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Unread 07-21-2007, 12:03 AM
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victims of an 8th house mars transit

im curious if any other members (or librans in particular) have been experiencing the same problems with mars transiting their 8th house

2 years ago mars was retrograde in my 8th house for 6 months. despite the fact i was anti-credit card i applied for one not realizing the likely effects of mars in the 8th.

mars also opposed jupiter transiting my 2nd and without realizing it i spent alot of money on the card and later found out it was a charge card meaning i had to pay it back in full by months end. i suddenly lost my job and was unable to pay it back.

now, with mars transiting my 8th again, i had another bad experience with other peoples property and money. i was driving a company car slightly over the speed limit and slightly over the legal alcohol limit....i was pulled over and put in jail, the company car was put in the impound and it cost me my job and the company alot of money to get the car out of impound.

my point is, i keep making bad mistakes in regards to other peoples property and money whenever mars transits my 8th house

im curious if other members of the forum have experienced similar problems when mars transits their 8th, if so i would love to hear them

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Unread 07-27-2007, 09:09 PM
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Re: victims of an 8th house mars transit

There may be energy, desire, and enthusiasm for research, for getting to the heart of things, and for playing detective and uncovering secrets. There may be financial problems, probably through a partner, in order to de-emphasize the importance of money. There may be financial benefit through marriage or inheritance. There is a need to share willingly of personal resources in any cooperative relationship.You must learn to control your desires (passions) and your lower nature. There may be interest in healing or surgery.
If Mars in the 8th house in birth Chart then Mars in the eighth bhava (House)does not give auspicious results. One's work remains incomplete. There will be obstacles at work inspite of much effort and desires are not fulfilled. Inspite of working hard, desires are not fulfilled and obstacles cause hardships. One might be foolish, a tell tale, harsh in language, a weapon thief, scared of fire and lacking talents. One will speak mindlessly and imprudently. One may be heartless, harboring bad thoughts and criticized a lot by people. One may be ill charactered and mournful. One may be ugly with bad eyes. One may be inclined towards bad deeds. One will criticize good people. One will have bad habits and may consume wine and liquor. One will have a lean body. One may suffer from multiple ailments which may become acute because they do not respond to treatment. One will eat a lot. This habit many persist for 30 years. In one's latter age, one will suffer indigestion, malaria, gastric trouble and fluctuating blood pressure. One may have grave ailments. The urinary organ may be very painful. One may have a lean physique due to deformities. One may suffer blood ailments. One may suffer blood vomiting and other ailments. One may suffer eye ailments, etc. One may suffer leprosy. One may be poor and worried about one's lack of wealth. Friends act inimically inspite of honoring him respectfully. One's own people are like enemies. One's own brothers and friends are like enemies. One will be deprived of the happiness of the relatives. One may lack the bliss of a spouse. One's spouse will give him trouble. She will also suffer hardships. The son will be worried. Father will suffer harm. Age will be mediocre. Mars in the eighth bhava may result in death. One may die due to weapons, leprosy, gangrene or death due to burning. One may die due to the ammunition powder of a gun. It nullifes good effects. One may be wounded by the assault of weapons and die due to the assault of a sword.There may be gastric ailments and tuberculosis.There will be few children.Death can be caused by snake.Except for Baidyanath, all writers have predicted inauspicious results for this combination.One may be a politician.One may be short lived. The person gets excessive and tremendous wealth, including Car, two wheelers and land.
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Unread 07-27-2007, 09:48 PM
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Re: victims of an 8th house mars transit

the first paragraph of your reply seems to apply to my situation. my experience seems to repeat the common theme of mis using other peoples money and property.

im curious if any other members have experienced something similar.
maybe they crashed a friends car or used someones cell phone to call long distance gave that person a huge phone bill... those would be examples of a mars transit through the 8th house

if not, then be warned and be aware of your tendencies when mars is in your 8th....
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Unread 09-03-2011, 05:37 PM
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Re: victims of an 8th house mars transit

I have mars in the eighth house natally. What Astrobhadauria has illustrated above does ring true. Not all though, in my case at least. With my eighth house, I have had to deal with death, inheritence issues, tax issues just to name a few of misery.
I also have a solar return of Mars in the eighth too, I have asc. scorpio and solar return the asc. is in scorpio. Experiencing some very interesting times right now. At work and at a personal level.
I think other aspects in my natal chart is helping in tempering how I deal with the challenges and obstacles I am going through right now.
Finding rationale, reason and logic in everyday events can be a tough, because everthing that hits you is at an emotional level.
I have discovered that with my Mars in the eighth, one can either sink or swim. If you do decide to swim, you do it with some level of dignity. For everytime, something hits and throws you down, you get up, dust the S***T off and keeping moving on. The good part is knowing that there is always something in horizon and when it does hit you, you are not surprised!

Also, the nice thing I have learnt in astrology, is that I have stopped asking the proverbial why! Now, it just is.

I truly apologise for the pontification, I just wanted those who have this aspect, and who get hit by transits and solar return, and I have / had all three, to just hang in there. It is tough, but you learn to deal with it and appreciate the wisdom that comes with it.
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