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Unread 11-02-2012, 06:29 PM
aishe aishe is offline
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Unique combination in horoscope

Actually one of learned astrologer said me that I have very unique combination on my horoscope. But where is unique?
Full of challenging life and my love life has always been full with pain too.
I can not still find any suitable marriage partner in spite of my attractive appearance and successful worklife. I am afraid of being lonely my whole life.Anyway I left from my family when I was teenager ( I have always been lonely without parental guidance, fight always on my own)

Furthermore; my brain is full with Vedic astrology doctrine which is totally strange for my whole environment. I can not announce my voice to anybody. Everybody looks me like I am in absurd tasks. I feel exiled myself from world.

And now, could you please anybody tell me some about my husband characteristics, possible meeting time.

15 April 1983, 07:25 a.m, Adana/Turkey (female and lagna: Aries)


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Unread 11-16-2012, 05:26 PM
arichinna arichinna is offline
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Re: Unique combination in horoscope

Dear Aishe,

If I plot your chart by the time you provided, it agrees with your description about yourself. But you should note your moon sign is Aries and lagna sign is Taurus which are two different things.

Let me tell you about your birth chart:

You have Taurus ascendant with Venus in it during birth. It causes Malavya yoga and you must be very good looking and beautiful. You also have your yogakara Saturn exalted in sixth house though in retrograde (reducing his yogakara nature). Jupiter is also is in retrograde (one of the important reason why you started this thread) but in seventh house. Sun is exalted and Mars is in Moolatrikona.

All these combinations must have made the astrologer who you visited to point uniqueness which I dont totally disagree.

Regarding your marriage:

1. Analysing by Dasha and Bhukthi:

Now you are in Rahu Dasha and Jupiter bhukthi till July 2014. Why is this right time? Your Dasha planet Rahu is aspecting both your navamsha lagna and its lord and hence it is the right dasha. Jupiter is aspecting your lord of 7th navamsha and it is in 7th house in your rashi chart and hence it is the right bhukthi. Before the end of this period you will get married (as per my calculation).

2. Analysing by planet transits:

Two possible periods arrive:

a. From now and before 31 May 2013 (higher probability)
b. Mid June 2014 to July 2014

In both these periods Jupiter aspects your 7th house of marriage as well your vivaha Sahama.

Going by above two analysis, it is very much possible that you get married in the period common to both the analysis.

Regarding your other queries:

1.Your current Saturn transit which is 7th to your natal moon would create problems between you and your close partners.
2. You have ketu in Jupiter's house and you would definitely be yielded towards stuffs like astrology (there may be other reasons for it)

Regarding your partner:

You will have both good physical and mental relationship with your husband because of trine placement of upapada and darapada in your birth chart. Mostly he will be a Saturnaine (high probability - but not a guarantee). In your navamsha - venus, sun and mercury are exalted though moon is dibilitated. Mars and Sun are pursuing parivartana. Overall, it supports a good husband and it is up to you how you take care of your relationship.

All the best.

(Disclaimer: All the above analysis are done for marriage whose definition is as per Hindu Mythology.)


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aishe (11-16-2012)
Unread 11-16-2012, 06:04 PM
grkemmer grkemmer is offline
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Re: Unique combination in horoscope


Bugün ikinci kez Türkiye'den birinin mesajını görüyorum ve yine chiron ikizlerde, sanırım güneş enerjisinin genişlemesiyle özellikle chiron ikizler öğrenmeye itiyor. Zodyak haritanızı çıkardım ama şu an yazmaya vaktim yok. Tabii ki herkesin haritası özeldir, ama ben çok özel diye tanımlayabileceğim bir açı görmedim. Yalnızca galaksi merkezine güneşinizin 120 derece bir açısı var, bu özel bir açı sayılır ve yıldız enerjisi taşımaya yorulabilir (tabii başka birçok faktör daha incelenmeli), yarın üzerine ve genel olarak haritanız üzerine yazabilirim. 7 evinizi yay kesiyor ve jupiterle uranus kavuşum yapıyor, yani evlilik evinizde jupiter çok iyi bir pozisyonda ama uranus enerjisiyle biraz aşırıya itiliyor olabilir. Yorumumu yarın özel mesaj olarak gönderirim, bugün yeterince Türkçe mesaj yazdım, sanırım forumda bununla ilgili bir kural vardır.

İyi günler.
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aishe (11-16-2012)
Unread 11-16-2012, 09:12 PM
aishe aishe is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 23
Re: Unique combination in horoscope

Ohh hi Arichinna;

Thank you very much for this detailed predictions. I was totally hopeless about getting feedback for this post.
I am in a different time period now. As if; everything is changing fast in a good way, black clouds are disappearing since this October. I think I am going through in a different time lap, feeling Jupiter bhukti in my soul

Thank you very much

Grkemmer merhaba;
Burada Türkçe yazı görünce inan çok sasırdım, çevremde bu konuyla ılgılenen ınsan o kadar az sayıda kı birilerini görmek beni sevindirdi. Aslında cevremdeki ınsanlara algıladıklarımı iletebilmek için her fırsatı degerlendırıyorum ama tabuları yıkmak cok zor.
Yorumunu dort gozle beklıyorum, hele kı bu yorumu turkce okumak benı ınanılmaz mutlu kılacak

Tesekkur ederım
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