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Unread 06-07-2011, 01:07 PM
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Exclamation Please help.... I need honesty, nothing more

Originally Posted by Stacey.murch View Post
I have been undergoing some strange things lately and I am in need of honest feedback regarding this aspect of vertex 6th house and Pluto. I've been on a spiritual hyper jump and transformation which lead me to the pulls of the planets, their energies, and the truth of astrology as I see it and look more into it. I have done much research and found differing conclusions on my own of which I don't know what's really going on without outside help. I am so to speak confused? But I know there is the truth out there and for some reason I've been obsessing on trying to figure out what the true meaning of my chart is. I'm recording bizarre dreams, unexplainable abilities, and I feel this internal struggle without being able to figure out exactly what it is I struggle with. I have this obsession with complete world chaos and urge to move to ohio or out of country for fear of what I feel an dream. Why Ohio? Who knows lol. In a nutshell I am growing into myself, what does this vertex in Scorpio 6th degree mean? Am I predicting my own demise? Or of thousands here in california including my kids. I'm not business or money oriented so the interpretTions given on my chart explains somethings that Are too reAl. Im worried, plutO is in Scorpio for me, in fact I was born in may 88, and after tonight I've found may 89 was some world changing event? I don't want to sound crazy but I've been feeling odd, strange things are happening, I'm willing things in existence and not on purpose, and I know things that I don't have a clue how I know them but im right. People around me are becoming freaked out.... Can some one just fill me in on what's really the truth? And why I'm so afraid to turn 24 ever since I was a kid? Why I'm encountering strange things lately And what all this means? I'm reaching Out as a last resort before I declare myself life is teeter-tottering right now and whether I receive good or bAd news is fine with me, as long as it's honest. So I can prepare ? Have piece of mind? Please repost on thread or email me, I've copied the text version of my chart? This Pluto, vertex, 6th house, scorpio thing is weirding me out, and how is this flowing together so nicely with other zodiacs or planets when I'm aTaurus-Gemini cusp? (may 21st bday)?! Please explain! I really would be grateful for some honest feedback. Zodiac: Tropical

House System: Placidus

Planets Houses Aspects

Planet Glyph Sign Location Motion Glyph
Sun ☉ Gem 00Gem39 D ♊
Moon ☾ Leo 06Leo38 D ♌
Mercury ☿ Gem 22Gem34 D ♊
Venus ♀ Can 00Can26 D ♋
Mars ♂ Aqu 29Aqu29 D ♒
Jupiter ♃ Tau 17Tau05 D ♉
Saturn ♄ Cap 01Cap18 R ♑
Uranus ♅ Cap 00Cap12 R ♑
Neptune ♆ Cap 09Cap47 R ♑
Pluto ♇ Sco 10Sco38 R ♏
Chiron Chir Gem 27Gem56 D ♊
Ceres Cere Pis 21Pis22 D ♓
Pallas Pall Aqu 20Aqu04 D ♒
Juno Juno Gem 03Gem26 D ♊
Vesta Vest Leo 10Leo50 D ♌
Node Node Pis 19Pis40 R ♓
Lilith Lili Vir 00Vir51 D ♍
Fortune Fort Pis 08Pis16 D ♓
Vertex Vert Lib 20Lib02 D ♎
East Point East Tau 00Tau23 D ♉

House Sign Location Glyph
1 Tau 14Tau15 ♉
2 Gem 12Gem40 ♊
3 Can 04Can41 ♋
4 Can 26Can16 ♋
5 Leo 21Leo59 ♌
6 Vir 27Vir33 ♍
7 Sco 14Sco15 ♏
8 Sag 12Sag40 ♐
9 Cap 04Cap41 ♑
10 Cap 26Cap16 ♑
11 Aqu 21Aqu59 ♒
12 Pis 27Pis33 ♓

Planet Aspect Planet
♀ ☍ ♄
☉ ☌ Juno
♄ ☌ ♅
♀ ☍ ♅
☾ ◻ ♇
☉ ◻ ♂
♇ ◻ Vest
☿ △ Pall
☾ ☌ Vest
♃ ◻ Pall
♆ ✶ ♇
☾ ✶ Juno
☉ ◻ Lili
♀ △ ♂
☿ ◻ Cere
♂ ✶ ♄
☉ ✶ ☾
♀ ☌ Chir
♂ ✶ ♅
♀ ✶
Pall △ Vert
♄ △ Lili
♄ △
♄ ☍ Chir
☿ △ Vert
♂ ◻ Juno
♀ ✶ Lili
♇ △ Fort
♅ △
♅ ☍ Chir
Cere ☌ Node
♅ △ Lili
♆ ✶ Fort
☿ ☌ Chir
♂ △ Chir
♂ ✶
♂ ☍ Lili
Juno ◻ Fort
♃ ☍ ♇
Lili △
♃ ✶ Cere
♃ ✶ Node
♃ ◻ Vest
Juno ◻ Lili
☿ ◻ Node
☉ ◻ Fort
Chir ✶
Chir ◻ Cere
☿ △ ♂
Chir ✶ Lili
My email Sorry for spelling errors I'm using my friends iPhone and I barely know how to work it

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Unread 07-21-2011, 02:20 PM
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Re: Please help.... I need honesty, nothing more

I'm sure you will get some members to respond if you post your natal chart as we are mostly visual people.

How to attach a chart as thumbnail

what members like to see in a thread – help forum
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cusp, honesty, pluto, reading, scorpio, vertex

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