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Aspects & configurations Discuss here about natal chart aspects and configurations.

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Unread 04-09-2006, 05:26 AM
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The "Star of David" in Astrological Charts

I think the Star of Davis is two trines forming the star. I don't know how it would be interpreted in harmonics though.

In harmonics, there's always cretain types of aspects you look for. Like, if you find a conjunction between two planets, this means that these planets form a square in your regular natal chart.

So basicallly, the harmonics help you spot aspects. But the interpretation is based on what that aspect originally is in the regular natal chart.

It's important to distinguish between means and ends.
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Unread 04-09-2006, 05:33 AM
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The "Star of David" in Astrological Charts

I have been playing around with harmonic charts lately and discovered a configuration that vaguely resembles the famed "Star of David" in my eleventh harmonic chart. As I am not too familiar with this aspect pattern in astrological charts and do not know the exact requirements/specifications needed to identify such a shape as the "Star of David," I thought I would request the help of more experienced forum members.

Here is my eleventh harmonic char in case anyone is interested:

EDIT: I just finished a few calculations to determine the average number of degrees between each corner of this potential "Star of David" and compared this number to the ideal 60 degrees that would seperate these points in a perfect Grand Sextile. First, I converted the beginning of each zodiac sign to its proper degree in the circle (with the Aries Point equaling 0 degrees, 0 degrees Taurus equaling 30 degrees, 0 degrees Gemini equaling 60 degrees, etc.) and added this number to the actual degree of the planet; listed in order, this came out to 348, 292, 226 (or 227 with my Sun-Venus conjunction), 172 (or 173 depending on whether one chose to round up even though was only minutes past 16 Scorpio), 109, and 58. Then, starting with the largest degree, I found the differance between this number and the one directly following it.

348 - 292 = 56
292 - 226 = 66
226 - 172 = 54
172 - 109 = 63
109 - 58 = 51

Finally, I averaged these differences and received an answer of approximately 58 degrees--a only two degrees away having the same number of degrees away from each point as a perfect Grand Sextile. However, due to the differance between the largest degree (66) and the smallest degree (51), I am still not sure whether to consider this configuration as a "Star of David."

56 + 66 + 54 + 63 + 51 = 290

290 / 5 = 58

I appologize for this boring mathematical lecture...I can only attribute my behavior to the mandatory standardized testing that I recently suffered through, as well as years of brainwashing by teachers who insisted their students always explain their answers fully

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Arian Maverick
I am inactive on the forums, for the time being.
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