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Unread 01-01-2010, 04:13 PM
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Understanding the ASC, MC, DSC, IC

Hi All,

I'm definitely a Greenie when it comes to really understanding these angles, especially the MC.

ASC: Sort of the filter for everything else? The thing people immediately recognize, primal energy, public appearance that comes naturally and without thought.

DSC: approach and attitude towards relationships... self in relationships? piece of self which expresses itself best through relationships. description of private self (because it is opposite ASC?)

MC: professional persona, public image beyond the merely social "grocery-shopping" self described by the ASC. image that one is working for or towards (hence emphasis on its relationship to career?)

IC: this I don't understand at all, is this the private persona one must work? is this how one establishes power and influence on the domestic front (or doesn't do these things?) it has to be different than the DSC. describes childhood but then does the MC describe adulthood?

thanks for any thoughts...


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Unread 01-01-2010, 04:21 PM
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Re: Understanding the ASC, MC, DSC, IC

Basic astrology
Now basically your sun sign is your 'core beliefs, values, ego' and Asc is your physical body, mode of expression and mask and persona that we all wear and hide behind, but definitely not what's going on underneath. What's going on underneath is your Sun sign. Moon sign, house placements and aspects describe your emotional and intuitive responses, also describes your view of your mother, as saturn describes your father by sign and house position.

So, think of a glass milk bottle the bottle is your Asc and your sun the milk, but the milk still has to 'come out' through the glass neck of the milk bottle....

Now aspects within a natal chart represent 'facets' of our personality, because we are all multifaceted beings. What these do is 'break down and compartmentalise' these facets into smaller bite size chunks. This does take quite a lot of self analysis and objectivity to 'see yourself' and why you do certain things and behave in certain ways. Actually it can be quite good therapy...

MC is our professional image and how we want to be perceived in society, career/workwise, what we are/become known for which is different from Asc or sun sign

I have Saggi MC and can behave like extrovert sagg, teach, have interests in 9th house matters, religion, law, philosophy, always enjoy learning new things. But that's not the real me either, the real me is the 'sun sign' think of a glass milk bottle, the milk still has to 'come out' through the glass neck. The bottle being the Asc sign and most visible to other.

Desc =7th house cusp and describes how we relate to others on one to one basis.
IC = Home roots, family matters

MC/IC axis also describes the parents upto a certain age. Bit like saying moon rules first five years of childs life, mercury rules the school years etc etc.

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Unread 01-01-2010, 05:14 PM
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Understanding the ASC, MC, DSC, IC, to Mod


You said:
Originally Posted by Modcleopatra View Post
I'm definitely a Greenie when it comes to really understanding these angles, especially the MC.
The simplest way to understand ASC, MC, DSC, and IC is to understand how they work in the astrological chart. Take a look at Step 3 in the link below to find out how this works.


To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:
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angles, understanding

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