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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 11-01-2010, 03:39 PM
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Composite grand square - Saturn/Juno/Jupiter/Uranus/Node - karma!


I would really like some insight into this relational chart.

There is some aspects that I can't get my head around.

In the composite, I notice the North Node conjunct Uranus, and South Node conjunct Jupiter across the Asc/Desc axis. This strikes me as very significant. I already feel like I have known this guy for ages though it is quite new. He has mentioned us moving in together ! This Nodal aspect is also part of a grand cross involving the Saturn opposite Juno. That's a pretty heavy looking cross. Saturn opp Juno looks like committment, in square to Uranus/N Node/Ascendant opp Jupiter/S Node/Descendant which looks like freedom! Could this show that part of the relationship's purpose is to have committment while at the same time having freedom of direction?

Other parts of the composite are the Sun/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. This is in his natal 4th house and my natal 2nd house. We do talk business alot and about our business ambitions as well as other things. He has helped me with encouragement to do my business. This Sun/Venus is the midpoint of Juno and Neptune. Maybe this is why we feel like we've known each other already, there is a spiritual feel to this. Not sure if the Nep involvement will mean deception.

Pluto adds his feel to this with a square to the Sun/Venus. Maybe that will destroy the union, or add a controlling and jealous feel to it on the part of him (Sun) and me (Venus). It could show a transformational effect for both of us, but with some struggle or power struggles along the way as the aspect is a difficult one.


The synastry shows North Nodal contacts each way. My Pluto is conjunct his North Node/Pluto. As his Pluto is in his natal first house, I would have a personal effect on his direction probably though my 9th house issues, philosophy. He is interested in the things that I do, yoga, meditation...

My North Node/Neptune/Valentine and ascendant is conjunct his Venus/Neptune/Ceres conjunction. This did have a feel of 'love at first sight' completely. I think I am fortunate to have Saturn quincunx my Neptune to keep the rost tinted spectacles half in their glasses case, but it's very easy to feel the 'getting lost' feeling with him.

His Pluto is contacting nearly everything in my chart, plus it conjuncts the MC! Sometimes I do feel slightly nervous around him, a bit like I am exposed in some way, no way of hiding anything there! All that powerful energy. His Uranus also does the same too. It's like he has come along to shake up my current way of doing things.

His Sun/Juno conjunction is conjunct my first house Mars. And this is square my Juno. I wonder if that gives him feelings of committment towards me. The square gives off alot of energy of the planets involved and Juno is committment, contracts and Sun is the soul and his male anima. My Mars is my driving force, motivation, sexuality and the type of male that I fancy.

His Mars is opposite his Eros, and his Mars is also opposite my Venus/Mercury. That shows the initial attraction, our eyes literally met across a slightly crowded room. Not sure if it's all an illusion though, as his Neptune is exactly square my Jupiter.

My Venus/Mercury is recieving quite a few lessons from him. Venus/Merc rule my 5th,6th,7th,9th and 10th houses. His Pluto is trine them, Uranus square them, Neptune/Venus/Ceres sextile them, Mars oppose them! A mixture of binding (Pluto), nurturing and romancing (Nep/Ceres), and bounding for freedom (Uranus)?!


I'd really appreciate anyone's take on these.
It definatly feels like a soul mate connection, one where I also feel like running for the hills!
Thank you

transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal


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Unread 11-03-2010, 05:48 PM
Neptune Rising Neptune Rising is offline
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Re: Composite grand square - Saturn/Juno/Jupiter Node/Uranus Node on the Asc/Des axis

There a few other things in the synastry:

A grand trine formed with his Uranus trine my Jupiter/Saturn trine. Jupiter rules my ascendant and 3rd house, Saturn rules my 2nd house in my 7th house. Perhaps this shows that he can shake up those areas of my life, change them in a positive way, maybe break up current outworn structures.

Grand trine formed with my Moon trine Uranus trine his Jupiter. Uranus is in my 10th house, Moon in my 2nd, his Jupiter is at his MC ruling his 7th house. Through a relationship maybe I stimulate him with regards to his career, and he does the same to me bringing an optimistic sense of expansion. I do feel this already, we seem to be stimulating each other's vocational goals.

