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Unread 01-29-2018, 02:10 PM
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Understanding the 3rd and 9th house polarity

I have a stellium in the 3rd with the South node, and a ninth house north node in Leo.

The thing I'm not understanding totally is the best way of fulfilling the north node.

I did think the third had to hold me back from the ninth, now I see that it's not quite that simple it can be a building block to it. Like, synthesizing all the third house stuff and tools to go to the ninth. I can experience the ninth by having the third house, personal, local stuff all managed and down pat. (and having access to many cultures where I live- it's connected) I have thought a lot about making a life somewhere else. But then maybe as the ninth is supposed to be about the out of the ordinary and variation, God, higher meaning etc, I feel like maybe that would just end up making the place I'm thinking of a chore and giving myself another language to live in and a place to settle in, would end up limiting my horizons not widening them. (especially with the other aspects of the ninth needing anothe language)Also it starts to feel like a serious stress and chore, and from what I read of Leo North Node, it's all about play and loosening up.

With the rulers, South node and two more planets down in the third, maybe it is that I am supposed to use the strong third house as a balance, and expand from within my local area. I feel less comfortable with the idea of moving into a foreign monoculture. as I do with the familiarity of Britain but at the same time much multiculturalism available. Dane Rudyhar says this polarity is about safely and sanely expanding and this seems to tie in quite well. I also have had very out of the ordinary experiences with God, not to mention discoveries with astrology, right where I am..that point to transcendent themes. So again maybe when these are so expansive, related to God, broader themes and the universe , it seems like I'm making it too hard by trying to settle abroad, like I need that sanity of the familiar too as a balance.

Am I just being too demanding on myself about living abroad, because it's not really feeling that fun anymore, it feels like a chore and something I feel I'm not doing enough on- and that's not what my chart says I need. I think Neptune Sag in two is about feeling a lack about not being travelled enough apparently. I have Cancer 9th also which ties in with my very cautious approach to it. I've not been out of the country in nearly 20 years and actually never without family.

I will talk myself into that I need to go(and many things justify it as there are some real problems here) but then I just end up thinking it doesn't feel such a dream anymore, I'd rather take the benefits of whats on offer here and it's more realistic.

More foreign things, spirituality, belief systems, astrology etc have been experience from my third house platform, so am I just on the right path already? Is whats in the ninth supposed to be more travel and one off experience than living in these places with all that entails?

I feel like my ninth is more about God, the future, the universe and foreign cultures here than it is about living elsewhere, but I give myself a hard time over not leaving, stay quite detached(Aqua) here, and do have many justification for leaving, with dark stuff that has gone on here- but even in that case, no matter how dire it is, I feel weirdly more comfortable being rooted and enduring it, and having found Astrology and God(9th), than aspiring to some happiness that may not be or some grander thing on earth. I guess this is caution, it's Cancer 9th.

I feel like my ninth is maybe more about God and Astrology, which I have used for belief in the future and inspiration, rather than foreign living- so is it this Neptune Sag that is giving me problems?

I have after all experience big expansive themes that transcend the planet, and the human predicament, so am I just seeking too much via earthly expansion and relocation, do I need to balance out the more familiar that roots me and keeps me stable? Or do I also need 'earthly' expansion not o miss out. I feel like the Cap moon ruling the Cancer ninth in the third sums it up- I am very ninth housey in my local area, but then it is explored in a conservative way and influences my third- but this is probably quite detached and internal. I also have the NN ruler being the Sun in Aquarius, conjunct the South node, so it seems the sun is in detriment and conjunct the SN, maybe it's just about feeding it with the ninth from around where I am.

If I'm not scared of the mind expansion of God and Astrology and such topics, it seems odd that I am such a rooted person and cautious traveller.

Struggling to figure this out, any insights welcome, including on the odd dynamic of longing to leave, but not deep down wanting to, and giving myself a hard time for it.
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