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Unread 03-27-2019, 02:50 PM
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Birth Chart of Jesus Christ

Hi all!

I wanted to post this because its a topic that is very dear to me. Truly due to the fact that the more I study astrology the more I apparently believe in God and a creator (i.e XII house) -- Many do not know that the Magi in the Bible that predicted Jesus' birth were Astrologers not Astronomers.

Additionally there is reference to a star in the Gospel of Matthew that historians seem to find very curious. It has been dubbed the Star of Bethlehem, there is speculation it may have been the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the year 7AD but there is a ton of ambiguity surrounding Jesus' actual birth date and I thought maybe we could collaborate information to seek some answers.

I do know that the Catholic Church decided to make December 25th Jesus' birthday to replace/rename a pagan holiday of sun worship in hopes that the pagans would convert to Christianity. A careful study of the Bible clearly indicates that he was not born in a winter month.

1. Because the shepherds were in the fields watching the flocks during the time of Jesus' Birth (Gospel of Luke 2:7-8) - Shepherds were not in the fields in December. December is cold and rainy in Judea and it is a higher likelihood that the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night.

2. Jesus' parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman Census (Gospel of Luke 2:1-4) - Censuses were not taken in winter due to below freezing temperatures and the poor condition of roads. Taking a census in this type of climate would not have been effective because it would have had a very poor turn out.

Some religious historians calculate Jesus' birthday to be in September by calculating backwards based on the conception and birth of John the Baptist.

In my research I discovered there is a document out of North Africa AD 243 that indicates Jesus' birth is March 28th Julian Yr 28
Which is a Sunday. .. I am unclear how to calculate Julian years to our calendar to determine what year BC/AD that is .. but then I stumbled across this video which I found to be pretty insane.. (i hope you watch.. he reveals the chart of the above date around 10min in ... prior to that he explains how he came to believe Jesus was born on that date)

Does anyone have any insight/curiosity to read his chart?

I guess I just wondering what all of your thoughts were on the subject, if any of you had done any research on the matter and what you have found.

I think I am most curious because the more I have studied astrology the more I believe in God. Many religious sects believe that Jesus' birth was less significant than the purpose of his death, but I believe, if I am truly to believe in Jesus, that due to the fact that the magi predicted Jesus' birth and it was such a huge prophecy it only makes sense as an astrologer to investigate the subject.

Have a great day!

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Unread 03-28-2019, 04:49 PM
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Re: Birth Chart of Jesus Christ

Jesus’s Astrology Chart
March 19, year 4 julian calendar, midnight

This has been a controversial topic in astrology for many years that is much more intriguing to some than to others. I was interested, but I was not impressed with the charts that were frequently displayed.

Edgar Cayce was one of the most amazing psychics of all time which means of course that he is a very contentious topic. Tens of thousands of his psychic readings were recorded by a stenographer and have been on file for perusal by the general public. Many books have been published using Cayce’s readings on various topics in life. One book, “The Edgar Cayce Companion” has a wealth of quotes from the Cayce readings on many different topics. Cayce is widely known as being very accurate, but the bigotted incredulists simply refuse to do anything but poo poo the matter which is what they do to topics like consciousness, spirituality, psychic phenomenon, or astrology.

In some readings, Cayce stated that Jesus was born at midnight in Bethlehem. In other readings, he stated the birth date according to one calendar or another. The divergence of calendars caused some confusion, but I researched it and arrived at the date in the Julian Calendar, and the chart I offer is the chart based on this information. It was a combination of readings that allowed me to collate the information into date, location, and time of day.

There is a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine. Such configurations are instrumental to chart interpretations, so we should expect them to specify certain focuses in the life of the native. The Grand Cross involving Pluto, Moon, Jupiter, and a Mercury/Uranus conjunction are descriptive of a traveling spiritual leader. He can expect much trouble in his life due to this great expenditure of energy. He is brilliant, and he understands advanced ideas and esoteric ideas. He delivers his dramatic statements in a dramatic way that shocks many.

The Grand Trine of Sun-Neptune-Saturn is quite descriptive of one who suffers for a good cause. It shows charisma and a tendency to live ascetically. With Neptune also in 12th House, it shows significant compassion.

The trine of Mars to Node suggests a team of men. The trine of Jupiter to Venus suggests that he is happy, indulgent, and warm-hearted. He will stop to smell the roses. Others will try to rush him because they perceive him as slow.

With Moon square Pluto, he is frustrated by his mother who seems to interfere. The square of Jupiter to Pluto suggests one who is driven. The opposition of Moon to Jupiter suggests a wealth of emotion and religious feelings.

With Mercury/Uranus opposed to Pluto, he may be accused of crimes.

With Sun conjunct the IC, he will have leadership or star quality. He may seem larger than life.
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Unread 04-01-2019, 10:11 PM
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Re: Birth Chart of Jesus Christ


hi stardust
there are a coupleof us in this forum that have calculated the chart of jesus.
one by peircetheveil :

and mine in which I used edgar Cayce birthday;

the book,edgarcayce's the life of jesus,by furth,:

in life reading 587 ,Edgar Cayce said Jesus was born on march 19th 4 ad using the Julian calendar. mosaic year 1899

in life reading 5749-15,cayce said "just as the midnight hour came, there was the birth of the Master"

this produces a chart with the sun at 26pisces22 conjunct the nadir and opposed to arcturus conjunct midheaven .the ascendant at 13sag14. this sun position seems to reflect the precession moving into the Piscean age.

in another reading Cayce said the birth was on jan 9th,
and in reading 5749-7, Cayce said he birth was December 24-25.

this discrepancy was questioned in life reading 2067.
cayce's reply was:

"all are correct according to the time from which same were many times have there been the reckoning? take these into consideration with the period of events being followed in the information being indicated. just as there was the reckoning from the various groups for their individual activities, so was the information given as to the records from that source with which those seeking were concerned."

so it doesn't take any research to copy the date given in this book.

i ran a chart for march 19th 4 ad at 00:09 minutes on the 19th as recorded.
This position gives the sun exactly opposed to arcturus at midnight, making this opposition exactly conjunct the MC/IC axis.

This certainly follows Cayceís words as The Masterís soul goes to arcturus between incarnations.
So it is mathematically and philosophically coherent that the soul came back from arcturus in this solar life.

In my thread, I go into other aspects of Jesus' life as given in edgar cayce's the life of jesus

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Unread 04-04-2019, 10:35 AM
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Re: Birth Chart of Jesus Christ

jesus the christ
6 jan 6 bc

full moon
jupiter conjunct saturn + or10
venus ruler of asc conjuncts galactic center
IC 1101(the godfather) is rising
shapley 8 is rising
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birth, chart, christ, jesus

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