The grand trine my Moon Uranus his Jupiter is also making a kite with his Chiron sextile my Moon, and his Mercury sextile my Moon. Moon forms opposition to his Saturn which rules his 5th house. So my guess it involved healing through emotional support and communications. Saturn being the reaction point to the kite maybe this triggers his sense of responsibility...

His Nep trine my Jupiter exact, in strong mutual reception. We have lovely discussions about philosphical things, spirituality and even religion. I have this aspect natally so he seems to be adding to it. It does seem to expand those Sag/Pisces things.

He really feels like a teacher to me.
transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal

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Unread 11-07-2010, 11:31 AM
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Re: Composite grand square - Saturn/Juno/Jupiter Node/Uranus Node on the Asc/Des axis

Hi NR!

I'm looking at your charts to se what energies there around the home as you could move in with him, including IC rulers, 4th planets and Moon as ruler of the home. I can't make up all the degrees and aspects so sorry if this is wrong.

Your Mars h1 is cj his Sun IC and trine his Saturn co-ruler of his 4th giving staying power to live together and discipline to organise the home together and get things done. Lots of activity around the home with Mars IC and your Mars are trined which is lovely for being in tune to accomplish your goals and being active together. He must be quite the healthy guy with his Saturn in Virgo and perhaps you'll enjoy keeping fit together as well.

His Mercury h4 trines your Moon h2, you increase his income through rental, your nurturing style could also have a positive impact on his self esteem, values and him as an indiviudal with Mercury also ruling AC, perhaps more focus on spiritual matters with this also ruling his 12th. Also Moon Mercury would be nice for domestic harmony and communication. Perhaps by living together it's easier to talk about intimate matters, you will enjoy talking to each other.

His Moon h5 trine your DC, this is really nice for being comfortable together and dating generally.

His exalted Jupiter MC in your 7th, you increase your networks by living together, positive associations and it forms a lovely grand trine to Moon and Uranus perhaps pointing to the new age you have in common. You posted a horary some time ago about potentially going into business with a guy, don't think you meant this one but I can't help seeign here that it would work wsith him.

Because all these aspects also involve the angles, this could be a romantic relationship as well as his Pluto NN on your MC, Juno's on angles. His Pluto could definitly transform your life.

Interesting to see your Chiron h4 on his 8th cusp opp the Pluto NN, healing takes place...

I wonder what your commun Sun Moon midpoins do to each other?

So this guy will have the LE on his MC opp his Sun cj your Mars, prepare your suitcases dear or a new hot date with him . Mercury will be retrograde at the LE time so there could be delays or change of plans.

When do you need to give him an answer?
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Unread 11-14-2010, 10:10 PM
Neptune Rising Neptune Rising is offline
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Re: Composite grand square - Saturn/Juno/Jupiter Node/Uranus Node on the Asc/Des axis

Thank you so much Spica!

It's been very confusing for me so far this relationship, and very intense. He does want me to work with him as you mentioned, I think we work well together. There is also some deception involved from his part that I am trying to get my head around. I do feel a strong karmic connection that keeps me fascinated with him though I do also worry that it is not all good.

I just noticed Persephone involved with a yod. Yod being Pluto sextile to Persephone/Neptune - both inconjunct to the Jupiter/South Node. This makes me think this is a connection from a past encounter with a Pluto/Persephone type of theme. We met during the Ceres/Pluto conjunction just around the October full Moon. Not sure I want to go to the underworld I do kind of feel though that there is some lesson that I have to go through with this guy to get to another stage, maybe that sounds a bit odd. Maybe that is what the Uranus opposition Juptier is, breaking free from this...

Psyche trine Eros, I am not sure how that tale ends but that is also a theme.

Lol, I have already ended this because of the illusion and deception that I've seen so far. But the connection seems too strong not to be friends with him..

There are some lovely experiences we have together, he encourages me with my business, I support him in his. There is lovely romance and all the things that go with it. My Mercury opposite his Mars has revealed itself, also while transiting Mars is conjunct my Ascendant now, arguments and anger. I am concerned by the Pluto square to Sun/Psyche/Venus. It looks like power struggles. I have felt a bit played with by him also when I finished it with him, he was trying ways to get me back.
transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal

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