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Unread 07-03-2017, 09:46 PM
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North Node in the 7th house/Libra

I have this placement and I found a book by Jan Spiller that gave me great insights. I feel like sharing the info. If anyone reading this has this placement and would like to comment or if anyone has insights about it I would appreciate your input!

To have the South node in the first house means that you have a warrior mindset. I donīt know if everyone with the North node in the seventh have been abused, but the mind thinks that there is a war going on and in a war you are fighting against enemies.

People with the North node in the seventh house or in Libra observe others from a distance and they make calculations, predictions and assumptions based on what they see. They try to understand others by observing them. They may interpret other peopleīs actions according to what they would be thinking if they were doing those things.

They can be painfully self-conscious and judgmental of what they deem to be their own “negative qualities”. They lose power when they focus on themselves since all they see are their unacceptable qualities. By focusing more on the other person and what they can do to bring out the strength and goodness in that person, they stand open to receive other people. When they focus only on themselves to see what the other person is giving back to them they see their own incompleteness and their confidence drops. They should try to stimulate confidence and enthusiasm in others.

They picture the other personīs role, and when the partner doesn’t play it they become upset. They need to learn how to see how others truly are. They can be narcissistic or be drawn to narcissistic people. They need approval and attention. They can lack confidence in relationships due to past experiences. If there is a problem in a relationship they often focus on themselves. Either on what they did wrong or on how hurt they feel or how wrongly others have treated them. They are not good at checking in with the other person to see what he/she is thinking and feeling. They are not good at using communication as a tool to try to find out what the other person thinks and feels. They assume how things are.

The ability to do relationships is actually an incredible talent for these people, but they donīt know they have it. They become discouraged when relationships donīt seem to work out. They have an intense desire to have a mate. When they give without thinking about getting back the universe will give them more. They are afraid to be truly seen and if people see them in a way that they donīt wish to project themselves they become upset: “How could they say that about me? That is not how I see myself!”. They want peaceful relationships but they have intense relationships that are highly emotional and their lack of communication can promote that intensity. They need to be patient and vulnerable. They can be very direct and need to think about how they should communicate things. They are very sensitive but can be insensitive towards others without acknowledging that they may affect others in a negative way. They must choose the right partner by seeing someone as he really is.

I am very influenced by past experiences. The most common assumption I have been making lately is that men will be hot/cold towards me. This attitude makes me rather cold and when someone shows me interest I look at him and I think “you are only playing with me, either on a subconscious level or consciously”. This makes me irradiate a negative energy towards the man showing me interest, an energy that does not make him feel confirmed and appreciated for his efforts. If a man tries to court me he wants to make me interested and he wants me to open up to him and flirt and create a nice interaction together with him. If I don’t believe in anything he says and there is this closed wall around me and there happens to be a guy with serious intentions in front of me, he might lose his interest or believe that I am not interested and back away, itīs a natural reaction. But when that happens I feel that my assumptions were right. I think that the man obviously did not have a genuine interest since he seemed very interested and then he lost his interest all of a sudden. I feel deeply hurt by that shift and I feel sorry for myself. I often do not think that I am significant enough and that I mean enough to men to be able to hurt them with my behaviors. It is obvious that I attract men and that they can fall for me if I observe things objectively, but it does not FEEL as if someone can feel strongly about me because of my lack of self esteem.

Itīs as if I feel that they should really fight to get through my walls of fears, paranoia and insecurities and if they donīt I feel hurt. If a man seems a bit cold or reluctant towards me I feel rejected and hurt and I back away. I have such double standards and I am really starting to see the truth about the hot/cold scenarios in my life. I see myself as immensely compassionate and empathic but I definitely have my blind spots.

Sometimes I am very self-absorbed and feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I am to naïve and lose myself with someone and become too self-sacrificing and accepting. I improve and I evolve with time but this is a deep rooted behavioral pattern. I notice that every time I shift a belief within me, those things simply stop happening to me because I stop creating those scenarios.

I also resonate strongly with feeling like a warrior who wants to be a hero. I LOVE watching movies about heroes and I love standing up for people and I dream about saving the world. I am trying to learn how to create peace within me and change my inner scripts into helpful ones so that I can create something good.

I also have Saturn square my North node. I read that people with the north node in the seventh house attract karmic relationships since they are meant to learn about how to relate. I attract intense karmic meetings. Perhaps Saturn intensifies that effect. When I was younger I attracted lots of abuse. Nowadays I mostly attract good people and nice experiences, but I am still stuck in the past in certain ways.

The next time I date someone I will use all of my skills to make him feel good. I will also be deeply interested in getting to know the real HIM and asking questions and trying to understand him instead of making firm assumptions or creating fairy tale fantasies. The thing is that there is no predetermined truth about how a person is and how he will treat me. We will create our interaction by choosing how we will behave towards each other, by choosing what we say to each other and by choosing how we deal with our fears.

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