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Unread 11-20-2018, 06:35 AM
Saisri Saisri is offline
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Pls help. Will I get a job?

Namaskar Everyone,
I am trying for a job in USA. I am with my family. I have work permit but I'm not lucky to get a job successfully. By when will I get a job?
Birth - 4th Dec 1974
Time 6:21 am
Place - Tirunelveli

Thank you

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Unread 11-21-2018, 05:09 PM
Saisri Saisri is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2018
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Re: Pls help. Will I get a job?

Please someone can reply on this.... thank you very much.
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Unread 11-23-2018, 10:21 AM
Haran Haran is offline
Join Date: Nov 2018
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Re: Pls help. Will I get a job?

Originally Posted by Saisri View Post
Please someone can reply on this.... thank you very much.
Hi Saisri,

Let me try to read your chart.
Your mars is at the very beginning of 1st house which can be seen as
the border to the 12th house. This means you can get the effect of Mars
being in 12th house.(mixed effect of both 1st and 12th house). Thus you may receive Manglik (chevvai) dosha. (Which means struggles in marriage life and in profession). If you have not done remedies for manglik before marriage, you can do remedies now also. (If your husband also having manglik and your marriage happened after 27yrs, marriage life will be ok).

2. 10th H - career:
jupiter will give benefits, but saturn will cause delays/ obstructions and demand hardwork.

3. Sun is with Rahu: Darkness aboout career. You may not be able to decide your right career (may be up to age 42).

as per navamsa:
earnings through teaching, priesthood, astrology, medicine, justice, politics and banking.

ketu in 7th:
- business partnerships not advised
- foreign contacts and work in foreign places may not be favorable
However aspect of mercury and venus and lagna lord mars will improve.

saturn-retro in 8th asp by jupiter:
- you are hardworking, work-efficient, practical, economical, patient,

Descending moon (krishna paksham) in 9th:
-you will have issues in settling in abroad and long distance travels

dasa analysis:
venus-ketu Dasa - 2018 april to 2019 may end.
--A lot of obstacles keep you from treading towards success, especially in career.
--You may lose your position at work or suffer some loss. Some unwanted travels also take place during this period.
--You should be very careful as your enemies try to drag you down as well.
--You should also check your medication as you could end up with some infection due to wrong medicines.

9. rahu transit (kochara) to 1st h (18 aug 2017 - 7 mar 2019 - sep 23 2020)
- challenge in terms of money and health. You need to try/seek anything in straight forward manner.

ju transit in 5th - oct 11 2018 to mar2019
- profit in investments/ speculation possible (but saturn may cause trouble)

4/22/2019 11/4/2019 Retrograde jupiter transit in 5th
tough time with income and with family.

jupiter transit in 6th apr 2019 to apr 22 2019 and nov2019 to Mar2020
- keep your belongings/ cash safe
- issues with co-workers, health
- debt/ financial issues

transit retro sat 6th (from 26 jan 2017 to 3 yrs 24 Jan 2020)
- supposed to be good in terms of career, health and relations but being in retro (vakra gathi), you may get low results.

Sun(10th House lord) and Jupiter are now in Scorpio (Viruchikam). So after 2.5 months (Feb 15) when sun goes to Aquarius(kumbam), you may get job opportunities.
Also, when Guru transits to Dhanus by End of March 2019, you may get a job.
When Mars (lagna laord) comes to aries Feb 2nd week 2019 - job possible

13. Remedies to be considered for more than one planet - Mars, Rahu/Ketu, Saturn and Sun, Moon.
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Unread 11-26-2018, 03:39 AM
Saisri Saisri is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 3
Re: Pls help. Will I get a job?

Thank you so much Haran Sir. You have given a very detailed insight. Can you also let me know if there is any house buying yogam. Thank you once again for your selfless help.
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Unread 12-03-2018, 01:13 PM
Haran Haran is offline
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 84
Re: Pls help. Will I get a job?

No yoga for own house. But you will live in a good housing.

Can you reply to the correctness of the readings please.

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Unread 12-04-2018, 04:00 AM
mathur_dinesh mathur_dinesh is offline
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Re: Pls help. Will I get a job?

Your chart does have potential for a job abroad. To say that the job will be in the US would be difficult.
You are in the major-period of Venus which will be closing in June next year.
Leo will cause job to happen. The sub-period of Ketu in the major-period of Venus is operating till the close of Venus major-period. Ketu is in Gemini navamsa and is not helpful. It is not helpful in transit through Capricorn and later in Sagittarius either.
So, you will get a job abroad only after June/2019 in the major-period of the Sun.
You may acquire property in the major-period of the Sun.
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