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Unread 10-31-2009, 11:40 AM
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Can death be predicted?

As per Hindu philosophy, nothing happens just by coincidence, be it getting a lottery, birth or death. Death can strike at any stage in life. There is no seniority list at all! Very rarely I have come across clients who put the question of death. Also, it is awkward to answer when the question is posed by a young person, on humanitarian grounds( please see questions I decline to answer). I would forewarn deliberately and prescribe remedial measures, in case Death lurks somewhere. Further, when there is a question of life and death of a close relative, I have relieved the agony of the client assuring him of the longevity. In case longevity is not guaranteed (doubtful) I would simply say, " Be prepared for the worst as the possibilities of survival are not much". I strongly dislike pronouncing the possible death.

The significators of death are 3rd, 8th lords, 2nd & 7th lords, planets in these houses and associates. Further, a weak planet in the chart and enemy of the 8th lord can also cause end of life. Just because one has such a period he need not jump into conclusions, there are combinations that mitigate these evil significators, for instance association of benefic guru. There are many methods to determine longevity like Bharana- harana system, transit of sani on the point obtained by adding the longitudes of luminaries to guru and sani or its trines, astakavarga system etc., But honestly speaking there is no common method that gives reliable results in all the horoscopes. For example, Bharana-harana method fails when there is a cluster of planets in a single house.

I have noticed that during the period of above significators, the native (if he does not die) will have many accidents, poverty, humiliation, imprisonment, terrible diseases, widowhood and many have confessed later on that they felt death would be better that those sufferings!

One gentleman found that his aunt's horoscope was same as the one of a dead man given as an example in certain astrology book. He wrote the reputed author who also owned a successful astrological magazine in 1980,"My aunt did not die but at the same age when the native of the example chart in your book died, she suffered severe nervous problems and ever since her mental state is dull and she leads a vegetable sort of life".

The criticism of astrology (death can not be foretold) stems from the argument that astrology is deterministic. On the contrary, one can prolong his longevity by healthy habits, timely medical consultations, graha shanties etc.,

Very rarely, the astrologer is asked this question. Personally, I too do not like to answer such questions wherein nobody is benefited. Instead I would ask the client, the purpose behind his question. If only I am satisfied with his planning, if I find that he is not an emotional type, then only I will discuss this topic. If someone wants to know the probable period of death of a close relative, I will be even more on my guard. I would think in all possible ways before answer such questions. My predictions regarding death have come true in more than 30 cases, but I could not predict death of my close friend, perhaps, because his chart looked like mine. We had too many things in common. The strange thing is that, I had foreseen end of life at the same time, in another chart and it came true with unmistakable timing and accurate description.
A doctor wished to know about his end of life. He has vast knowledge in the subject and himself had seen many deaths. Yet, he was not clear what he would do, if he knew the period of death. He was a chatter box, he would not make a will, he would not take care of himself, but he will make loud howls at all. I bluntly refused to answer his question.
After taking up the horoscopes concerning timing of death, horoscope of dire poverty, suffering beyond human tolerance, forbidden relationships, I would not take any more consultations nor work any other horoscope. I will take a lone walk, have a head bath, change yagnopaveeta, conduct pooja and then only I will be mentally fit to take up the next case. Though the astrologer is neutral, he does not wish that all bad things should happen to the client.

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Unread 11-02-2009, 07:50 PM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

personally I don't believe that death can or should be predicted. We do have a good search feature here on AW, so try using keywords like google. There has been plenty discussions on this already.....

Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events
Etiquette and telling people their fate
10Do’s and Don’ts with astrology by Radu

Astrology is not about sitting home on the couch eating nachos and waiting for the planets to make good things happen in your life. It is always your responsibility to work towards making your own dreams come true. Horoscopes simply help you to schedule your actions for the best possible outcome

Freewill of clients

Learning astrology via ‘cookbooks’
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Unread 11-03-2009, 05:53 AM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

it can be, but it shouldn't be
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Unread 11-03-2009, 07:26 PM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

Astrologer 50 wrote
Astrology is not about sitting home on the couch eating nachos and waiting for the planets to make good things happen in your life.

Very true, but funny way of putting it LOL. Astrology cannot predict death exactly, BUT, it can delinate our they healthy or unhealthy ones. Our ability to handle or not handle stress which is a very key point in our overall health. It points to death from looking back on the transitting planets at the time of the native's demise, and sometimes not, in the case of the accidents and other random events involve others. Those transits happen many many times in the person's life, but this time their habits caught up with the transits. So it is freewill if the transit will kill the person, but that's not so clear for the other deaths involving others. One could say there are different types of death..personal and then circumstantial extenuating deaths with others involved.

