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Unread 08-24-2017, 09:54 PM
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Re: Pluto on descendant, what to expect?? Experiences?

Hi all! I think I wrote earlier that I wanted to come back to you with an update as pluto transits my DC, as I also have seen others questioning this transit. The past year has been chaotic, emotional upheaveal from last spring and onwards.. pluto made landfall at my dc March 2017, 4 months ago.

I remember reading someplace that "no one wants to learn that their spouse through 25 years really doesn't love you after all, or that they cheated on you. But that's the stuff that might happen when pluto crosses your dc".. ANd guess what, the relationship with my husband has been strssful and difficult the whole last year. And that came as a shock to me, as we had this stable ,loving relationship for 15 years before this..

he started changing a lot last year, when pluto was conj his moon. It was horrible, and all the things that are described relating to this transit happened. emotional upheaval, irrational, angry outbursts over details, soulsearching, going through his life from childhood on, traumas were discovered etc etc. But it initially took shape of him escaping me. Which made me petrified. ANd needy/clingy. Clash! crisis. But have opened up and talked a lot. ANd we both have ended in counselling, both separately and together! Max plutonian. ANd guess what- not long ago he actually said the words I never thought I would hear him say: "I am not really sure how I feel about you, if the larger feelings are still there, if I truly love you..". I was ruined. Then he says the opposiite, that he does love me, but the intensity is gone.. but- it turns out now that he is severely depressed and his doc sent him to urgent psychiatric care.... I hope that all his questioning his feelings is caused by the depression and that things will work out for us (I know the depression is related to unresolved childhood stuff). He also says he won't lose me and can't imagine a future without me.. It is hard!! I love him, always will. Thought that would be enough. Will wait until he has been through therapy and see where we are going.

So that relationship truly has transformed. ANd so have I. I have in fact learnt to let go. Last year I was fighting this change. He claims we need to change to move on together, change scares me. but after all the things that happened between us, I have pretty much now 'given up' questioning and convincing him, given up holding on to what used to be. I have let go, calmed down, thinking that i have done all i can and whatever comes around I will have to deal with. ANd that feels a lot better! Last year was just terror, angst.

This has been a major chage IN me as well, so I have transformed too. Maybe I have become more careful, more quiet, withdrawn. More mature, in a sense. ANd I started pursuing my dream; started writing a book! Hopefully it will work out..

Would like to hear other people's experiences too..

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Unread 04-25-2019, 03:15 PM
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Re: Pluto on descendant, what to expect?? Experiences?

Thank you all for your posts, this is a fascinating thread.

My DC is at 22 degrees capricorn with Pluto ruling my 5th and in my natal 4th. So far I have experienced a miscarriage at the end of January when Pluto was 1 degree away from my DC, and the long-term relationship I was in broke down 1 month ago when I discovered my partner was chatting up another woman behind my back.

The two losses one after the other are difficult but I am coping well and I am discovering that I have resources I didn't know I had. I am also seeing that the collapse of my relationship is probably for the best. In short, the lessons that Pluto are sending me are tough ones but they are forcing me to review my life and my choices. He is making me wiser and also more spiritual.

I have a couple of questions though:

1. how are you dealing with Pluto retro on the DC? What are/were your experiences of it? Is it about an internal integration of Pluto's lessons?

2. How have you experienced Pluto's 3d hit on your DC? I have read somewhere that it was somewhat easier and more of a 'gift'?

Would love to have your thoughts!
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