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Unread 08-09-2019, 02:12 AM
erintherese erintherese is offline
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Why don't I get along with Aries?

I have never met an Aries or Taurus that I ever felt like I could truly get to know. Our personalities just seem to clash. Based on my chart, why might this be?


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Unread 08-09-2019, 05:06 AM
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Gemini888 Gemini888 is offline
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Re: Why don't I get along with Aries?

Aries Saturn and Scorpio Mars maybe?

But tbh this question is just too vague to answer. I'm a Gemini and some Gemini I meet just don't click with me. I also find some Leos repulsive. I can handle Libra but only in moderation. The signs with the best people I've known are Virgo and Capricorn. I believe there is more going on in the chart than just Sun sign.

Maybe start by telling us exactly what you find unappealing from Aries and Taurus?
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ElenaJ (08-09-2019)
Unread 08-09-2019, 08:05 AM
ElenaJ ElenaJ is offline
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Re: Why don't I get along with Aries?

Like gemini88 says, it's really too vague to answer, but maybe because Saturn in aries squares your Uranus/neptune midpoint. You tend to be quite hard on aries people, although who are "aires" people? Sun? Moon? Ascendent? .
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Unread 08-09-2019, 08:20 PM
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Osamenor Osamenor is offline
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Re: Why don't I get along with Aries?

Originally Posted by erintherese View Post
I have never met an Aries or Taurus that I ever felt like I could truly get to know. Our personalities just seem to clash. Based on my chart, why might this be?
The most likely explanation is confirmation bias. You believe you'll always have a personality clash with people whose sun sign is Aries or Taurus, so you pounce on every shred of "proof" for that and ignore everything that contradicts that belief. Maybe there were one or two Aries/Taurus people you didn't get along with, so you assume that's true of all. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you find everyone who is not an Aries or Taurus easy to get to know?

Do you know the sun sign of everyone you interact with?

Have you ever found out, after getting to know someone, that they were an Aries or Taurus?

Have you ever found anyone who is not an Aries or Taurus hard to get to know?

Have you ever, not knowing someone's sun sign, assumed they must be an Aries or Taurus because you felt you couldn't get to know them?

Have you heard that Libras don't get along with Arieses or Tauruses?

Finally, how old are these people you're finding hard to get to know? Are they all your age, give or take a year, year and a half? Or are you also having this experience with much older and much younger people?

Only the last might have some genuine astrological validity, but I won't go into it without you joining the dialog.
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Unread 08-09-2019, 11:35 PM
Nm91 Nm91 is offline
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Re: Why don't I get along with Aries?

You may not get along with Taurus people because: Mars is conjunct pluto in your 2th house (the house of taurus) and both planets are square your moon in 11th (the house of groups, friends, colleagues, social circle). So that may mean you could be aggresive or vindictive with friends and in your social life. Maybe you are sensible when it comes to friends and being in groups and you may want to be popular in them. But you may tend to get angry and maybe have obssesive feelings or thoughs towards them.
You have chiron and venus in 2nd too and venus is in quincunx with Saturn in 7th (house of others, marriage and partnership). Chiron there may mean you have a wound related with personal finances, material possessions, and values and those are Taurus themes.

You may not get along with Aries people because: You have saturn in 7th house in Aries. So you may be cautious or judmental towards aries people. Maybe you encounter Aries people that have a karmic past with you too. Your venus in quincunx with saturn may mean that you may have trouble loving or expressing love to Aries people. There may be a limitation or something that makes it hard to bond with Aries people.

I think that if you are a woman you should me more inclined at least romantically, towards an aquarious type of person. And if you are a man you may feel more inclined towards a scorpio type of woman.
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