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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Unread 05-31-2007, 05:50 PM
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Saturn and Mars

Right now I'm going through a Saturn square Neptune, a Saturn Square Mars, and approaching the end of a year long Saturn square ascendant. I think my mars in the 5th house right now. anyway--here is my birth info March 24, 1989 las cruces, new mexico 10:10 pm.
the situation as its been happening(and as i understand it to be) is me vying to free myself from my parents. . .who quite honestly are trying to choose the college i go to, the major i pick, the classes i take, keep me from extracarricular activities that don't appeal to them, etc. . . and bla. in fact they are getting extremely micro-managing and to explain my temperament i'm not that rebellious. i'm not. i don't care what anyone looking at my chart says. i'm quiet--i keep to myself. i work hard. and i like to stay honest as much as i can. but i'm getting smacked into a little matchbox and i have no idea how to respond. so i start lying to avoid issues (lying because when i tell the truth and they reject it, it scratches at my self-esteem) Another issue is the fact that there are some rather large apparent dysfunctions within the family that i feel need to be resolved. . . but unfortunately my parents disagree with me on most every step i would like to take. avoidance is the issue when i would like action and communication. and it all comes down to opinion which differs. anyway, whatever then. i need to move out. but seriously, all this saturn and the squares. because square is interesting since they are good for fitting the most amount of space in a single area. buildings are usually square, compartments, containments. things that hold. are squares. so basically its saturn and mars living together. Saturn and mars may or may not share similar goals or interets, these interests may or may not change. mars is emotional, i'd say saturn is connected to that. they have the drive and where does the drive come from except for some sort of goal in mind. except i imagine that saturn pretty much keeps it together and so does mars. Mars wants the world to know, saturn is the world in a manner of speaking. they create eachother.
unfortunately, my situation is that although i have a minimum wage job now i am also taking classes and will probably not be able to afford to move out for a couple of months.
taking the persective of living to learn though i'm kind've getting the idea that i don't need to take things so seriously. and by that i mean how just recently i came to the thinking that although i am currently unable to get the freedom i'd like i still have some options within my scope. so in a wierd way all this saturn and mars is making me try to be flexible, live more in the now, and to not try so hard to follow structure/expectations. i usually was careful not to bother or make up new stuff, but i've learned that probably being consistently more assertive and less afraid. . . will help keep others from infringing on my rights.
which is wierd because my perception of "rights" is very flexible and subject to what i was told. . . making it up as i go along.
which, oh well, because i'm still seething. i also learned to not to be so absolute in terms of my own goals, because i did get into a fight with my parents. which maybe took a bit too far. . . and made me realize there isn't really a good/bad guy scenario as i'd maybe like there to be.
basically i have the desires. . . and they would like to be addressed because they're there. but my parents have their problems to work out. . .

i dunno, what do you see in the chart? what's been your experience with saturn or mars?

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Unread 06-01-2007, 04:21 AM
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Re: Saturn and Mars

I am impressed with your self awareness in this situation. If I had only been as aware when I was your age. It can be difficult for parents to cede control, there is vested interest in what is best for you. Yet you know your own soul.

Free will is a real biggie isn't it. Althought your mars is in 7th house which could lead to some friction in relationship it doesn't natally have any strong aspects.

Your sun is taking the brunt of things with Sun sq uranus, and square to Chiron. There are wide squares to saturn and neptune. However it has a conjunction with Venus, and is in a good house in the fifth.

My first impression is that you are tackling saturn mars issues with a good deal of maturity in quite an open and practical way, which is consistent with the way I think of squares working.

My opinion is squares are quite practical opportunities to evolve soul into completeness. Sun Uranus gives a strong self identity, which you show in your clear sense of your own personal direction. You are clear of the constraints on your situation and are working to alleviate them. You are also happy to play with "rights" which I beleive is a powerful tool to true learning.

Chiron is a planet that gives the lesson of leaving the pain behind for me. It teaches some hard but beautiful lessons, uncovers some unlikely gifts of the soul.

Remember that you too are teaching your parents about life. You have compassion for them too in the way you talk about them.

Love & Light
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mars, saturn

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