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Unread 05-12-2017, 07:36 AM
spacebound spacebound is offline
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Cool Unusual psychic chemistry, is it one sided love?

Hi all,

I met this man a few months back and it was under the most unusual circumstances !!!! I recently realised that I feel this haunting longing to be with him and was wondering if he also feels the same way about me.

There's a lot of mystery around everything; we are not dating per se (its too early and he doesn't seem to be keen on dating a single person) and we dont really meet/talk very often. So its unconventional in a lot of ways. I am fine with that though, but me being a scorpio i need to know everything and it affects me. He does tell me things when I ask him and he told me that he sees other women as well. Though he says he respects me deeply and I am a very special women for him. Bt there are no extremes of emotions we display in front of each other.

Everytime I meet him I feel this sense of 'familiarity' and the sense that I know him from before. This could be my emotions going crazy or is there a connection between us that is worth exploring?

He is divorced and has been through a few painful relationships; I have just come out of a bad marriage, so we both are wary. But I am inexplicably attracted to him, and I would keep at it only if he has feelings for me or if the relationship has potential.

Also why do i feel like i 'owe' him something? or am i just imagining things in my blind fascination? He takes a lot of interest in my career and tries to help whenever he can, but there's not too much contact between us. I am going a little nuts about the whole thing and honestly want to find out what he feels for me and if I should invest in this relationship or not.

Please help me interpret the charts, much thanks to everyone in advance.
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Unread 05-12-2017, 11:39 PM
rahu rahu is offline
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Re: Unusual psychic chemistry, is it one sided love?

hi spacebound

you question has many level but to begin with....venus is conjunct the vertex axis as it is on the anti vertex. this gives the emotional and physical enchantment/obsession your feel. though this gives strong feelings, the impulses associated with the vertex do to always intergrade into the relationship.

in this case mars is square to pluto which usually shows him to be very self centered and not wanting a emotional relationship.

the moon is square to Saturn which indicates a emotional disconnect. there is not a free flow of emotional sharing between you.

so on the romantic relationship level, tentatively the chart is unfavorable.

but on other levels there are some very interesting aspects and patterns.

first the node is square to Lilith,(though I prefer to use the true liith(h13) rather than the mean lilith as in your chart).
this square by itself can give a otherworldly feeling to a relationship. This shows that your and his psychic/karmic energies interact on a deep subconscious emotional level. this would explains your sensitivity to have known him before.

another pattern is Neptune sextile to pluto ,with these trine and sextile the south and north node respectively . this is a aspect pattern that shows a unconscious/subconscious psychic sympathy with supportive and healings impulses.
the Neptune/pluto midpoint is on the lilith axis, opposed to lilth. this would tend to make the healing and psychic impulse very strong as these impulse arise spontaneously from your "heart".

there is another similar pattern with Uranus opposed to chiron ,sextile to venus and trine to Saturn. this shows a conscious emotional compatibility along with a harmonious mental and psychic connection.
this pattern is much more grounded in "reality" and is likely, as Saturn is at midheaven, why may be he is helping you out in your career.
Jupiter is sextile to mercury which shows you have a excellent intellectual connection and are both very intelligent individuals. this aspect usually occurs between people who have similar professional/educational orientations or aspirations .

composite mercury will be transited by the transiting node on june 8th.
this is a time when your minds will really be in synch but also there will be a telepathic connection between you. I think you and he will speak of deeper aspects of yourselves.

as I mentioned ,there are aspects that don't usually show a romantic connection but there is definitely a otherworldly or other dimensional vibration in this chart. and the venus/vertex connection is extremely affectionate .

so this chart does have the potential to achieve a relationship on a "higher"plane including the emotional component.

so if this relationship is to go to a emotional level, I think that it would begin with the mental/psychic intimacy that will occur in june.

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Unread 05-13-2017, 10:34 AM
spacebound spacebound is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 3
Re: Unusual psychic chemistry, is it one sided love?

Rahu, Thank you so much. I went back and read my message only to realise it is a clear depiction of my mental state right now - confused and lost !!!! haha

I really appreciate it that you took the time out to do a detailed analysis. I went to astro and checked true lilith, this is what i got:
His lilith trines my venus
his lilith inconjunct my mercury (0 degrees)
his lilith sextiles my AC (0 degrees)
and my lilith has a sesi quadrate with his Neptune (0 degrees again)

I am not able to upload the chart for some reason !!!!

My dilemma is that I am inexplicably attracted to this man, and I have never felt this before. Its almost like lightning when we meet, and it's weird as I am otherwise a very rational woman. He is nice to me, and is very affectionate, but I want to understand if he sees me as a potential partner, now or in the future. Is there anything in the chart that can help me understand that.

I have been studying astrology, but am a newbie, but would our venus - pluto DW and moon pluto and moon jupiter connections help? I am also concerned about our sun and moon not being aspected.

I totally agree with you on the neptune- pluto connection, its got a divine feeling to it. Its like nothing else exists when I am with him, its beyond description !!!!

So here, moon square pluto would mean he essentially isn't looking at a romantic association with me? I know he can be self-centred but he says he has gone through so much in life that he has become a bit of a ####; but he still has a lot of empathy for people in need.

I am sorry, I am asking too many questions, but I still am at a stage where I can disconnect and just keep things casual if the relationship doesn't really have strong possibilities. If he is not as invested in this, then I could avoid myself some heartache. Unless there are chances that we stay together due to our psychic bonding? Is there anything in the charts that tell how he feels about me?

Thank you so much again, I really truly appreciate all your efforts.

Love and light xx
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Unread 05-13-2017, 08:35 PM
rahu rahu is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: 5025 valley crest dr #135 concord ca 94521
Posts: 10,777
Re: Unusual psychic chemistry, is it one sided love?

if this was a "normal" attraction, I would say the chart is unfavorable, but since there is a otherworldly, altered dimensional, karmic dynamic, I can't make a definite statement . I don't know your destiny and karma.

my gut feelings are that you are too needy. I believe serious relationship is successful if both partners have a internal stability.
you seem to be too affected by the karmic qualities.

the reason I gave you the june date was so you could approach him directly. don't speculate but ask him if he shares the intensity that you do for a serious relationship.

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Unread 05-13-2017, 09:07 PM
spacebound spacebound is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 3
Re: Unusual psychic chemistry, is it one sided love?

Thank you so much Rahu, Really appreciate it. Will update on the thread of any developments. I think I will go with the flow and see where it all leads.... :-)
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