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Unread 05-15-2009, 05:29 AM
Awakened_Pisces Awakened_Pisces is offline
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Draconic Charts and Past Lives

While I was studying Solar Arcs(Via Youtube), I came across a whole nother realm of Astrology all together. One that I've verified through my own experiences: Draconic Charts. You see, a few weeks ago I had read about progressions/transits. And how the Pre-Natal is the key to getting an understanding all of that. So I counted back nine months. And it gave me a Gemini Sun with an Aquarius ASC.

This turned out to be somewhat true in the Draconic Chart!

It's true I had a Gemini Sun, but it also turns out I had an Scorpio ASC(By .10 degrees.) Aquarius was on the IC.

The belief is the Draconic Chart is what expresses our souls, our eternal living. I believe this to be mistaken, given the Pre-Natal Chart being so close. I believe the Draconic Chart. Is the Chart of our PAST life.

If you still have your Pre-Natals, or the Pre-Natals of your Children. Do compare, the Pre-Natal to the Draconic.

The existence of the Draconic Chart, the chart of the past. Allows us to enhance our readings of our Natal Charts. It allows us to be able to see the deeper meaning of our own lives. And ultimately to shape them how we please.

There is nothing that escapes Man's grasp, that is what I've come to believe lately. We as Man, have evermore potential. That's what I've learned amongst my fellow friends, my astrologers here. And so I hope this thread can have potential.

So, I desire to be a Politician. Actually, no my desires have been much greater (Presidency, becoming rich, etc). The one common theme is "Power, more power". I believe a reading into my past and my present will grant us understanding of why I've chosen my political path.

First the Draconic Chart:

Firstly, we should read the Draconic Chart as if it were a Natal Chart. Not treating it or thinking of it any differently. The only thing you have to reconsider is the True Node. Which is at the 0 point of Aries(This is the starting point of Any Zodiac). In essence, simply cross out the True Node. It doesn't exist here.

Note: You have the SAME aspects that you do in the Natal Chat. The difference is the degrees of them and of course the house signs.

So we look into my Draconic Chart and we see the Sun in Gemini, according to Liz Greene Geminis are:

The twins are used to describe the sign of Gemini because typical Gemini people love to share ideas with someone else. The most important thing for a Gemini is communication. Gemini people are almost always curious about lots of different things. A typical Gemini person usually enjoys being with other people, and loves to talk about the latest thing he is doing. People usually like their Gemini friends, because they have something interesting to share with everybody.
Many Gemini people are talented at writing, teaching and public speaking. Some are gifted dancers. Many of them work in the fields of radio, television and newspapers because they love to be around when news is being created. It is especially important for Gemini people to travel and meet new people.
Gemini belongs to a group of signs which astrologers call air signs. By this they mean that Gemini people have a sparkling, changeable, light quality which makes them think of the light and refreshing breeze of a spring day. Libra and Aquarius are also air signs.
If you are a Gemini think about how good you feel when you are right in the middle of exciting things and can tell your friends your own story of what happened. You can brighten up a whole room full of people, and teach them something new at the same time.

It is no wonder then, that Gemini is also ruling the Saggitarius 9th house. And I have Mercury(In it's Rulership) in Gemini. Along with the Moon in Cancer. So there's a clear emphsis in Mental Intuition.

Now there's differences between the Draconic and Natal and how the charts play themselves out. With the Cancer MH, and Taurus DSC. Obviously it doesn't play out like my Aquarius DSC/Aries MH. Where Saturn-Mars are conjunct and both are Quincunx my MH. But there's still
a connection betwen Mars and the MH.

Moon, the ruler of the Cancer MH is Sextiling Mars in Taurus. With Cancer being the ruler of the 10th house of Career and with Mars the ruler of the Sixth house Aries. It's a clear indication of some kind of career involving the combination of Nuturing, caring but also of Fiery Mars.

Remember that Neptune-Uranus conjunction? It's playing itself out in Aries! Obviously squaring my Moon. So there's a clear interaction here between Aries/Cancer. It looks like whatever my career would be in my past life I didn't like it very much, and I probably only did it because of my Moon in Cancer. Which gave strength to the Midheaven.

Jupiter, which was in Virgo in my Natal Chart is now in Saggitarius. And along with the Jupiter-Uranus trine. Jupiter in Saggitarius gives it rulership, Opposing the Gemini Sun. The Sun Sign being how one exposes himself to the world. One's identity.

My ASC is Scorpio. The destructive, interpersonal, impowering sign. What this appears to be, is a conflict. A conflict between self-giving and empowerment of the oneself.

I recall reading a report that said I was a Chinese Warrior in my last Incarnation and that in this lifetime, people want to see what I can do after being so self-giving for so long.

This fits the Aries-Cancer interactions perfectly. The Independent Aries struggling to break free(Uranus/Neptune) of the self-giving Cancer Moon.

Now, a look at the Natal Chart:

Leo has become the ASC. Pluto is empowering Scorpio trining the Sun(Ruler of the ASC), And now an Aries-Moon is supporting Mars which is the ruler of the MC. Conjunct the powerful Saturn in his rule in Aquarius.

