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Unread 09-22-2020, 12:57 AM
Star Searcher Star Searcher is offline
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Social/Romantic Scenarios

The last time I was on the Astrology Weekly community forum was February 9, 2020. The title of the thread was "Trespassing Boyfriend".

Here is the update. I made a decision to dump my boyfriend, and I executed it during a phone call with him around the time last time I was on Astrology Weekly. But he never accepted it. Initially I got some rude and unfriendly texts from him when he realized what was going on. Also his discourteous attitude at that time may also have been caused by his mental state. But then both of us simmered down. Somehow between that time and August 8th, we got into the habit to speaking on the phone on a daily basis. He would always call me and I would answer. Most conversations would last for up to one and a half hours. He had no reason to call me--often he would just let me yap for an hour about my daily boring routine. This is quite different than the persona I've known for the nine years that we were dating--an attention seeking motormouth.

But around August 8th, I had this sudden realization that his family thought that we were still dating. From his family's point of view, they knew that he was talking to his girlfriend (me) every day. Once I realized that, I began ghosting the relationship and not returning his phone calls and messages. He still has stuff in my apartment. My plan is to wait until November before I contact him/reply to his sister's Facebook messages. But if November is bad timing I am willing to wait.

Somebody on the "Trespassing Boyfriend" thread said that my ex was going to jail due to heavy 12th house transits. Well, that didn't happen and will probably not happen. Instead, he spent two weeks as an inpatient at a rehab. We are in Covid time and petty criminals have been released from jail. A few days before I decided to ghost him, he told me that his defense lawyer mentioned the probable outcomes to his case:
  1. He must pay the full fines
  2. He must pay the full fines and go to rehab
  3. The fines have been reduced, but he must go to rehab
  4. Rehab only
  5. No punishment. The case is dimissed
  6. No punishment. Not only is the case dismissed, he is exonerated and his history of legal problems are erased

Number 6 is clearly not going to happen. I believe that my ex wants Number 5 to happen. I would like for Number 4 to happen. Even though he was in rehab back in March, he has not followed through in getting a sponsor. There are a lot of heavy drug users and enablers in his immediate family and among the extended family members that they are close to. He is not living in a healthy supportive environment. To me, it wouldn't be a bad thing if he went to rehab again. He probably had his trial/hearing already. One of the reasons that I want contact him is to satisfy my curiosity. I want to know the outcome.

Now that I've given the updates, I have questions to ask. I would like to know about my social/romantic life over the next six months from now. Please let me know which scenario is likely to happen

  1. I will have lots of dates and short romantic relationships, but nothing is going to stick
  2. I will have lots of dates and romantic relationships. One of those relationships will last and he will become my husband
  3. I will have lots of dates and romantic relationships. One of those relationships will last and he will become a long term boyfriend/boyfriend for life. (I don't want a boyfriend for life scenario to happen. I want a husband.)
  4. Nothing is going to stick romantically, but my social life will improve. Instead of just having a lot of friendly acquaintances and superficial friendships, I get a tight knit group of close friends that I feel comfortable being vulnerable with and who call me every other day.
  5. Nothing is going to stick romantically and I won't find my group of tight knit close friends. But I will find my tribe(s) of friends that I share common interests and values with. They may not be my best friends, but they are more than just friendly acquaintances.

I'm uploading my natal chart. Let me know if I need to tweak the chart. Pleas give me explicit directions of how to do that.

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Unread 09-22-2020, 10:17 PM
Star Searcher Star Searcher is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
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Re: Social/Romantic Scenarios

A forum member replied to me early this morning in a private message. It was not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I highly appreciated what she said. I felt her message was realistic. I would much rather have that instead of not knowing future outcomes six months from now. I suppose I have to lower my expectation of nabbing a husband immediately.

If I won't find a significant other in the next six months, then when in the future is this most likely to manifest? Will I wind up married or a long term relationship sans marriage?

And what about my social life in general? Will I find my tribe(s) of people that I have common interests and values? Will I find my best buddies?


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Unread 09-24-2020, 09:46 PM
Star Searcher Star Searcher is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
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Re: Social/Romantic Scenarios

Helloo-oh! Leo sun sign here.
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scenarios, social or romantic

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