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Unread 09-30-2007, 02:05 AM
z@@m z@@m is offline
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waiting for you!!

hi to all

i am a new friend in this community and i have question

is it good for me to complete my high education and can my Mercury help to achive this

Planetary positions

Sun Capricorn in house 12 direct
Moon Leo in house 7 direct
Mercury Sagittarius in house 12 direct
Venus Sagittarius in house 11 direct
Mars Capricorn in house 1 direct
Jupiter Libra in house 9 direct
Saturn Libra in house 9 direct
Uranus Scorpio in house 10 direct
Neptune Sagittarius in house 12 direct
Pluto Libra in house 9 direct

House positions (Placidus)

Ascendant Capricorn 1537'07
2nd House Aquarius 2334'20
3rd House Aries 152'40
Imum Coeli Taurus 348'49
5th House Taurus 2929'44
6th House Gemini 2210'37
Descendant Cancer 1537'07
8th House Leo 2334'20
9th House Libra 152'40
Medium Coeli Scorpio 348'49
11th House Scorpio 2929'44
12th House Sagittarius 2210'37

Major aspects

Sun Quincunx Moon 146

Sun Conjunction Mercury 406

Sun Square Jupiter 618

Sun Square Saturn 639

Moon Trine Venus 306

Moon Sextile Jupiter 432

Moon Sextile Saturn 453

Moon Trine Uranus 619

Mercury Conjunction Neptune 541

Mercury Sextile Pluto 427

Venus Sextile Jupiter 126

Venus Sextile Saturn 147

Mars Sextile Uranus 316

Mars Square Pluto 044

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 021

Neptune Sextile Pluto 115

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Unread 09-30-2007, 12:13 PM
loonymoon loonymoon is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 43
Re: waiting for you!!

Hi z@@m and welcome! I'm new here too

I didn't understand if you are considering getting a high education or you are already studying and not sure about graduating, however I can't tell you what's good for you - that is your choice and yours alone! All I can say is that if you choose to complete your high education I think there are quite a few things going for you that may help you get there.

Your Ascendant is in Capricorn which means its ruler, Saturn, is your chart ruler. Your Sun is also in Capricorn so Saturn is also your Sun's ruler. So Saturn is a very important planet in your chart and its location can indicate the areas where you may find yourself. And Saturn just happens to be in the 9th house that is related, among other things, to high education, so this may indeed be one of the areas that are natural for you.

The natural ruler of the 9th house is Sagittarius and Sagittarius' ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter is also in your 9th house, its natural house, which puts additional emphasis on this house.

Plus you have there Pluto as well, so you have 3 planets in the ninth house, including its natural ruler and your chart and Sun ruler, so the 9th house is a dominant house in your chart, which may indicate high education.

Your 9th house is in Libra so its ruler is Venus. Venus is in Sagittarius and Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in Libra - so Venus and Sagittarius are in each other's signs, a condition called "mutual reception" which strengthens both planets that collaborate with each other in harmony, considering they also have a harmonious aspect between them. As Venus is the ruler of your 9th house and Jupiter is the natrual ruler of the 9th house and is also in it, having them holding hands, so to speak, is good.

Now, if I look at your 10th house, the house of career and position, it is in Scorpio - and where is Pluto, Scorpio's ruler? In your 9th house, which might indicate your career and position could be related with high education.

So all in all I'd say high education indeed seems like one of the natural paths for you.

And as for what can help you accomplish that, I think it's actually Saturn more than Mercury and I'll tell you why. Mercury conjuncts your Sun which means your intelligence is probably very important to you and you want to take pride in it, and you're probably quite intelligent too - that's good for studying, but it's not enough to get anyone through graduation, one needs more than brains. The most important planet in your chart is Saturn and that's because it rules both your Capricorn Ascendant and Sun and it also has aspects to several planets. When it comes to education you have Saturn in the 9th house. Your 3rd house, which is also related to thinking, is in Aries and Aries' ruler, Mars, is in Capricorn too. So you see, there's quite a bit of Capricorn and Saturn there. What does it mean? You're probably very ambitious in general (your Leo Moon contributes its share as well) and if you'll decide in favor of high education you may set some ambitious goals for youself. But to Saturn people, including the talented ones, usually things don't come too easy - it's just the nature of this planet - it challenges you to develop determination and self discipline and when you master that you can accomplish almost any goal you set your mind to. Saturn is connected with determination, discipline, hard work and overcoming limitations and obstacles and particularly your own fears and self doubts. But if you set your mind to it and work with determination you can echeive great success.

With your Sun-Saturn square there might be some lack in self confidence, which is not related to your objective abilities, but to your self image and fear of failure and maybe not having enough faith in yourself and in life. You should watch out to not fail yourself out of not daring to take on challenges and being overly pessimistic in difficult or trying situations. You should also make sure you choose what you really want to do and what is really right for you and not make your significant life choices to measure up to somebody else's expectations or due to your upbringing.

Well, I hope I wasn't too far off... . And good luck!

BTW, if you can upload or link to your chart wheel you might get more responses.
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Unread 10-02-2007, 08:52 AM
z@@m z@@m is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 2
Re: waiting for you!!

thankyou loonymoon for your time and explanation

yes i'm considering to get a high education in the coming 2 years

but as you see that my sun & Mercury are playing against the high education (so weak they are in the 12th h and Mercury in Sagittarius) which may appears hard to get a high education.

is in the my chart (House positions ...) & mutual reception that you mention between Jupiter & Venus means that the marriage may be in a foreign place?

i realy enjoyed your comments
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