

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Unread 06-12-2011, 02:43 PM
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Re: Love/ Serious relationship in 2011/2012 *Venus Return*

just noticed that I also have a Mars return coming up It should definitely be an eventful year I suppose...
some key points:

* It also reflects a horizontal flip of my Asc/Desc axis of my natal chart
* Ruler of my Asc in Pisces (Neptune ruling) so it will be a time filled with strong emotions;
* Neptune is in Aquarius 12H of self-undoing, applying opposition to Mercury, 7H ruler so there will definitely be a strong drive in me towards dwelving deep, under the surface of things I suppose;
* Secondary Asc ruler is JupiterRx, in 2H of values, in Taurus, applying trines to Sun and Pluto;

* Looking at Mars, it is in 5H, in Cancer; It rules 8H of deep transformations, sex... Mars is applying a sextile to Venus, also ruler of my 2H of values so that should create a harmonious balance;

* There is a strong 7H emphasis with Venus, Saturn, Juno and Vertex there;
* 1H and 7H are intercepted
* Again, angular houses are in Mutable Signs - adaptivity, change, flexibility;
* Mercury, ruler of my 7H is in the 6H, in Leo, opposing Neptune and Chiron;

* Sun, in Virgo, is applying a trine to Jupiter and Pluto;
* Sun is also conjunct DC, Venus, Juno which to me clearly signifies a strong focus on a relationship/ serious partnership
* Venus in Vigro also conj. DC, sextile Mars but square North Node;

* Moon/ emotions, in Sagittarius (also my SR Asc), conjunt MC which is key - social standing status change maybe?; It being in Sag would suggest a time of expansion relationship wise and taking things to the next level;
* Moon/ 5H lord - love and romance also trines Mercury/ 7H lord - partnerships, squares Venus/ 2H - values and applies a sextile to Neptune/ Asc ruler; That should manifest in the development of a serious relationship
* North Node, in Sag, is also conjunct MC;

So the challenging aspects I see are mainly

-- Moon square Venus/ difficulties and blockages on the route to achieving a balance between my emotions and values
-- Mercury opposition Neptune/ there will be some substantial choices to be made?
-- Mars square Saturn (challenging yet suggestive of stability, grounding)
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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain

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love or, relationship, return, serious, venus

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