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Career-related Horary Questions For horary questions related to career, jobs, vocational issues.

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Unread 04-22-2017, 05:02 PM
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Would she offer the role again

Hi there,

I am presently in a contract that is bad. Two friends I used to work with last year for the same bank but a different area of the business came to visit last weekend. I explained to them the situation but unfortunately I am not able to leave it financially. Let's call him R who said S-A, our previous boss in that contract, is actually looking for people to do exactly what you were doing last year. I jumped out of my chair, I would love to come back to London and work with them all.

He knows I can do the job. I have received excellent feedback from the boss on my performance and that is what they also shared with the recruitment agency. Being in that project was the happiest I have been in 20 years of Corporate career. He thinks there are 3 work streams so looking for 3 people but maybe unsure of when the contracts should start. He is going to keep his ears opened and in the meantime, I contacted boss S-A on LinkedIn, explained a bit of the situation and that I would love to come back, could we have a call on a Friday as I work at home and tell me more about what she needs. I can see that she has read the message but hasn't called this Friday. I feel anxious about calling her but I will have to.

I explained all this because there are interesting receptions in this chart. I want to go back so much to that project that I am not objective in reading the chart, I get yes, no, maybe, yes but with delays etc.

Spica rising , I am protected somehow but can't see how.

Venus exalted but square Saturn in 3rd and about to enter detriment yuck. Yet when Venus moves in Aries, she will trine MC.

I am not sure in this chart how to assign the players:

Is S-A 7th or 10th?
Is R 7th?
Is 10th my present job or this project contract I would love to go back to and so would be 11th Mercury?
Or is it a simple 7th house of contracts answer?
The recruitment agency would also be somewhere as the contract would be established via them.

S-A and have a great relationship on a personal level and we work very well together so it's difficult to see her as Sun in my detriment but as Mars in reception to Venus and me to her makes sense. We have an applying sextile Venus Mars in 1 degree.

That role fitted exactly my skill set so if this role was Sun again would be odd that it doesn't seem to be a good fit for me and Venus is indifferent to Sun. Yet when we both move out in new signs soon, we will both like each other, Sun in Venus sign, Venus exalts Sun.

Moon will sextile retro Jupiter 3rd house ruler in 1 degree with part reception, which here I read as 1 month, a communication by whoever represents the 7th as Moon co rules their 3rd. Next Moon sextiles AC, another message. Or these are interviews. This bank uses 2 rounds, 1 telephone then face to face. Not sure if they would do it differently since I left under 12 months. Maybe she is asking HR about it, Sag rules her 9th if indeed she is 7th house.

The Moon trines Sun at DC, is this for me or a competitor or the company agreeing to a contract via the agency? Followed by Moon squaring Venus, mm not so good and finally a cj to Saturn retro, not sure that would be great news.

So I feel it's a yes but then a no or many twists and turns with a final no. But if it's a no, why is Spica rising, maybe another job is coming instead hence why we have 3 applications that seem to deliver a contract Venus Mars, Venus MC and Moon Sun. I don't know anymore.

What do you folks see in this chart? Ta.

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