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Houses & cusps For discussions on houses and house cusps (i.e. planets on angles, house stelliums and so on)

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Unread 10-21-2012, 02:34 PM
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Daily Apparent Travel Of Our Sun Related To Earth's Diurnal Rotation & House Cusps

Although it is likely that astronomer astrologers noted precession thousands of years ago, unfortunately the influence of various religious institutions meant the knowledge remained 'secret' as did the basic understanding that our Earth is orbiting the Sun

- that's because the Official Doctrine stated:

'Earth is the undeniable centre of the universe and any who contradict that notion are heretics' !!

This Official Doctrine in
existence at that time meant that few were willing to risk being punished by religious institutions who could have submitted them to excruciating torture prior to burning them at the stake

So then, until it was proved that Earth orbits the Sun and not vice versa - previously, Official Doctrine encouraged the erroneous idea that because the Sun orbits Earth therefore the Sun then 'rises in the East' then 'travels from East to West' prior to 'setting in the West'!

Fortunately, we have a more accurate statement of the actual situation now, which is that BECAUSE EARTH IS SPINNING ON ITS AXIS then THE SUN APPARENTLY RISES IN THE EAST AND APPARENTLY SETS IN THE WEST

We are aware nevertheless that what is actually happening is that planet Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours SO the APPARENT MOTION OF THE SUN ACROSS OUR SKIES is in fact 'an optical illusion' caused by the daily - aka diurnal - rotation of our planet Earth.

The apparent motion of the Sun = 1 every four minutes. i.e. that's the apparent diurnal motion of the Sun due to Earth revolving on its axis every 24 hours which means that the Sun apparently travels 1 every four minutes and explains why sunrise to the East of Greenwich Meridian occurs earlier than sunrise to the West of the Greenwich Meridian.

Sun 'rises' in Australia earlier than Sun 'rises' in e.g. USA so those who were effectively born at the same time but in different locations such as those two examples of Australia and USA have very different Ascendants

HOWEVER, Earth's motion around the Sun is a motion that INCLUDES Earth's daily aka diurnal rotation


- although Earth's diurnal rotation means that the APPARENT MOTION OF THE SUN = 1 every 4 minutes

it is also true that the % of Earth's motion around the Sun when related to a Year is in fact equivalent to approximately 1 per day

- i.e. since there are 365.256363 days to an Earth Year then Earth's Yearly travel around the Sun is equated to approximately 365 per year

All of this means that cusps of houses are dependent upon the diurnal aka daily motion of Earth spinning on its axis.


Whole Sign houses which designate one whole sign = one whole house

OR stated another way, 'the boundary of a whole house is a whole sign'

For more than two thousand years Whole Sign House 'cusps' have remained as the 'sensitive points' in each house that may respond to transits to ASC/DESC/MC/IC

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Re: Daily Apparent Travel Of Our Sun Related To Earth's Diurnal Rotation & House Cusp

Great post!
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