I stress power in this lifetime because it's what I lacked. Personal empowerment is the theme. But what also seems to be a theme(Pisces Sun) is to remember the kindness which I had. Which is HARD to do.

It's hard to be a ruthless pain in the butt and a kind person at the same time. But, per the Scorpio ASC. I kind of like being the pain in the butt a bit more. Give yours a try, see how it goes
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Everything is decided within our own hands. When we come together as one, then it can be said we are truly humane
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Unread 06-10-2009, 10:20 AM
Titaneurope Titaneurope is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

For some reason the software got wrong yesterday night, and opened my chart in this Draconic type. I can´t come back to normal Tropical Placidus. Walk up this morning and the same problem persist. Got in the forum and I read your post. Is interesting. In my case with the N. Node at 0 degree in Aries, my sun is in Gemini and I am Taurus. Pre natal chart sun is in Leo.

Actually I am looking forward to answer the critical question of my Life Purpose, and perhaps I can find something here.

Thanks, and thanks Mr. Hyde to come back this post that is from 2008.

Any thoughts on Draconian Charts is wellcome or any book on this subject for recommendation as well.


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Unread 06-11-2009, 02:47 AM
CarrieLee's Avatar
CarrieLee CarrieLee is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

I am also extremely curious about Draconian charts and going to look for further information on them thanks for the subject..
A friend of mine Dikki Jo Mullen did an interesting article for Dell horoscope a couple of years ago on prenatal astrology. Its a fascinating subject...
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Unread 06-11-2009, 04:31 AM
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Hades Hades is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

this is a curious thread...

a ton of theories have been put out regarding past lives and what indications are given in our current birth charts...

esoteric astrology claims the moon is where our sun was in our previous life...

however, if the draconian chart does indicate such amazing info then when does the pattern change?

it doesnt... so no offense but its a flawed theory...

i believe astrology/life is truly uranian and random and no pattern exists
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Unread 06-11-2009, 05:06 AM
Awakened_Pisces Awakened_Pisces is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

The signs change, but your right nothing else does. The aspects, ETC. If nothing else, it allows you to tap into the other parts of your current personality. For example, a Gemini Sun. No wonder I'm a mature person .

And I think my negativity is repeated with Jupiter in Saggitarius in the 2nd opposing the sun and Leo in Eastern charts.

Everything is decided within our own hands. When we come together as one, then it can be said we are truly humane
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Unread 06-11-2009, 10:34 AM
Titaneurope Titaneurope is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

In my natal chart the Moon is 317 GEM; in my Draconian chart the SUN is 1626 in GEM as well. Though this is not the same place I amit that I have some very clear Gemini traits and at same time I find that I do not necessary have all the Taurus sun sign positive traits, neither the negative ones. Yes is true that I have some Scorpio and perhaps, becuse of the polartitie. However I am very curious, is hard to me to find my vocation, I am confused in many interests and I am a easily very distracted person and that is a Gemiini sun sign trait as far as I know. Just where is my Draconian Sun. Why? I do not have any idea.

Last moth I went to visit my family to my country. Is a conservative family and I was in doubt to tell them I was interested in astrology. At last I did it, and it was OK. Every one of them ask me things that of course I answered some of them with the software in front, becasue I am very new to this interest. When we were loking for the date of birth we found something very intersting. My mother birthday never was on Ausust 18th, as we all ever believed (including her); it was on July 19th acording to the hospital certificate. same day as my Grandmother was. My mother was born in another country far away, and that was very rare since the family live always their natal country in South America.

What happened was that at that times (1948), having a child in less than 9 months before getting married was very bad seen in society. So my grand father with my grandmother took a boat and went away for 4 months for the birth of my mother. I do not understand why a such a big "stupid" decisson for a common thing, but one have to be in a context to undestand. And is not my case.

Why all these story? Well I am the oldest of my brothers. My fathers were married 6 - 8 months after they meet and they were 22 and 20 each other. I was born exact 9 months and 6 days after they got married.
Is no doubt my birth cetificate says Apr, 27.. but it is a doubt I have since I know the things some people is able to do (and shut their mouth for a hole life) in order to not get "judged" by the society. Anyway, Gemini is about 23 days far from there, and is not possible to lie in such a period of time if you born in your country.

What is most incredible is that my mother have either in its sun and moon signs all (and I say all) the traits of Leo and nothing of cancer. This could be in part possible because her sun is 27+ degrees in Cancer. As well I remember that her moon in her "birthday"have much more to do than the true one position. Strange thing.
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Unread 06-11-2009, 11:15 AM
Titaneurope Titaneurope is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives


If something wrong is with my birthday for the reasons I mentioned, my sun should be earlier than Taurus ; so Aries, and is not the case for me. any way I know I can check this with Solar Arcs.
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Unread 06-28-2012, 08:29 PM
DoubleDare DoubleDare is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

Where did you hear about interpreting the Draconic chart seperately? I've also read that it is not meant to be interpreted alone but in conjunction to the natal chart. I'm really new to this system and the lack of information on it as well as conflicting leads are really giving me a headache...
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Unread 10-02-2012, 12:29 AM
Paraphernalia Paraphernalia is offline
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Re: Draconic Charts and Past Lives

If you have a significantly different draconic then natal, does it imply that this particular incarnation will be more challenging?
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