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Unread 10-25-2021, 05:41 PM
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Because people are fascinating

I first fell in love with Bruce Willis when he was new on the acting scene and starred in Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd. He was the cutest, most attractive character!
He then became a hugh success, as we all know, and along the way married another upcoming mega star, Demi Moore, with whom they had the "perfect" marriage. We were all shocked when, after 10 years of being the iconic "perfect" couple, they separated and divorced!
He had a brief engagement that fell through, and later married Emma Heming.
On the breakup of his marriage with Demi Moore, he was quoted as saying "I felt I had failed as a father and a husband by not being able to make it work."
This is a significant comment, as we will see later on, looking at the charts.
He felt solely responsabile for holding together the marriage.
The other day I happened on an article that wrote about his marriage with Heming, describing it as a marriage of "soul mates"!
Now, that's interesting.
Let's take a look at what works in his second marriage, that didn't work in his much-publicised first one.
Unfortunately, there is no birth time listed for Heming, so her chart is calculated for noon, which means we can't check her ascendent, or the synastry/composite houses. We can still see quite a bit from the planets, however.
I've posted synastry and composite charts for Willis/Moore and Willis/Heming.
The article stated that the two ex-wives are very good friends, and that Demi Moore is very happy that Willis married Heming.
How unusual. Let's look at that as well.
Which is why there is a synastry chart for Moore/Heming.

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Re: Because people are fascinating

I have moved this thread to the relational astrology board because it is not a horary chart.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." ~Mark Twain
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Unread 10-25-2021, 06:37 PM
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Re: Because people are fascinating

Originally Posted by tsmall View Post
I have moved this thread to the relational astrology board because it is not a horary chart.

You're right, my error. Sorry.
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Unread 10-25-2021, 07:35 PM
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Re: Because people are fascinating

Bruce Willis.
Born in Germany, his family transferred to the US when he was still young, and he grew up in NJ.
He suffered from stuttering, Saturn on 3rd cusp square pluto... he had difficulty getting the words out! The sun/saturn trine helped him resolve this, he found he didn't stutter when he was acting! Sun inconjunct Neptune, sextile moon, Neptune sextile pluto.
Late Pisces sun, virgo rising, sun on the cusp of the 7th house.... his ego is tied up with his relationships. Hence his feeling that he was responsabile for the failure of his first marriage.
Sun is in a grand trine with Saturn on the cusp of the 3rd house, and Jupiter/uranus conjunct in the 10th.
Moon in Aquarius on the cusp of the 5th house with Chiron. His daughters mean the world to him, but there is pain involved here. This is also his creativity.
Mercury rules both midheaven and ascendent, and is on the 6th cusp of work, in a wide out of sign trine with the classic actor's imaginative planet, Neptune, in the 2nd of money. Well suited to his career, which has given him satisfaction and made him very wealthy.
Mercury is also in exact semi-sextile with intuitive moon.
Moon itself is in an out of sign sextile with sun.
Jupiter, co-ruler of the 7th, is conjunct Uranus and both are square Neptune.
Mars is in detriment in taurus, in the 8th house and it squares Venus in 5th in cool Aquarius.
His sun/moon midpoint is exactly conjunct mercury, midheaven ruler, and he met both wives while they were working.
Demi Moore
Scorpio sun, taurus moon, with Neptune conjunct sun and mercury in wide conjunction with Neptune.
So she also has the prime requisites for her career in acting.
The stellium in scorpio (magnetic but lethal!) is square mars on the 6th cusp, opposite moon, forming a T-square.
Ascendent is pisces, and almost at the same degree of Willis' ascendent/descendnet. This is a key factor in their staying together in the 10 year marriage.
Her 7th ruler mercury is square mars, so prone to arguments in her marriage.
She also has ascendent ruler Jupiter conjunct Chiron and opposing Uranus, not a very stable personality. With the Sun/mercury/neptune conjunction she is prone to alcoholism and drugs addictions.
If we super impose her T-square on Willis' chart, we see immediately what a powerful connection there was between the two of them, and what dynamite!
His mars on her moon is sexually attractive, it's the typical aspect of couples who have a lot of sex and a lot of children. They had 3 daughters.
They had Venus opposite mars, Venus square Venus, moon square Venus, but the combination of the two T-squares also gave Saturn conjunct Venus/sun, Saturn opposite moon, which are difficult aspects that come out over time.
There is an exact mars square mars, fights galore!
Moon on Saturn/south node.
A saving grace was mercury/jupiter conjunction which ties together the two asc/des rulers and also gives the patience and generosity needed to overcome difficult moments.
There is also a Jupiter/uranus trine Venus/sun. Again, generosity, and fascination.
This was an incredibly strong attraction, and it was extremely explosive.
With the south node conjunction of Moon/chiron and Saturn it was very very difficult to end the marriage and it would have left scars for both of them.
Composite between them shows this clearly.
Saturn opposing mars on the ascendent/descendent axis. Push and pull. One step forward and two steps back. Frustration and restraint and wilful upsetting the apple cart, so to speak.
And both square moon, bringing into the picture their emotional nature. Very frustrating.
The Venus/mercury conjunction on ascendent trines Jupiter and pluto and acted as the glue to hold them together over time.
The sagittarius ascendent is what we the public saw, but behind it was a Shakespearean play!
Notice Jupiter in 5th, their careers together soared, and sun on the 2nd made them extremely wealthy. They were "the" couple of their time! The 5th is also children, and the girls helped to keep them together.
The midheaven that we saw is ruled by mercury, conjunct Venus, giving the lovey dovey image we loved about them. They were made for each other! They were a dream couple.