For example, Saturn crossing the natal Sun oftentimes symbolizes a health crisis that some may die from if their habits have been poor enough. Our natal charts indicate our vitality as well. Aspects between the native's Natal Sun, Mars, and Jupiter can point to propensities to be in/out of balance with our health and personal safety. Natal Sun in hard aspect to natal Mars can indicate a tendency of being reckless or impulsive..a habit we all know can catch up with us in the long run. Good aspects between them can indicate Vigor. Natal Sun and Jupiter in hard aspect can indicate a proneness to excess in the diet. A tendency that will catch up with us as well if not managed properly. A good aspect between Sun and Jupiter can indicate a pronounced ability to gain inner peace which translates as a better "handler" of stress a chief killer in modern society. Transits to those listed natal aspects can trigger a possible danger of death, but death is not necessarily the outcome. There are no specific indications for death. Just our bad habits catch up with us at a time when the symbology is there to indicate death as a possible outcome. Astrology can point out all the tendencies in us, and when we are aware of these tendencies, we can alter our fate.

A sixth house stellium indicates a stress an overemphasis on our health which can break it down. We expect too much from ourselves in our service to others, and if we do not handle the stress appropriately it will get to us. Heavy conjunctions anywhere though can point to an area in the native's life that can frustrate the native and cause health problems even if it isn't in the sixth house. With accidents with others and violent deaths it becomes more like "gambling odds" as it were, we can also be the victim of other's bad transits. It then is just sheer odds of "being at the right place at the right/wrong time". Its all very fluid and random in quality.... death.

Like the man I spoke of here once who was lightning struck and killed by a thunderstorm passing five miles away from him while he was standing near an ungrounded generator. Even though according to the National Weather service lightning detectors it was the only bolt of lightning to be produced by the short lived thunderstorm..his odds of living probably would have been increased if he had equipped the generator with a ground rod. The electricity would have went into the ground. So a degree of combined overthriftness, recklessness, inattention, and/or ignorance was the cause of the man's demise, not the lightning technically, but a culmination of bad habits and choices led to the accident. Bad habits like .. standing near an ungrounded generator when its even looking stormy around you could have negative results. He may have done that many years, being that it was a crop watering generator, but his odds of something like what happen happening caught up with him. Being ignorant of the fact that lightning can travel many miles outside of the thunderstorm itself can lead to a bad outcome no matter what the heavens are looking like in relation to the native's chart. I am certain in a mass made or not.. not eveyone's, if anyone's, Natal/Transitting chart was pointing to that would explain the right place right/wrong time and extentuating circumstantial death quite handily.
Your Natal Chart is a fated foundation in which, by and large, the house (called your life) you build upon it is strictly up to you. Fate and freewill. Do the best with what you have been given. "That which we do not confront in ourselves we will meet as fate"...Carl Jung
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Unread 11-03-2009, 11:10 PM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

I like Carl on.
north node is 9'21
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Unread 11-04-2009, 02:51 AM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

Death can be "predicted." Just not accurately. And often not ethically.

The history of astrology is littered with mistakes made by the great astrologers of the past who attempted to predict someone's death--and messed up. One example is the Renaissance French astrologer Jean Baptise Morin who goofed up in predicting an enemy's death. Unfortunately for astrology, this enemy was a very public critic of astrology in an era when its truth-claims were seriously being called into question.

Oftentimes you can look at a death chart and see some striking issues facing the deceased. But these are apt to be different in different charts. Similarly, loved ones of the deceased may have some type of crisis showing up in their transits. Yet with one person it's Saturn, with somebody else it's Neptune, and so on. Sometimes there's a big quincunx signifying "adjustment" but sometimes not.

This makes me think that the moment of death is as individualistic as the moment of birth. We might think of death as birth into another dimension.

This is not to dismiss medical astrology. But medical astrology cannot say why one person dies of an illness and a similiar patient recovers or soon dies of another cause.

There are huge ethical issues surrounding prediction of death by professional astrologers. Which is why few of the major published professional western astrologers get into this line of work.
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Unread 12-08-2009, 04:16 PM
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Re: Can death be predicted?

Originally Posted by Eugene R. Blimster View Post


I love that,
We are missing a P wave, PR interval, ST and a T wave....

so this person I predict is dead.....

I didnt need astrology for this!

All joking aside, I think it is very unethical and we have had many heated debates over this on another thread.
Life is about the eternal search for completion through unity and love
If God created the earth and the heavens then why cant we study the heavens through astrology?
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