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Unread 05-09-2017, 03:27 AM
Viris Viris is offline
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Obssesive doomed relationship or soulmates?

I'm still new to astrology and i'm struggling to figure out if my crush and i are soulmates, we have tons of quincunx, square and oppositions. Yet we got a lot of good aspects. In composite chart pluto in scorpio aspects all the planets. Tbh i'm scared coz i've read pretty intense stuff about pluto.

We have a stellium with sun(sagittarius), mercury(sagittarius), venus(sagittarius),juno (scorpio), pluto (scorpio) and lilith (scorpio) with only sun,venus,mercury,and pluto in opposition to jupiter.

Our composite north node is in taurus 7th house
Vertex 5th house pisces
Part of fortune 5th house

Pluto sextiles moon,uranus,chiron, valentine, and neptune.
Pluto trines saturn, vertex, psyche, and midheaven.
Pluto biquintile mars.
Saturn conjunct vertex
Neptune conjunct neptune
Uranus conjunct uranus
Sun sextile moon
Uranus conjunct neptune
Mars quincunx mercury, venus, moon and sun
Venus semi square neptune, and squares part of fortune.
Destinn square venus and mercury.
Saturn opposite chiron
Chiron opposite vertex
Chiron trine neptune, uranus, and moon.

(We have more aspects but the are the one i'm interested)


His north node (pisces 5th house) squares my jupiter(gemini 8th house),saturn(gemini 8th house), pluto (sagittarius 2nd house).
North node semi sextile my vertex (4th house)
My north node(cancer 10th house) in opposition with his venus (capricorn 3rd house), south node in conjunction with venus (i've read pretty bad stuff about this)

My north node in opposition with his mercury (capricorn), south node (capricorn) conjunct his mercury.

My north node conjunct his midheaven (cancer).
My north node squares his ascendant (libra)
My north node sextile his jupiter (taurus 8th house)
My north node trine his moon (scorpio 2nd house)

My Mars (leo 11th house) squares his moon,jupiter.
Mars quincunx his mercury, venus.
His mars (taurus 7th house) squares my vertex, and neptune. It quincunx my chiron and pluto.
His lilith opposite my moon
My moon sextile his lilith
My lilith conjunct his venus and trine jupiter.
His lilith trines my saturn and neptune.
Jupiter conjunct saturn
His sun (aquarius 4th house) trines my venus (libra 12th house), mercury (libra 12th house) and jupiter.
His sun conjunct my uranus,juno, neptune,vertex (all in aquarius 4th house)
His moon trine my sun (virgo end of 11th house)
My Sun conjunct his lilith
My moon (aries 6th house) sextiles his mercury venus and jupiter.
His venus conjunct my ascendant
Ascendant conjunct ascendant
Midheaven conjunct midheaven.
Valentine biquintile compassion.

(There are more aspects in both charts obviously i'm not gonna type every single one of them)
I'm sorry for this long *** post. I just wanna know if we are soulmates or if our relationship is doomed due to pluto and many oppsitions, quincunxes and squares?

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