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Unread 10-25-2021, 08:18 PM
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Re: Because people are fascinating

Emma Heming
This is the woman the article described as Willis' soul mate"
This is Bruce Willis' second and current wife. She was a successful fashion model and is a very beautiful woman.
Her chart is for noon so we are limited in evaluating the houses and her ascendent.
She is a gemini sun, scorpio moon. She has a Saturn/mars conjunction, and mercury conjunct sun.
If she had an early morning birth her moon could approach Uranus, but not enough to conjunct. However, even at 10 degrees, this Uranus has an effect on her emotions.
Remember Willis' moon in Aquarius, that describes his ideal woman? This is the link here.
Mercury is exactly square her nodes. Frustrations in communications, especially in relationships.
Her venus on the other hand is one degree from exact sextile to NN and trine to SN, which might explain her physical beauty.
Mars is also one degree from exact with the nodes, semi-sextile the NN and inconjunct the SN. This takes on importance because mars is her moon ruler.
Unlike Demi Moore, who's chart is very stressed, she has a good balance of easy and hard aspects.
Overlaying her chart with that of Bruce Willis, for a soul mate we expect to see some really lovely contacts, no?
Surprise surprise!
The easy aspects include an exact mercury trine, Venus trine pluto, sun/mercury trine Neptune, moon trine Jupiter, Venus opposing moon.
The difficult aspects include sun square sun/mercury, mercury square Uranus, moon conjunct Saturn, Venus square Neptune, mercury opposite mars, Saturn conjunct pluto!
This is lethal!
Notice their nodes are in square. They feel each other's pain, and seek to heal one another.
Her mercury is conjunct his SN, which recalls her natal configuration.
His sun conjuncts her SN.
These two aspects in fact do show a soul mate situation, although a difficult one.
How does this translate into the relationship?
The composite (again, we can't consider the houses) has a Venus/mercury conjunction, which is about the sum total of easy aspects.
There is sun on SN, Neptune on NN, pluto conjunct Uranus (explosive), mars square Saturn (murderous!), and Chiron square moon.
They have been married 12 years now, and have two daughters.
But it doesn't look easy.
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Unread 10-25-2021, 08:45 PM
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Re: Because people are fascinating

Emma and Demi
The article also stated that Demi was delighted that her ex married Emma, and that they are great buddies.
We know Hollywood is Hollywood, but human nature is what it is and we saw all the scorpio in Demi's chart, and the scorpio moon in Emma's chart.
Let's look behind the facade at this friendship.
In the synastry we see the moon conjunct sun/venus in scorpio which is always a positive aspect, and a strong one.
The double Jupiter/mercury trine makes it easy for them to talk together and share ideas.
And the moon opposite moon gives them an emotional contact.
Then we have Uranus on mercury, mars on Uranus, Saturn opposite Venus.
In their charts however, the nodes are in aspect but positive ones. So the relationship helps each thrive.
If we consider that each of these women played an important part in the life of Bruce Willis, then it is logical to conclude that they also have contacts between them.
Each of them touches specific points in his chart, so each of them probably will touch points in their charts.
We look at the composite to see how they work out in the relationship.
Here we see the truth.
Moon opposes mars, and they form a T-square with Saturn who squares both.
Neptune squares the nodes, showing the illusory nature of their friendship.
Chiron opposes Uranus.
The mercury on NN shows the easy communication between them (DW mercury/jupiter in the natals), and Jupiter here trines mercury exactly.
Mercury also conjuncts sun, but we find Neptune of illusions squaring this stellium.
Venus is conjunct pluto.
In small doses they probably do enjoy each other's company, but it wears thin.
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Unread 10-26-2021, 12:21 PM
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Re: Because people are fascinating

One thing that is very interesting to me is the way his natal T-square to Venus connects up to her Full Moon.

He has an opposition from Mars to Saturn squaring his Venus in Aquarius, describing some relationship difficulties.

Mars/Saturn opposition can indicate the strong desire to be right and to be respected by others for one’s convictions . Also the urge to be precise in one's actions, and to be unquestioned, which could potentially inhibit one's relations.
Repressing anger[mars opp saturn] often leads to much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially drain one emotionally and physically.

Bruce has natal Venus at the midpoint of his difficult Mars/Saturn opposition. That can create turmoil with lovers/loved ones because of arguments over his strong beliefs and demands.[fixed opposition in Taurus/Scorpio]

Mars/Saturn=Venus can signify holding onto resentment towards one’s partner, until it slowly builds up , creating toxic situation.

Sun opposed Moon
Demi’s Full Moon and Scorpio stellium lines up right on top of his Mars/Saturn opposition. And her natal Mars opposes his Venus, so the initial chemistry was electric and so powerful. It was likely a tsunami of emotions between them.

I think she wanted someone who could play out her Mars in Leo vision of a strong, proud, cocky masculine partner. And he fit the bill perfectly.

But that Leo Mars squared her Moon , which was conjunct his Mars. I think she was quite sensitive at times to criticism or negative responses by him to her needs and feelings. The Moon/Mars energy would be quick to be angry or defensive and wants to resist and rebel. That possibly conflicted with his strong desire to always be 'right' and not to be doubted or questioned by his partner.

His T-square to Venus opposed her T-square to Mars—so they aligned in a powerful opposition which built a fixed Grand Cross.

In synastry, A Grand Cross often starts out as being the ‘missing’ puzzle piece to each other’s life. It can seem perfect---like love at first sight. But as time goes on it can feel like a trap, and not a stable foundation that it once seemed to be.
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Re: Because people are fascinating

Very good points.
His chart would indicate that whoever he chooses as a partner, he will have problems, and they are not easy to overcome.
And as destiny, or karma, would have it, he chooses partners who fit right into that puzzle piece. Exasperating the negative energy.
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fascinating, people

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