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Celebrity Astrology For interesting threads on celebrities' natal charts and lives, which provide an excellent educational opportunity for us all.

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Unread 10-17-2021, 10:32 AM
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Medal of Honor recipients'

Medal of Honor recipients - Above and beyond the call of duty - let's share their stories and look at their charts so we can find clues as to what makes a man a hero.

I have been watching the Netflix series 'Medal of Honor' and will be sharing the stories of the men portrayed in each episode.

-- Medal of Honor [Official Trailer HD]

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Unread 10-17-2021, 11:26 AM
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Re: Medal of Honor recipients'

I will be starting with episode 3 - Edward Carter.

The background:

Edward Carter was born in LA, California to a Missionary Father and thus lived overseas. He lied about his age to join the Chinese army at 15 years old, before his Father turned him in for being underage two years later. He made it to the position of lieutenant before he was caught out. He joined a Shanghai military school where he learnt to speak Hindi, German and Chinese.

He then made it across to the Spanish Civil War, where he joined an American volunteer unit called the 'Abraham Lincoln Brigade.' From there, he returned to LA and joined the US army.

Despite his previous combat experience, he was assigned the role of cook. The US army was the most democratic army in the world, and it was fighting the most racist regime in the world, yet it was a segregated army: Black soldiers' would have to give up their seats on a bus to German POW.

According to his daughter, although Carter was upset at his mistreatment, he kept his feelings to himself and knew "how to play the game." He soon made it to the role of staff sergeant, but black soldiers were still not allowed to enter into combat because were thought of as lazy and cowardly.

It was not until 1945 the US army became desperate enough for refreshments due to high casualty numbers. 4,500 black soldiers volunteered. In order to accept a combat role, Carter had to give up his role of sergeant however, his military experience allowed him to be given the role of squad leader.

The fight:

Carter became a member of General Patton's "Mystery Division,' which was one of the few divisions which allowed integration. It was called mystery because they took out all insignia which would allow the German army to figure out the size or composition of the unit. He was then assigned the role of Patton's personal bodyguard, who probably recognized his enthusiasm and talent for war. The unit was making their way towards the town of Spewer, on what is called a 'movement to contact' mission. This is when a unit is sent in to find out what lay in front of them because it was unknown, making it an extremely dangerous mission.

Suddenly, a bazuka fire erupted, attempting to take out the tank. After the machine gun fire died down, Carter recognized the gunfire was coming from a warehouse about 150 yards away across a field. He saw there was infantry, bazuka's and a 8mm gun. The 8mm was originally intended for an anti-aircraft type weapon but proved effective in taking out tanks and so became used on the ground too. The 88mm was a deadly and feared weapon and you can imagine the noise and fear it generated.

Standard tactic when a tank received fire was to send in infantry to fight the other infantry and Carter volunteered to lead a mission with 3 other men to take it out. Two were killed almost immediately and a third was wounded. Despite bleeding out on the battlefield, where he knew he would have minutes before he would become disorientated or lose consciousness, Carter continued on his own. He was shot 5x's but due to resilience, adrenaline, a sense of duty, or a love of war - Carter had the presence of mind to wait until the soldiers were nearly upon him in the field before he killed six of the eight German's firing on him.

He used the remaining two German soldiers as a human shield where he limped backwards and sideways back to his American position pointing the gun at them. While doing this, he used his knowledge of the German language he had learnt in Shanghai military school to interrogate the two remaining German soldiers. This information passed on this information to his American unit on his return. This knowledge helped the Americans continue their advance the next day and take out the town of Spewer because Carter had learnt where the German artillery and machine gun were positioned.

Despite Carter's heroism, he was not awarded the Medal of Honor until posthumously 50 years later in 1997, along with all other black awardees.

Information taken from --
-- and the Medal of Honor Netflix TV series.

The astrology:

I wonder how many Medal of Honor recipients' we will see with a Mar-Pluto aspect or if we will see any other patterns?

Carter has Mars in Leo in the critical 29th degree of Leo sextile Pluto - he truly loved the fight and had the stamina to see it to the end.

His Moon in Aries is square Venus conjunct Saturn - helping him to be a hardened soldier with a true love of war.

As you can see from the transits that are from date on the night of the battle, 23rd March 1945, the NN was sitting right on his Venus-Saturn conjunction, perhaps highlighting this area as the source of importance.

Transit Saturn was also nearby his Pluto squaring his Moon, perhaps activating this natal transit, in terms of in exterior events happening and in personal traits being displayed.

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