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Unread 07-22-2020, 09:09 AM
VenusInFurs VenusInFurs is offline
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Synastry - was anything really there?

In March I started talking to someone and quickly developed what we both thought and expressed as a genuine strong connection. Two months later it abruptly came to an end.

I'd like to know a little bit more about our combined synastry, whether there truly was anything there?

I'm not at all objective to read any charts of mine at the moment!

I'm the blue person, and 1st person in the table.

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Unread 07-22-2020, 01:21 PM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Synastry - was anything really there?

I'm sure there was probably 'something' emotional between you two. He is a very emotional person, being a triple Cancer. He was born on the New Moon in Cancer, while Cancer was rising. Throw Mercury into that mix, and you have a triple Cancer on your hands.

I love Cancerian type---my husband has his Moon there. It is lovely to have a sensitive, compassionate partner.

But your synastry with this Cancer is not very helpful in terms of a LTR.

Look at his Cancer stellium in your 6th---there are no major aspects between his triple Cancer conjunction and your planets. So in simplest terms, he could be very secretive, and even disconnected, and it might be hard to find out what is going on with him. He could be walled off into his shell and have a hard time opening up to you. or to anyone...

He would be going through a lot of emotional reactions but would not be likely to share his feelings or concerns with you, in time for you to discuss them with him.There are no sextile or trines there, coming from his Cancer stellium to your personals. Or to anything in your chart.

There is an inconjunct from his Sun/Moon/Mercury to your Venus/Uranus in Sag in 10th.
That is a 'disconnect' between his 'world' and your work/career and ambitions. I don't think he would be very supportive of your goals and successes and desires.

I am sure he is a kind person. However his connections to your chart are not so beneficial or considerate. I think those multiple red squares [6 of them] would eventually create a lot of tension and stress and relationship conflicts.

His Mars @ 0Libra squares your Sun @ 0 Cap.

His Saturn @ 22 Virgo squares your Venus @ 23 Saggt.

And his Venus is in Gemini, while yours is in Sag. In some ways that is a good thing. Venus opposed Venus is electric, flirty and exciting energy. But in the long run it's not usually satisfying or stable. It is hit or miss energy.

Those are not necessarily deal breakers, and can be worked through with effort. But I don't see a lot of trines and sextile between any personal planets that would make it easy to do that kind of relationship work together.

Sun square Mars can mean that your goals and objectives are in conflict with his and vice versa. You may not see it clearly because he may not have really spelled out his for you yet. But I think it is possible that he has some very traditional, old world ideas about the gender roles and you may, as a progressive Aquarius rising, not fit onto that old style of male/female roles. I think he acts like a fun, non committal person, with his Venus in Gemini, but in reality, he wants to attain his idealistic vision, which of course is unattainable. His mutable squares in his natal chart make it very hard for him to 'settle' on a stable home life and relationship. I think he questions and criticises everything and everyone, and the grass is always greener...

His Saturn in Virgo squaring your Venus in fiery sag in the 10th of the Boss, makes it seem to me like he may be a controlling personality, if you entered into a formal relationship.

I think you are probably better off with this 'quick ending.'

I don't see him as someone who would allow you to grow and prosper and discover yourself, without also feeling critical or resentful. I could be wrong, but that is the feeling I am getting from this synastry.

You do have a nice trine from your Moon in Taurus to his Jupiter in Virgo. I can see how you would have been attracted to his charming, kind compassionate energy. And he seems like a good guy and one who could be stable and settled and trustworthy.

But that trine doesn't have any other supporting aspects or placements. I think he seemed more stable and open than he may have really been. I think there were walls built beneath that 'open' emotional veneer.

Keep it moving, as they say.

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Unread 07-25-2020, 11:10 AM
VenusInFurs VenusInFurs is offline
Join Date: Jun 2020
Posts: 42
Re: Synastry - was anything really there?

Just for records sake I have responded to katydid's post in a PM.
Her analysis is very accurate.
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katydid (07-25-2020)


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